A match made in Hog Heaven?

This will never happen in a million years, but, damn, I’d sure love to see it purely for the extra-curricular entertainment value.

According to former Tennessee assistant Doug Matthews on Nashville radio yesterday, Arkansas officials have spoken to his former boss Phillip Fulmer about the vacant head coaching job. He doesn’t know how serious they got, but there have been discussions between them:

“I know Phillip has had conversations with them,” Matthews told the radio show. “And when I say with them, all that is going to take place behind the scenes.

“But everything I’m hearing from Arkansas is the spring game, I think, is this Saturday. ‘Let’s get through spring. Let’s see where we are.’ But I think they’ll either go with a guy that they’ve got on the staff or they’ll bring in someone to be — caretaker’s the wrong word — but bring someone in who has been through it all before.

“If there is a place for Phillip, that will be the place.”

Doughnuts, subpoenas and Spurrier’s catty comments… I’ve missed ’em all.  Throw in a fan base that knows its way around a FOIA request, and you’ve got a heady brew for blogging.  Unfortunately, it sounds way too good to be true.


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5 responses to “A match made in Hog Heaven?

  1. The best part of if that were to happen would be if Fulmer keeps Arkansas around ten wins a season and UT stays a dumpster fire. Watching all the UT fans who wanted him out see him win with another team in the SEC would be extremely funny.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    I just pray that he brings Randy Sanders with him as OC


  3. shane#1

    Phat Phil not phinished? Phar out! Phabulous news.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    No way the Hog fanbase would put up with hiring Fulmer. Won’t happen. Never ever. (I hope I just guaranteed it happening with such a brazen statement!)


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    One thing is pretty much assured about hiring Fulmer. You won’t see him on a motorcycle.