“Damn it!” I thought, “Jessica Dorrell just screwed me.”

It’s not what you think, but it’s a good read nevertheless.


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  1. AthensHomerDawg

    Who would have thought? A one way street? Hardly! I have no daughters but several neices. I have favorite Uncle status!
    I do have two sons. My eldest a senior aiding a research project at the vet school and working at the local hospital ER on weekends. He is preparing for his MCATS. A recent conversation while working on his car. ( moisture in his turbo per his 85 porsche- I say vacuum line Senator)
    Son, you wanna be a ER physician? ” Nah, too much drama Dad. But I like the adrenalin when its going. I like OB… delivering babies would be cool…. but way too much lady politics. Orthopedics…. I think if I get the shot. I like working with my hands anyway. I got some ideas. ”

    Who knew?


    Well Damn.

  2. onceadawg

    I like that this article appears right next to an ad for the SI Swimsuit issue in which a woman appears barely wearing a bikini.

  3. Kind of collateral damage you don’t think about in these situations…

  4. South FL Dawg

    Being a woman, this story is not news to me. I’m sure it’s worse in football but it happens in the business world, too….just look at the bruhaha with the Augusta golf club and the new CEO of IBM.

    And it happens in social settings too. But you don’t say, oh gee because that girl is letting herself be picked up by a stranger if I meet a different stranger he’s going to try to pick me up. Well he might, but you just conduct yourself differently.

    I think in the case of this particular gal the this article, she ran into a particularly insecure coach that wasn’t able to see her as the professional that she is. As much as I feel for her, I can’t blame Jessica Dorrell for that. And that is not a coach you want to work for anyway, so in a way she’s lucky his true colors came out now. Find a boss who sees you for the professional that you are. It won’t be easy but it’s the only way.

    • JG Shellnutt

      I’m not so certain that coach was insecure as much as he was being aware of the realities of this world. There are several aspects to my job wherein I will not be alone with a woman. It is just a smart and aware way to conduct ones self.

      • South FL Dawg

        Realities of the world? Men and women working together is so common I don’t know how it can be avoided. What are you going to do, say you can’t be there if it’s just you and a woman? It’s not just being career minded either; you also have to respect your marriage. This is the last I’ll say on the subject because we’re on totally different planes.

        • JG Shellnutt

          What you may be overlooking, friend, is the ability of the other party to say something happened when in fact it did not. You may do a fine job of ‘respect[ing] your marriage’ but the other person may say that you did not, if you were alone.

          I am a physician. When I have to perform a breast exam, or a pelvic exam on a woman…heck even doing a regular exam on a comatose patient… it is wise and common practice to have a female nurse in the room with you.

          No, I don’t say that I ‘can’t be there’ meaning alone with a woman, but making sure that you are not in a position where someone else’s word, even / especially false words, can harm you is pretty wise, and at the very least anticipatory.

          Many male clergy will not perform counseling with a woman subject without a female ‘chaperone’ being present in the room to avoid the hint of impropriety.

          I agree, you and I are on totally different planes, but with all due respect, your plane is putting a lot of faith in the honesty of those around you in an, unfortunately, very dishonest world.

          I don’t see anything odd about two men having a business dinner and bringing their wives along, why would it not have simply been good practice for this coach to have brought his wife along to the dinner…heck even allow this young lady to bring along a significant other, if she so chooses?

          • South FL Dawg

            Nice to meet you, and I hope you’re not my cousin that also went to UGA. Look, I don’t think it’s appropriate that because Jessica Dorrell was a recruiting coordinator and did what she did, that a different young lady would be denied a similar job.

            And while I can see that a female patient can make false allegations about her doctor, I can’t get from there to writing off female job applicants.

            Now I know there are people who game the system. The real fun starts when you have to let one go, if HR even agrees to let you do so. But that’s not what I consider when I’m hiring someone. After all these years, I guess I still haven’t learned the realities of the world….ah well, I’m OK with that.

            • JG Shellnutt

              I agree with you 100%. Jessica Dorrell’s actions have fallout beyond just her sphere and impact people to a further-reaching extent than most would have guessed.
              All I was trying to point out, though, was that the coach in the story may not have been guilty of insecurity, as he was likely simply appropriately wary of not putting ones self in situations that can invite significant scrutiny.
              We all just have to be mindful of how things can look even if we aren’t doing anything wrong.
              By the way, I don’t think I have any cousins in south Florida, but I wish I did.

              • South FL Dawg

                My cousin is not in South FL. He’s in Tampa, groping women like physicians do….nah, just kidding. I think I was mostly talking about the gal in the SI story, not Dorrell. This gal in the SI story can’t control what Dorrell did, or if a particular coach is willing to interview her for whatever reason. If we dwell on that we’d never get anywhere. We just have to focus on what we can control and keep forging ahead. It’s the only way I’ve gotten anywhere really.

    • Bulldawg165

      I’m not so sure why you can’t blame Dorrell in part for this situation. She didn’t “run into an insecure coach,” she cheated on her fiance and slept with an older man in order to land a job where she wasn’t the most qualified candidate. The only reason Petrino was ever her “boss” is because she sacrificed her own morals and dignity. You can’t just blame the males and pretend like the females are completely innocent. It’s not like the guys in these stories are sleeping with themselves….

