He’ll always be our favorite ass.

The OBC, on this year’s scheduling change to the Georgia-South Carolina game:

His thoughts on the Georgia-South Carolina game moving from the second week of the season to the sixth week in 2012.

“I don’t know. I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.”

I guess he needs all the help he can get to win the SEC East.


UPDATE:  Richt puts it more politely than I did.

Sure does.


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  1. Beard Dawg

    I wanna be pissed, but when he’s right…..

    • Bevo

      Exactly. He’s 100% right. And it’s kind of funny too with his wry asshole delivery.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Remember when Ray Goff was UGA HC and Spurrier commented on the fact that the Dawgs always had a top 5 recruiting class but the players never seemed to get better while at UGA? That’s why what he says stings–there is truth to it.

    • Doug

      He’s right, but I’d be more inclined to give him credit if he’d ever suspended anyone for anything.

  2. Just Chuck

    If you can’t be good, play Georgia early.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Last year Boise was pretty good. Okie State was pretty good in ’09, too. Just sayin.’

      • Just Chuck

        Absolutely right. No way to know but you’ve got to wonder what might have happened if we had played those two later in the year.

  3. AusDawg85

    The next time somebody here says they admire Spurrier (other than gator Mike)….print this.

    I sure wouldn’t mind if one of our “suspended” players rolled-up the OBC on the sidelines this year.

  4. Bryant Denny

    He he…why’d you take the “hole” off, Senator.

  5. Puffdawg

    “I don’t know. I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.”

    …said the guy who has famously moved player suspensions to games of lessor importance. SOS is and always has been a joke on discpline.

    • Stephen Garcia

      Can’t say I disagree with this.

      • Alphadawg

        I like how he did suspend Garcia 5 seperate times. But Garcia strangely never missed a game with those 5 suspensions.

      • Uglydawg

        Weren’t you once suspended for one play?

        • Stephen Garcia

          No. That pathetic washed up old has been was so desperate to make .500 he only ever took me out because he blamed me for his shortcomings as a coach. You see while you Georgia fans like to complain about Coach Bobo, you fail to notice Coach Spurrier has produced a grand total of zero successful NFL QBs in his storied history. Unless you count Jesse Palmer’s tenure on The Bachelor.

  6. Nate Dawg

    Still a funny ol’ bastard…yeah – cuz disipline is not a problem at sakerlina. How could disipline be a problem when it’s non-exsistant, just ask Stephen Garcia.

  7. ScoutDawg

    Yeah, he is much funnier when we beat cocks.

  8. timphd

    Any comments from Superior about discipline can be answered with one word: Garcia

  9. Rebar

    Well, he is right, because we actually DO suspend players, not like him.

  10. Gravidy

    Well…when an asshole works at a school that allows him to suspend his players somewhere between “never” and “next year’s Citadel game”, I guess he feels free to be an even bigger asshole than his recent resume would merit.

  11. Bevo

    Someday, South Carolina’s football program will catch up with the their academics again. Then they’ll be back in the cellar of the SEC East.

  12. Skeptic Dawg

    Is the Ole Ball Coach an ass because he fails to suspend his players or because his ‘Cocks have 2 wins in a row vs our Dawgs? Either way, the guy is kinda funny. I wish CMR would throw zingers like this out from time to time. Not every week, but every now and then would be nice. And, the only time the OBC speaks up is when he feels good about his team. Should we be worried?

    • You have to ask why Spurrier is an ass? Seriously? How long have you been following SEC football?

      • Skeptic Dawg

        Everyone knows Spurrier is an ass for one of two reasons: 1) when he feels superior to another team/coach 2) when he feels he has been wronged. That is just who he is. When you remove emotion (the fact that he is speaking about UGA), the old man is funny. If his Washigton Redskins/ Dallas Cowboys statement (I hope to make the Cowboys our Georgia Bulldogs) were anyone other than the Dawgs, that would have been awesome. Unfortunately it was us and he did own us, and most of the SEC for that matter.

    • Gravidy

      I have absolutely no interest in Richt saying anything like that. Do I wish he would win more games? Abso-effin-lutely. But I would enjoy it more if he beat someone 56-0, smiled, and then complimented their long-snapper.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      CMR’s retort was….well…lukewarm. I would have liked it a lot better if he said something like: ” Is Stephen Garcia still playing for the Gamecocks? I was just wondering.”

