To protect and serve… and fist bump

Did you know?

Around the Southeastern Conference, providing sideline security for SEC programs is considered coveted duty. Some officers travel to away games, a cost paid for mostly by the schools. It can range from volunteer duty to part of the officer’s regular schedule.

Makes complete sense to me.  Of course, it’s serious stuff.

“We consider it an honor because college football is such a public part of life in the south,” said Mississippi Highway Patrol Maj. Billy Mayes, a 31-year veteran of the MHP who graduated from Ole Miss in 1981. “But from my point of view, the relationship is strictly business…”

Yep.  Strictly.

I don’t know about you, but I’d have paid good money to be inside either of those two’s shoes.


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9 responses to “To protect and serve… and fist bump

  1. SSB Charley

    That never gets old.


  2. Governor Milledge

    I’m sure some of y’all have more information on how Georgia’s works beyond the article, but I know generally that there is one GSP Post that is the primary post for the football sideline detail.

    One of my buddy’s brothers occasionally got pulled in on it, and there were a few occasions where he was able to let a few of us on the sideline during games for a stretch.


  3. Spike



  4. Spike

    Sorry. Priceless. I can spell. I just can’t type.


  5. Wilbur

    I read that Bear Bryant started the whole trooper escort thing. I think he saw it as a way for potential recruits to see him as a little more important than other coaches since he, at the time, was the only one with an escort.


  6. I have used that scene over and over and over when I am extremely down. Better than any other stuff around. Just extremely hilarious and spontaneous from the bottom of those officers soul. LOL.


    • Wilbur

      They kind iof remind me of the Officer Hoppy from Sanford and Son, always trying to “be cool”.
      Hoppy: time to get down to the nifty grifty.
      Lamont: That’s nitty gritty!


  7. 202dawg

    One of those troopers is my cousin… For realz


    • S.E. Dawg

      I know where you’re coming from. My nephew is a Trooper and had the duties of escorting the Boise team from the airport to the Dome and had to make sure the head coach was protected while inside.