Bobby Petrino, hopeless romantic

You’d think a guy pulling in something north of $3 million a year could afford gifts nicer than this:

Dorrell referred to ”5-6 gifts” during her interview with Long, according to the notes, and Long said the money was used for the car, wedding expenses and a vacation. There are references to candy gifts – Hot Tamales, specifically, with Dorrell saying she ”got it once before things started”…

That would be these, if you’re wondering.

Probably cost him a whole two dollars at the Fayetteville Wal-Mart.  Stay classy, coach.


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14 responses to “Bobby Petrino, hopeless romantic

  1. AthensDawg9

    Actually, those are 3 for $3 for Walgreens and QuikTrips. Petrino is a bargain shopper!!!


  2. Sanford222view

    There has to be a way to work Hot Tamales into the Lexicon. Like the only way to get Saban out if Tuscaloosa is if he is giving some girl Hot Tamales.


  3. Cojones

    They swapped.


  4. Hot tamales and they’re red hot,
    yes she got ’em for sale.


  5. Ben

    Wedding expenses? Really? That’s awesome.


  6. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Kind of creepy if you think about it …

    Old Perv – “Hey little girl. Want some candy?”
    Little Girl – “My mom said not to talk to strangers.”
    Old Perv – “It’s just that I have this big box of candy and can’t eat it all.”
    Little Girl – Leans into van
    Old Perv – Pulls her into van and slams panel door


  7. Ron

    Maybe she has bad breath,or he would cram his mouth full of the hot ones before going down to eat at the (Y)


  8. Burt

    Once she starting doling out the tang I’m sure he upgraded to a Hershey’s miniatures.


  9. OldDawg55

    You guys are just too bad to comment with!!!!!!!


  10. Cojones

    Petrino is the Peanut Man! We have new lyrics to an old favorite(late 50s,early 60s) :

    Hot Nuts!, Hot Nuts!, Get’um from the Peanut Man;
    Hot Nuts!, Hot Nuts!, Bettuh get’um while you can.

    See that gal eat a hot tamale,
    After he slipped one to his Dolly!

    Hot Nuts!, Hot Nuts!, Get’um from the Peanut Man;
    Hot Nuts!, Hot Nuts!, Bettuh get’um while you can.

    See that gal ride his Hawg,
    That’s right after she rode his log.

    Hot Nuts!, Hot Nuts! Get’um from the Peanut Man!

    Ad infinitum verses to the music of Hot Nuts. When Mac Davis was in Atlanta (same time period), he sang it often when appearing at Knotty Pines. The group that sang that song and made it famous appeared at the old Dinkler Plaza Hotel and was busted for singing dirty lyrics. Riot Time!

    My, My! How times have changed.