  13. Scott


    2001 season
    Tim Wansley mj arrest
    Regan Torbert mj arrest
    Durell Robinson mj arrest
    Charles Grant (solicitation of prostitution)
    Randy McMichael – bar fight
    Verron Haynes – domestic battery
    Ken Veal -undisclosed

    Brandon Williams (rape-later acquitted)
    Shedrick Wynn

    Chris Hickman
    Jemario Smith
    Tim Jennings mj a
    Bryan McClendon mj a
    Mario Raley mj a
    Randall Swoops mj a
    DeMario Minter mj a
    Tyson Browning
    B.J. Fields

    Odell Thurman
    Gordon Ely-Kelso
    Jeremy Thomas

    Tavares Kearney cheating
    Chase Green alcohol arrest
    Derrick White = bar fight, later dismissed from team
    Zeb McKinzey – public drunkenness
    Michael Turner- mj in car
    Kedric Golston – bar fight
    Leonard Pope

    Thomas Flowers
    Daniel Inman
    Dannell Ellerbe underage drinking
    Ian Smith

    Tripp Chandler
    Blake Barnes
    Remarcus Brown
    Donovan Baldwin
    Akeem Hebron
    Tripp Taylor

    Darius Dewberry
    Jeff Henson
    Donovan Baldwin
    Michael Lemon
    Clint Boling
    Bruce Figgins
    Fred Munzenmaier

    Bruce Figgins
    Justin Houston

    Tavarres King underage possession of alcohol
    Dontavius Jackson DUI
    Zach Mettenberger -dismissed misd. sexual battery
    Montez Robinson -dismissed domestic battery
    Trent Dittmer – dismissed pub. intox
    AJ Green – jersey scandal
    Washaun Ealey – hit and run, drivng on sus. license
    Jordan Love – arrest for obstruction; false name
    Alec Ogletree- theft of scooter helmet

    Carlton Thomas
    Bacarri Rambo
    Israel Troupe

    Bacarri Rambo
    Sanders Commings
    Branden Smith
    Alec Ogletree
    Nick Marshall (dismissed)
    Chris Sanders (dismissed)
    Sanford Seay (dismissed)

    • Gravidy

      You should have just listed the players Spurrier suspended for ANY conference game during his time at SC. Oh wait… you did.

    • TomReagan

      I wonder if Spurrier asked Richt to lift Inman’s suspension prior to playing them? Seems like that one hurt our opponents more than ourselves.

  14. Scott

    I tried to list the offense if it was made public. Many were “undisclosed.” It took a while so I got lazy with some seasons and did not bother to list the offenses. The suspensions were generally anywhere from 1 to 6 games to start the season. Usually two games. Repeat offenders are usually given 4 to 6 game suspensions, which means Rambo may face a long suspension. We have opened up against Boise State twice, Ok State, and Clemson in previous seasons so even the one game suspensions hurt.

    • Scott

      mj a = marijuana arrest

      • Scott

        dismissed = dismissed from team (does not mean charges dismissed)

        • Scott

          **Funny Story– Darrius Swain was repeatedly arrested for driving on a suspended license while at UGA. But Richt never suspended Swain. Apparently, Richt actually went to court with Swain, wherein Swain was dressed down and berated publicly by the judge. Richt thought the experience was so humiliating that Swain had been punished enough and did not impose any further discipline.

          • Bevo

            Great story and great research.

            • Uglydawg

              Either Georgia, for some reason, attracts and recruits kids that are more prone to misbehavior than the kids the other schools recruit…or maybe…what if…..the other schools get the same behavior but it is routinely covered up or given light treatment. Since everyone recruits the same kids, I’ve gotta believe it’s the latter. CMR doesn’t play the cover up game. If a school isn’t having suspensions, someone is using a lot of kitty litter.

              • Sanford222View

                UGA and Kentucky are the only two schools that suspend players for teh first drug violation. That has a LOT to do with it. We don’t hear about it at other schools unless they screw up at least twice.

  15. piper

    he also likes playing us the second game because their lack of depth hasn’t begun to hurt them yet. it’s the sole reason why the series is as competetive as it is.

    • sniffer

      UGa/SC has been an oddball series for years. Just weird games with bizarre final scores. Am I right, Senator?
      Some year I expect the final score to be: Georgia 13.5
      S. Carolina Batman Symbol

    • Bevo

      piper – i agree. i hope this is the beginning of a new era in the serious that is less competitive and in our favor.