      • South FL Dawg

        My point was that we can’t control what other people like Dorrell do. The gal in the SI story just needs to do project the right image. Hopefully she will find a coach that gives her an opportunity to show what she can do. If a particular coach can’t do that, it stinks but at least she found out early. Dorrell and Petrino …..sheesh, what can you say.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Really? Good grief… seriously? She is a grown woman. A woman! Not a girl. Not a child. She had fiance. June wedding? She knew exactly what she was doing and what she was after…. so did Petrino. Consenting aldults Okay. She was an adult woman. Let it go with the excuses for her slutty behavior and his whoredog behavior.

  5. Spike

    A lot of this reluctance by males to have dinner etc, stems directly from the not so thinly vieled threats of sexual harassment claims.

  6. Chuck

    I just think it’s funny that her last name is Harder. Yeah, some days, I am really 13-14.

  7. Craig

    Seems a bit whiny to me…..

    • Meg

      Maybe that is because you have no idea how hard any female has to work to get taken seriously in the college football world. Basically, I would say sideline reporters who don’t know jack all about football are what really screw women who want to get jobs in the football office at big time programs. They have been poisoning the well for years. I understand the need for a photogenic person on the TV, but is it really so damn difficult to find one that also has more than the faintest clue about what the hell is going on in the game?

  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The other thing is that the “casting couch” has been with us for generations, not just years. Putting aside for a moment the unprofessional actions of the male, in this case Petrino, some women unscrupulously use sex as a means of career advancement putting the rest of the female gender in a bad light with that kind of behavior. This disadvantage applies to male applicants, too whose legitimate qualifications get overlooked as well when a female uses sex to get the job. Also, the point made above that unqualified females using sex to get hired for a job in a male dominated industry and once they are hired doing a bad job has implications for all other women seeking to break into that employment area. The negative stereotype created makes it all that more difficult for qualified women who would do a good job to even get a chance. (Sorry for the rant but I have 2 adult daughters and this sort of thing is very upsetting to me.)

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “Three female Ob/Gyns seeking fourth…. All-female specialty group seeking BC/BE Ob/Gyn…. Managed care network with practice openings for female Ob/Gyns….” These are typical employment advertisements frequently found in current medical journals and periodicals. Their message is obvious: Males Need Not Apply.”
      you’ve come a long way baby.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You make a good and valid point AHD. It does seem that such ads go one way only. Can you imagine the furor if a medical group, law firm or any other business for that matter advertised for male applicants only?

        • Lrgk9

          Like Erma Bombeck said ‘Would you take your motorcycle to a mechanic who has never owned one?’

          • Governor Milledge

            That’s irrelevant. Maybe women can empathize a little bit better, but they have the same training, rotations, and clinicals. We could easily extend the same argument to a woman who has never played a second of football.

            Plus, I’m sure any male ob-gyn has gotten a lot of “second-hand” experience.

      • South FL Dawg

        I think there’s a demand for female physicians. I work in the industry and this has been a comment in meetings where we are looking to acquire physician practices that the ones with female physicians are more desirable because they are harder to find and the demand outstrips the supply. What else can you do when you’re trying to run a business after all.

    • Cojones

      Everyone should tune in to “Mad Men”. Everything you say or elude to concerning gender occurrs on that show.

  9. HVL Dawg

    Re: “Jessica Dorrell just screwed me”

    This story would be much more useful if it had pictures. I’ll just have to fill in the blanks with my imagination.

  10. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Business trip: I had an employee show up for a pre-presentation meeting in my hotel room in lingerie under a bath robe. She was going to through a divorce. We were long-time friends. I’m married.

    I propped the door open and started going over notes, sitting behind the room’s desk as if nothing were happening. I had no clue what to do. She eventually said she was tired and left.

    Heart-breaking, though we patched the friendship back together.

    That said, I’d much rather be a man than a woman in today’s job market. Women have it tougher, no question in my mind.

    • Cojones

      Iknow, and it just gets harder and harder sorting it out.

    • South FL Dawg

      Had a colleague open his hotel room door wearing nothing but bikinis when we were out of town; I told him I would wait in the lobby and from then on I only just waited for him in the lobby to go to dinner. Also had another colleague invite me to come for the weekend the next year (it was an annual conference) and he would show me around the city; I just said thanks. Don’t know where some folks are coming from and like you I just act as if nothing’s happening. Sheesh.

  11. Cojones

    Attention bloggers! Would it be so difficult for everyone to apply or unapply their gender bias to ratification of the 22nd Amendment? I figure it will take 15 more states. Get busy and get that done, then get back to gtp. I’d love to wade in on this Chapter of “He said, She said”, but for the life of me I don’t understand how we can have a gender argument with Ratification hangin’ out like an old uncounted chad in Fla.

  12. Cathy Johnson

    I can understand favoring a female applicant for the OB/GYN position, many females patients would feel more comfortable. Similarly, most men would prefer a male urologist. This sex bias however favors male physicians in the real world. An OB/GYN group would have much less hesitation hiring a male physician compared to urologists hiring a female colleague. The latter unlikley.

    In medical school, males students are required to perform pelvic exams on women. Some male physician urology attendings however, do not allow female medical students to view, let alone perform, an exam on a male.