Sweating the small stuff with Charlie Weis

You have to see this to believe it.  I’m speechless.


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32 responses to “Sweating the small stuff with Charlie Weis

  1. Sanford222view

    That is sad is what that is. I’m fairly confident if KU happens to win a game on a last field goal they will act accordingly with real emotion. That gimmick trying to get across the point they have forgotten how to win was weak sauce.


  2. Skeeter

    It’s like a scene they would have cut from a bad sports movie.


  3. Nate Dawg

    “Sweating”- ha! I get it…that’s a joke right? Kinda like his coaching…


  4. X-Dawg

    Has Charlie been consulting with SOD?


  5. The other Doug

    He is a genius. I hope Mike Bobo is taking notes.


  6. Cojones

    If they don’t do well when practicing celebrations, what is the punishment? Running steps wearing a pointy little hat while blowing a kazoo? If I was a player and had to do that, I’d carry a doughnut held high enough to make Weiss wet the front of his shirt salivating by the time finished.

    Can charismatic religious service training be far behind?


  7. Irishdawg

    I had no idea Michael Scott was coaching Kansas now.


  8. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Even Saban, who reportedly plans every action of the team, wouldn’t do this …


    • Bryant Denny

      That’s one of the reasons he closes practice after a short viewing period for the media.

      Also, after nearly being cold-cocked with a Gatorade cooler after beating Texas, he vowed to never let that happen again.



      • Russ

        you know what was funny about that was seeing Saban get pissed even though they had just won the BCS. Of course, that’s exactly my reaction whenever I hit my head – I immediately get angry, even if it’s against the chair or desk that did the hitting.


  9. What fresh hell is this?

    Reports have Weis meeting with SOD this week to prep for the upcoming how-to-shower-properly practice.


  10. Sneaky Short

    KSU coach Bill Snyder…..”Its a bad deal and will forever be in the mind of Bill Snyder.”


  11. Mrs. Helen Shirley

    “The plates were from Kansas. He was a huge, beastly, bulging man.”


  12. Bob

    Charlie should have consulted with Mark Richt in Jacksonville last October. Coach knows how to conduct celebrations like no one else. 😉


  13. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Is it just me, or does every passing month make our passion for all things college sports seem a little more absurd? Hard to believe all these people bringing in seven-figure incomes who are, when you boil it down, idiots.


  14. Bobby Risigliano

    Weis would have gotten a gatorade shower if I was at that practice.


  15. Alphadawg

    Wasn’t sweating one of the reasons for the move from Florida to Kansas?


  16. Deanna

    That reminds me of the scene in “Revenge of the Nerds” where the coach, John Goodman, thinks he’s really got the team fired up, but they’ve actually got liquid heat in their jocks. Ending his historic pep talk, he triumphantly sends them away to the locker room and off they go leaving a trail of cups in their wake. He pauses for a moment and then says to himself, “Holy shit. We forgot to practice.”


  17. Macallanlover

    I thought they were pretty good; I mean they could have tried to carry the coach off the field on their shoulders…..


  18. Keese

    The beating will continue until morale improves!!


  19. Lrgk9

    You can’t make this stuff up !


  20. paulwesterdawg

    Call me crazy…but I actually think that makes sense. Hell, Coach Valvano used to practice cutting down the nets. It’s the same basic concept.

    They are just that wretched. The message wasn’t “this is how you celebrate.” THe message was “I expect to be 2-0 when we play TCU.”

    Weis is still an idiot. But I liked this.


  21. Cojones

    Gleek plick!


  22. AusDawg85

    Fake juice now on sale in Kansas!


  23. Just Chuck

    If they actually win the first three games, they’ll know how to celebrate.