Name that caption, matters of state edition

From yesterday:

(via Getty Photos)

Maybe they’re discussing the finer points of roster management.

Take your shot in the comments.


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40 responses to “Name that caption, matters of state edition

  1. DB

    Mr. President just tell em you aint got time for that shit when they ask you about hookers in Colombia. A’ight??

  2. Bard Parker

    So Coach, what does bulldog taste like?

  3. Fuelk2

    Napoleon Dyn-O-Mite.

  4. Spike

    You need to pay your fair share of taxes, coach.

  5. pawl

    Well, it was nice having you over again, coach. I’ll see you next year.

  6. Beard Dawg

    “It’s good to finally meet the most powerful man in America”

    “It’s nice to meet you to, Mr. President.”

  7. TennesseeDawg

    I’m going to need that jersey back so we can stitch “Romney” on it for next year.

  8. Tim Geitner is to tax law as Trooper Taylor is to NCAA regulations

  9. SemperFiDawg

    From one ‘would be King’ to another, Nick I gotta tell you…

  10. Skeeter

    The most powerful man in the free world (right) met with President Obama.

  11. William

    Just remember Mr. President, you didn’t hear anything…..

  12. Derek

    I’ve gotten so used to seeing the SEC championship coach I’ve forgotten what it was you won again? A what, a BS…., but not an SEC champ…??? Well any way, uh, good job I guess…. Oh how about the SEC Wes…? No? Not that either? To an aide: is this some sort of joke?! I don’t have time for this shit!

  13. retwely

    “I thought the most powerful dwarf died in North Korea last year!”

  14. Always Someone Else's Fault

    “Remember when I blew off W? Totally worth it.”
    “5 words for the election, Mr. President: just make his ass quit.”

  15. Normaltown Mike

    POTUS: You don’t play much basketball, do you Nick?

  16. Skeptic Dawg

    So that is what it looks like when 2 douches join. Huh!?

  17. Aligator

    I think you ought to come up with a law that states Bama plays for the cnampionship every year reguardless of record? what do you say, you have been making up all of that other crazy stuff the last four year and people eat it like banana bread!

  18. Go Dawgs!

    Mr. President, would you mind walking four or five steps behind me so it will look like we’re the same height?

  19. JaxDawg

    The only thing these two have in common is that they’re both going down in November.

  20. simpl_matter

    You look taller on TV.

  21. Cousin Eddie

    “Mr. President, next time you come to Alabama, I don’t have time for this traveling shit. Lucky for you I had to see a recruit in DC” Nick said.
    Then Obama asked, “So what is it like to be the president of the state of Alabama?”

  22. “Whoa whoa whoa…hold up, Mr. Saban. You can’t go in there. You must be this (points to sign) tall to enter the Rose Garden.”

  23. Saint Johns Dawg

    “That’s a gorgeous suit, Coach Saban … except for Paul Finebaum hanging out of your ass …”

  24. Scott W.

    How do I get the people of Alabama to vote for me next election?
    Let’s just say you’d better start winning some football games!

  25. Puffdawg

    I have to get my tailor to make one of these gray shirts you keep talking about.

    • Pumpdawg

      You might want to wait on getting your gray shirt Mr. President.It’s been our experience that when someone gets a gray shirt they fade away and are quickly forgotten. Hmmmm,on the other hand……

  26. Spence

    “Only one Nobel Prize? Let’s talk about roster management.”

  27. Didn’t realize Obama was so short. What is he, like 5’8?

  28. BMan

    You’ve been on the job four years and don’t have a statue yet?!

  29. Bulldog Joe

    Mr. President,

    “We have determined your best option right now is to accept a medical redshirt.”

  30. Bulldog Joe

    Mr. President,

    “If I were in charge, all government officials would serve one-year terms.”

    • Puffdawg

      Correction: Saban would mandate government officials serve multi-year contracts while their employee minions would serve one year renewable terms. But I like where your head’s at!

    • Always Someone Else's Fault

      Saban offers 4 year scholarships now.

  31. Of course I made more money than you Mr President, I had a better year. (See Babe Ruth on President Hoover)

    • TSlick

      Coach if I could learn to lie to the people as good as you lie to recruits, I could be President forever.