Spurrier drinks deeply from the Garnet and Black Kool-Aid.

I can hardly believe the OBC has sunk to this level.

… He thinks the SEC should choose its division champions in football based on division record instead of overall conference record. “Your division champ should be decided on division games. Last year, it wasn’t fair for Tennessee and Florida,” Spurrier said. “They both played LSU and Alabama. Us and Georgia didn’t. So, us or Georgia almost had to win the division simply because of the schedule.”

Spurrier isn’t only taking up the plight of the Volunteers and Gators, who must play Alabama and LSU, respectively, every season. His motives are likely much more selfish. If division record had decided the champions in 2011, the Gamecocks would have won the East by virtue of their 5-0 record. (South Carolina went 6-2 overall, losing at home to Auburn and at Arkansas.) Georgia, which went 4-1 in the division — the loss came in Athens to South Carolina — won the East by virtue of its 7-1 overall record. “I give them credit for beating everybody after they lost to us,” Spurrier said. “But they had [0-8] Ole Miss, and we had [6-2] Arkansas. That was the only difference in the SEC schedule between us two.”

Funny how that never bothered him at Florida.  He’s become as insecure about winning as his fan base is.

If Georgia wins in Columbia this season and goes on to win the East again, maybe he’ll need to lobby for a rule next season requiring that game to be played in the second week of the season.  Or whatever ‘Cock fans think will fix the problem…


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38 responses to “Spurrier drinks deeply from the Garnet and Black Kool-Aid.

  1. D.N. Nation

    Once again-

    The only major difference between South Carolina and Georgia’s schedules was that South Carolina played Arkansas and Georgia didn’t. Arkansas was good. Often damn good. But they weren’t great, and by no means should we just straight-up assume they would’ve beaten Georgia. (For all the guff we got for dicking around against Ole Miss and Vandy, the Pigs did it far worse.)

    No team that lost to 2011 Auburn deserves any benefit of the doubt.

    • I don’t really care about the benefit of the doubt. The fact is that if SC had beaten Auburn and played in the SECCG, we wouldn’t be hearing a peep out of Spurrier or the fan base about changing the rule.

      Besides that, if you’re going to have a rule like that, why bother to have a conference at all? Taking this to its logical extreme, Georgia could simply drop all three of its games against the SEC West from the schedule, play three Sun Belt schools instead, and still show up in Atlanta if it won more East games than any other school.

      I can’t think of a sports league which operates in the special way Spurrier wants and it’s for that very reason.

      • D.N. Nation

        Oh, I hear you. It’s just that the Cockaboose has gotten it into their heads that 1) USC was an unstoppable college juggernaut that also got saddled with playing the Packers and Patriots and 2) Georgia played Ole Miss 8 times.

      • peacedogattack

        That’s because there isn’t a sports league that operates the way Spurrier wants. Divisional record is only ever used as a tie breaker, as it should be. Every other sport I can think of using this format, at every level, uses “overall league record” first and foremost.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        If things operated the way SOS is advocating you really would have 2 separate conferences, not one. Kind of like the Big 10 and the PAC 12 with a bowl tie-in only calling it the “SEC Championship Game” instead of the “Rose Bowl.” I wonder if you could even have things the way SOS is proposing under existing NCAA rules since in reality there would be 2 separate conferences not 1, therefore you wouldn’t really have a conference championship game per se at all.

  2. Uh-oh. i have more than one opinion, so that must mean...

    Spurrier knows its nonsense, but he also knows that it just reminds SC fans about last year’s schedule inequality, which was much discussed (and, like the kardashians, much discussed simply means much discussed, not relevant, or interesting, or valid). I cannot imagine any coach in the SEC (even Saban) taking less grief over the SC QB situation last year. Totally mishandled. But no one changes the subject like TOBC.

    • JasonC

      I don’t think he needs to remind them about the schedule, because they can’t make a comment about last year or the upcoming season without bringing it up. It’s there little ‘red badge of courage’.

      I’m not exactly sure when Tech & Florida were replaced by South Carolina & Bama as the biggest jerks/rivals for us, but that seems to be the case now.

  3. Rebar

    The only difference in the schedule was we took care of Auburn, really kicked their scruffy butts, and South Carolina lost to them;beat Auburn, and Carolina would’ve been in the championship game; it has nothing to do with our success, its got more to do with their failure.

  4. Scott W.

    Just knock their dick in the dirt (pun intended) this year and be done with it. OBC’s ego has everything to do with this, obviously it was his win over UGA that should have gotten him to Atlanta not his loss to a team UGA beat by 35 to keep him out. I for one am tired of hearing any opinion from USCe.

  5. charlottedawg

    living here in charlotte i meet/know a lot of chicken fans and literally EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of them has floated/ vehemently backed this meme, which really irritates the shit out of me. It’s gotten to the point my not so polite response now is 1) this basically boils down to whining that the rules didn’t favor you. 2) it’s your own damn fault you lost to Auburn and thus lost the East 3)since they’ve joined the SEC UGA’s permanent western opponent has been much more formidable than USC’s permanent western opponent. Could’a, would’a should’a, USC came in second. period. I want blood in Columbia this year. 1) because Spurrier’s never had to endure an absolute humiliation at our hands and I can’t think of a more deserving prick 2)to remind them how second rate their program really is/was/will be. It should be hateful to every UGA player and coach that ANY USC player or coach thinks of themselves as our peers.