    • Uglydawg

      Good point, piper…but for some reason, SOS has always been able to get his players skyhigh to play a Georgia team that seems to enter the game tentatively. That all changed this year. Something is different about UGA football and it’s a good thing. I believe it arrived with Grantham. If Georgia can manage to humiliate SC for a couple of years straight, SOS will hang it up. He coaches just to beat Georgia.

  16. Scott

    We lost to South Carolina in 2001, 2007, 2010, and 2011. Suspensions certainly hurt in 2001 and 2010 as many key players were out those years.

  17. What happens when Spurrier takes Viagra? He gets taller.

  18. shane#1

    I take issue with the title of this post. Spurrier is nowhere near being my favorite ass. That ass is on a little barmaid at a local watering hole. Of course, the rest of her ain’t bad either. Oh to be twenty, all right, thirty years younger.

    • Cojones

      Old Blue doesn’t go with you, does he? If so, you may have to shoot that lyin’ dog.

      • kilt him right than and there Pa….. Although we didn’t shoot old blue we told the joke as we slit the lyin dog’s throat…same great story

  19. As always, Spencer Hall hits the nail on the head.

  20. MinnesotaDawg

    Well, that’s about as honest of a comment as you’ll get from any SEC coach.

    He loves to needle Georgia…but I’m betting he wouldn’t do it quite as much if we actually beat him as often as we should.

  21. charlottedawg

    Two things: 1)SOS needs to STFU on any matters regarding discipline. Garcia was suspended 5 times and didn’t miss a game 2) it underscores the fact that we owe USC and SOS a few beatdowns of epic proportions. Make it happen Richt.

  22. Mike

    Gotta love Spurrier.

    • NRBQ


      He’s the kind of arrogant asshole most guys would dread spending five minutes around.

      He even makes Tiger Woods look civilized, by pissing in the azaleas at Augusta National. He’ll be waiting the rest of his life for that invitation.

    • Otto

      Yes you do, still making SECCGs, changing his style of play to do what it takes to win.

      Meanwhile UGA has a coach that is scared to make a bold statement or do anything that will rock the SEC front office.

      Mizzou is anything but a given win with that suspended list and then add in UGA’s success win facing teams looking to make a signature win against a SEC team……

      • Mark Richt

        I made the SECCG in 2011. Steve Spurrier did not. How’s that for a bold statement, dipshit?

        • Otto

          How many wins did UGA have over an SEC team with a winning SEC record?

          • Mark Richt

            The same number of losses UGA had aginst SEC teams without a winning SEC record.

          • Mark Richt

            Or, keeping it in the context of this thread, one less than the team you credit in this thread: the 2010 SEC East Champion USCe, who conquered 5-3 Alabama. Meanwhile our best conference win came against 4-4 Auburn, whose three other losses came to teams with a combined 36-4 record and whose only losses on the entire season were to eachother. So yea, I can see how you’d want to disrespect me and my team for that while simultaneously giving credit to Spurrier. Makes perfect sense.

            Also note USCe got in with a 5-3 conference record. Yea, Spurrier is doing special things over there.

            • Otto

              USCe had always been 2nd in their state to a school that was always looking up to UGA and was never even considered in the top 3 in the East before SOS.

              Debating wins over 5-3 and 4-4 teams shows that USCe is now on the same level as UGA, thus either SOS has built a solid winning program and/or UGA has been sliding.

              • Mark Richt

                You plainly stated “yes you do” in response to “Gotta love Spurrier” based on his “still making SECCGs.” Yet in the next sentence you bash me for being scared while completely ignoring the fact I made the SECCG last season.

  23. Macallanlover

    Always funny to hear other SEC cloaches and fans talk discipline with UGA/CMR in the same sentence. They ain’t worthy. I have been a friend of SOS for a long time but the time he has spent at USC has damaged his reputation regarding discipline. He has sunk to the level of TheAU, TN, Florida, and Bama. Pitiful to even consider even breathing that statement Steve, might as well move the ball in the rough or write down the wrong score.

  24. dan

    I would say that Richt did fire back. Just in a little more high brow manner.
    “Everyone knows Spurrier is an asshole”

  25. It’s gonna be a sad day when he’s no longer around. The SEC without the OBC is like Gotham without the Joker.