A special reader edition of Envy and Jealousy

Normally, when I post an Envy and Jealousy number, it’s about somebody who’s written something I wish I had.  Today’s offering is a little different.  It’s something I suspect many of you would have liked to have tossed in a comment here.  It’s from somebody in Big Ten country who read Matt Hayes’ piece on Urban Meyer and became (as you’re about to see) quite incensed.

… He was a smooth talking, greasy, head hunter that mortgaged the Gators football future for a pair of national championships to appease a rabid fan base that got way too used to winning.

“Greasy” adds a nice touch, don’t you think?


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9 responses to “A special reader edition of Envy and Jealousy

  1. ATLienDawg

    I’d like to hear McGarity’s thoughts/comments on all the negative publicity and some of the stories being told about Meyer’s days at Florida. He won’t talk about it publicly, but I’m sure he has some pretty juicy details.


  2. charlottedawg

    Did Urban really leave Florida in that bad a shape long term? Yes they weren’t very good last year but even Saban went 7-6 his first year at Alabama and the gators did change offensive schemes. From my perspective their recruiting never missed a beat between Meyer and Muschamp and they could be a decent team this year especially on defense. I just don’t see how the guy was anything but a huge net positive for Gator nation, and for full disclosure I HATE Florida, more than any team or organization in existence, especially Urban and his adopted son Tebow.


    • Alphadawg

      IMHO, they are our biggest game next year. SC lost some great talent on ‘D’ and their best reciever, plus their best RB is coming off a pretty serious injury. UF has too much talent not to be better this year, plus 2nd yr with the new O and D, they are gonna be a good team. We gotta beat them to get to Atlanta.


  3. Cojones

    “Smooth talking” was a little over the top.

    Charlotte, their recruiting has always been up there, no matter the coach. Meyer won his first championship at FU using mostly Zook’s recruits. Meyer got many good and fast players, but began running out of the overall team usage of each according to his scheme. His two fastest couldn’t get to open space to show their speed under Muschamp’s scheme. It was OK with the spread and Tebow made it all work, but Meyer didn’t recruit so much for position, but rather flair and speed. The faster they were and with the most stars looked great to him and the fans, but didn’t fit when he lost Tebow to the NFL and all the Bozos to arrest and his respect. He left Muschamp with a mismatched group of thugs, some who quit, some who he kicked out and some who had attitude galore problems. Meyer knew it and bailed before he looked like shit with all the talent he had.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    I wouldn’t call Corch greasy. There are numerous other more accurate adjectives.


  5. mike from florida

    I don’t know — if I’m a writer from Pennsylvania, given what went on at Penn State …


  6. Mike

    Speaking as a Gator, if I can get a guarantee that the next six years under any coach will end up exactly as the six years under Meyer, please show me where to sign.