Mark Emmert’s Brave New World

Just curious – when Mark Emmert spouts back-pattery like this:

“I encourage you to be attentive to something that was positive in all those scandals in a sense that it really demonstrated a sea change in responsibility,” Emmert said yesterday.

“If 14 months ago … we had said this next cycle we will watch the firing of the head coaches of Ohio State, Penn State, North Carolina, Tennessee basketball, Arkansas — all fabulously successful coaches on the floor and on the field — to see those five men fired for misdeeds, not for failures on the court or on the field, none of us would have believed it.

“I sure wouldn’t have thought that was possible,” Emmert said during a meeting with Associated Press sports editors.

… is he saying that coaches who lied to the NCAA, enabled pedophiles in the locker room and put their mistresses on the school payroll had their misdeeds tolerated before last year?

I sure wouldn’t have thought that was possible.  And I bet coaches like Mike Price and George O’Leary wonder what in the hell Emmert’s blathering on about.


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12 responses to “Mark Emmert’s Brave New World

  1. Chuck

    Many of us wanted Mike Adams to get the job Emmert got because we wanted Adams out of UGA. More and more, it seems like Adams would have had to have been the better choice. Who knew there was someone more self-aggrandizing than Mike?


  2. Macallanlover

    After watching Emmert, and his “enforcement officials”, turn their backs on the blatent violation at TheAu in 2010, one has to wonder if the NCAA would have terminated any of the coaches he mentions. When you have rules/laws that you choose to selectively enforce, or water down, regulations you have no respect for those rules/laws. The NCAA does this (we also see this in other areas of our society), hence you have lost control and have some degree of anarchy. As the new NCAA President, Emmert had a chance to set a high standard but has quickly lost any chance to be taken seriously.


  3. AusDawg85

    Emmert on the Secret Service scandal in Columbia:

    “I think the positive we need to be attentive to here is the outrageous prices these escorts are charging Americans. No longer will $800 be the going rate.”


  4. Derek

    One perhaps less than minor distinction is that neither Price nor O’Leary coached a single game at Alabama or Notre Dame.


  5. Newt G

    Just a year on the job for Emmert and the seas have stopped rising and the planet is now finally healing. He has lead us out of the dark. HE is the ONE we have been waiting for!


  6. Will Trane

    Mike Adams and Greg McGarity have something in common. That both like losers. The Diamond Dawgs drop another to SEC Gators. One thing you can say about men’s big three sports programs in Athens. It damn sure does not bother the players and coaches to lose games. They sure like getting their ass beat by every SEC team. Who cares what happens in sports. We do not have much in Athens lately.


    • BMan

      Damn Will, the out of context baseball posts are a little stale. I’m sorry for being a jerk about it, but I had to say it.


    • Cojones

      Will, it took the #1 baseball team in the country 5 hrs and 16 innings to score 3 runs on the Dawgs. How the hell do you think they felt being on the losing end by 1 run? Someone had to lose. Cheez!!


      • Cojones

        There! Now the Diamond Dawgs have beaten the #1 ranked team in college baseball, 5-3. In two games we have scored 7 runs to their 6 and split. Still think they don’t compete vs our biggest rival?


  7. Chadwick

    My dogs leave turds in the yard that are smarter than Emmert.


  8. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Emmert’s job: Keep the NCAA in enough muddy PR waters to justify the Break when it comes but not so muddy that the organization falls apart when the BCS conferences split into their own division.

    I’ll bet he’s a very popular ma in Indianapolis HQ.