    • Nate Dawg

      Preach on Charlottedawg! I’m with you! beat awbarn and quitcherbitchin. We’ve been doing it on about a 50% clip for over 100 yrs now. When did Spurrier become so whiney & insecure…well at least so insecure. And I don’t know about absolute humiliation but I submit for your approval the ’06 goose-egg game for one of the most brilliant offensive minds ever. 18-0 in Columbia I believe it was…

    • Governor Milledge

      Exactly. I’m in COLA right now for grad school, and this was the theme even before we lined up against LSU in the SECCG. The ‘Cocks think that the East is their Divine Right now that they have something in the W-B to accompany that lonely 1969 ACC Championship banner.

      I’m pretty sure Spurrier would’ve been an adept dealer of 3 Card Monte

    • 81Dog

      Amen, brother.

  6. BCDawg97

    I like the end where the article indicates that Auburn isn’t a perinnial power.

  7. Debby Balcer

    I think it is funny that it has never been an issue when SC had the easier schedule. It is only since Alabama got Sabin that the west has been considered the stronger conference. I live in Greenville SC so here a lot of whining by USC fans too. I hope we beat them and beat them bad to shut them up.

  8. Castleberry

    WTF? How many years would that have even helped Carolina? One?

  9. MillDawg

    I believe both teams played Auburn, how did that work out?

  10. Uglydawg

    The problem with taking a convienently stupid position like this, is it will most likely come back to bite you. For instance, “A team that didn’t win it’s conference should not play in the BCS championsip game”. If Spurrier wasn’t so full of guile, if he wasn’t by nature disingenuous, he would have also mentioned that SC’s eeked out win over UGA in 11, was the freakiest gift fate could have handed out to his small ass.

  11. Bob

    What the OBC conveniently fergits is his very first SEC East Champs in 1992. He lost to Miss State and Tennessee during the regular season. He avoided playing unbeaten and eventual National Champ Alabama until that first Championship game. Tennessee lost to Alabama, Arkansas and South Carolina. By Steve’s logic, Tennessee’s 4-1 division record should have trumped the Gators’ because of the head to head. And Florida got to avoid Alabama which is the one game difference in records…much like the one game difference last year with the Cocks.

  12. Go Dawgs!

    The only MAJOR difference is that Georgia beat the horrible, awful, bottom feeding and wheezing Auburn squad and South Carolina couldn’t.

  13. UGA70

    Well, I still haven’t forgotten the score he ran up on us in Athens when he was still at UF. Than and with two jabs in as many weeks from him at our expense, I’m hoping CMR and CTG has a large can of whip ass to open up on the cockadoodledos in Columbia this year.

  14. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    When will the Chickens be handing out their Pre-Season MNC Trophies this year?

  15. Bevo

    “If Georgia wins in Columbia this season and goes on to win the East again, maybe he’ll need to lobby for a rule next season requiring that game to be played in the second week of the season. Or whatever ‘Cock fans think will fix the problem…”

    Kind of like our fans who want to change the location of the Cocktail Party.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Not the same thing, Bevo. Would you like playing South Carolina in Charleston every year? Or would South Carolina go for playing UGA in the Georgia Dome each season? Those would be the same thing as the WLOCP. Don’t confuse the issue of SOS being a dick with the legitimate concerns that some UGA fans/alums have with the Dawgs playing the Gators as an away game every year.

  16. Four tickets, four hot dogs, four cokes

    The fact that we are likened to those second rate douche bags from Columbia is disheartening.

  17. Bulldog Joe

    The meaningless rings, stadium banners, the whining, and the excuse-making…

    It took seven years to do it, but he is now 100% gamecock.

  18. Noonan

    Spurrier has always been and will always be a whining pussy. According to Bill Stanfill, little Stevie cried and wet his pants due to the asswhipping he got from the Dawgs. I wish someone would ask the douche nozzle how many championships he won as a player (or an NFL coach). The answer is zero.

  19. Macallanlover

    He conveniently forgets how FSU kicked his butt in the regular season then was awarded (not earned) a shot in what was generously labeled the MNC game. That didn’t seem to bother him. He also forgets we kicked his arse on both sides of the ball last year in Athens before handed them a game he said they were badly beaten in. Then he loses to Auburn when we had to call the Dawgs off to hold it to a 38 point win. He also played a QB that would not have even been allowed on the campus of UGA, much less kept on the team as the starting QB. Sad example of college athletics SC.

    And let’s not forget how they embarrassed the East the year before when they did their usual post-season swan. Yeah, everyone really wanted to see another SECCG like that. Cock fans are pretty pathetic by any definition.

  20. Cojones

    There’s something a little too deliberate about Stevie’s actions the last two weeks. He seems to be deliberately picking a fight to rile the UGA base. What’s his little saggy-tity ass up to?

    Then again, this could have been festering since we went to Atl 4 mos ago. Up at night with an upset tummy caused by his great angst of not winning the SEC East. Sorta makes me feel all warm inside.

  21. If and when Spurrier presents his bright idea at the SEC meeting, Richt should laugh hard followed by some shortness of breath.

  22. Doug Bennett

    Spurrier ain’t nuffin but a smelly ole pussy

  23. 69Dawg

    Spurrier bitching and complaining about something is as normal as the sun coming up in the East. He bitched his way to the National Championship by saying that FSU was hurting dear old Danny and the referees made sure Danny was untouched. He has always whined when he didn’t get his way he is a man-bitch.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It’s called “working the refs” 69 and it does work. Just ask Coach K at Duke. SOS does the same thing and, like it or not, it pays off for the Gators. I wish CMR would do more of it. He just puts up with it when the refs blow call after call. Some may call that “taking it like a man.” I call it something else.