For a fat defensive lineman, he don’t sweat much.

Meet Byron Jerideau, now South Carolina’s “best defensive tackle” according to his position coach who really ladles out the praise for his man:

“He still does bonehead things every now and then, but he’s changed his whole body, his whole conditioning,” Lawing said.

“When he first got here, he was in no way, form or fashion ready to play college football. He’s in shape. He can actually perform the things we ask him to perform.”

Don’t sound so surprised, coach.


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4 responses to “For a fat defensive lineman, he don’t sweat much.

  1. Spike

    Damning with faint praise.


  2. reipar

    From the article:

    “Senior defensive tackle Byron Jerideau was suspended for part of the offseason after an alcohol-related public disorderly conduct arrest. After being reinstated”

    But UGA is the out of control program because our players miss games. For once I do NOT blame Bobo.


    • The Spurrier special. An off season story breaks, suspend the kid, let it blow over, and after that story ends, reinstate the kid without missing so much as a single practice which’ll run on the back page. You look good and tough when the story breaks, but it’s a paper suspension at best and has no impact on playing.


  3. Skeeter

    Great headline! Probably the same can be said for the Cock cheerleaders.