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Why I ♥ the Intertubes.

Travis fisks Bill King’s latest AJ-C effort at trolling the gullible masses post so I don’t have to.

Do programs get the fan base they deserve?  I hope not.


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Mark Emmert’s Brave New World

Just curious – when Mark Emmert spouts back-pattery like this:

“I encourage you to be attentive to something that was positive in all those scandals in a sense that it really demonstrated a sea change in responsibility,” Emmert said yesterday.

“If 14 months ago … we had said this next cycle we will watch the firing of the head coaches of Ohio State, Penn State, North Carolina, Tennessee basketball, Arkansas — all fabulously successful coaches on the floor and on the field — to see those five men fired for misdeeds, not for failures on the court or on the field, none of us would have believed it.

“I sure wouldn’t have thought that was possible,” Emmert said during a meeting with Associated Press sports editors.

… is he saying that coaches who lied to the NCAA, enabled pedophiles in the locker room and put their mistresses on the school payroll had their misdeeds tolerated before last year?

I sure wouldn’t have thought that was possible.  And I bet coaches like Mike Price and George O’Leary wonder what in the hell Emmert’s blathering on about.


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If you want to be good at getting ’em to the next level, get ’em in the door first.

The reason Georgia has so many players in the NFL is because Richt does a good job getting so many of them to Athens first.

… With the national midpoint at a recruiting ranking of #39, most of the top SEC teams are recruiting and producing NFL picks at a similar rate.  This is a very good snapshot of top recruiters having a low ceiling.  Alabama, LSU, Florida and Georgia all getting top players, keeping them on campus and getting them drafted.  They may not be at the top of this particular list, but that is good non-game coaching.


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The most obvious endorsement opportunity of the year

I think we all know who needs one of these bad boys.


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