It’s hard to act like you’ve been there when you never have before.

Warning:  this comes from a Clemson board, so the possibility that it’s a Photoshopped image exists, but I sure hope it’s for real.  From the heart of Williams Brice Stadium comes this banner (click on the image at the link) honoring Gamecock immortality.

I suppose they should get credit for not hanging a “Real Winners of the SEC East 2011″ banner, though.


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21 responses to “It’s hard to act like you’ve been there when you never have before.

  1. Spike

    How about a banner about discount hotel rates…


  2. Governor Milledge

    The entire inside of the stadium, opposite the video board, and parts of it on the outside of Bluff Road as you’re headed into the city, are plastered with stuff like this.

    Tributes to the amount of catches Sterling Sharpe had in a season and so forth. This is def real


  3. Cojones

    At least they don’t have a plaque and a statue to a QB.

    This tribute to Spurrier has to be embarrassing to alums who know he won more at FU. This just makes them look like second-class SEC. Unbelievable.


  4. It is totally consistent with who and what Spurrier is. The old ball coach bought his team rings for achieving this goal. He bought and paid for rings to be given to his players that commemorate winning 11 games in an era of ever expanding schedules. What a snake oil salesman, but the USC fan base is still buying it so he’ll keep telling them they’re getting better when they didn’t win shit.


  5. Micah Snead

    Sad but true. There actually was a sign prior to this one for Joe Morrison’s 10 wins, but that’s really the only excuse I can think of…


  6. stoopnagle

    Why didn’t they just paint a “divisional co-champs” sign? Afterall, we’ve got plaques for 1997 and 1992 in our facility.

    At least we don’t put pennants up in Sanford Stadium for divisional titles, but can that be far behind the rings we handed out for last season?


  7. Gamecockrock

    Wow you guys really are sore losers. We know we aren’t UGA, thank God. All that talent every year… You guys still down for your usual preseason MNC like you do every year?


    • There’s nothing cuter than a South Carolina fan accusing another fan base of being delusional.


    • CharlotteDawg

      this coming from the team whose last conference championship was from the ACC.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        ONLY conference championship, CD. One and only in all of more than 100 years of playing college football.


    • FisheriesDawg

      Are you under the impression that any of the responses here would be different had Georgia beaten South Carolina last year?

      Honestly, I’d just about forgotten that South Carolina was one of the teams we lost to last year. This is just funny because it is such a typical Gamecock move.


    • Doug

      “We know we aren’t UGA . . . ” Actually, this is true. Historically you’re waaaayyy closer to the likes of Kentucky and Vanderbilt than you are to us. I commend you for coming to terms with this.

      But I’ll be damned if I’m going to take any “sore loser” crap from a fan base that’s still pouting about how they were the real division champs in ’11.


  8. Cojones

    I think I’ll go kick one of my wife’s game roosters. By the way, any of you cock lovers want a stetson/straw with tailfeathers coming out the back? $50…. except SC fans can get one for only $75.

    Seems like I found out what to do with all the tail feathers that ended up all over my yard right after last year’s tussle.

    I also sell game hens with a certificate to SC fans that it’s a game rooster. Better get’um quick though. Does anyone know how long Liquid Nails lasts on a chicken with a rooster feather and red rubber stuck to it?


  9. TimRankine

    The game in WB is going to be wild and crazy…think they will hang a banner for a 3-game win streak?


  10. yes and Spurrier will buy them rings for it…so let’s not let them.


  11. hassan

    It’s legit. They are getting rings for an 11 win season.


  12. We have another banner to put up Jjust for you Clemson chumps!



  13. Oh dang it. I almost forgot the 3-Peat banner. What the heck, we’ll just wait until next year and make it a 4-Peat. Still can’t figure out HOW we beat the ACC Champions! Must be a banner in there somewhere. Naw, we’ve run out of room everywhere but the jons. IDEA!!! We can put the 4-Peat banner in there.