Why I ♥ the Intertubes.

Travis fisks Bill King’s latest AJ-C effort at trolling the gullible masses post so I don’t have to.

Do programs get the fan base they deserve?  I hope not.


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  1. rugbydawg79

    Now that was some fun reading !


  2. ctfain

    Two things: I wish fan bases were more representative of what I think of the programs. We’d just be a bunch of liquor-holding, fun-loving, barking attractive people looking good in red and black. But the ugly truth is we’ve got a bunch of (what I would call) Bama, Florida and Auburn fans in our midst.

    Second: I had never seen the word “fisk” before and had to look it up: “an Internet argument tactic … intended to show the original is a sandpile of flawed facts, unfounded assertions, and logical fallacies.”

    “Sandpile of flawed facts.” I can promise you I’m stealing that phrase.


  3. Spence

    And leave it to the AJC to not only run the Bill King article but to put it in big font on the front page of AJC Sports online section.

    They might as well start putting up articles titled “Jolie nipple slip” and then write their dribble in there. Same concept.


  4. DawgWalker07

    “Murray stats actually suck. Take away touchdown passes, he is terrible.”



    • Yep, I mean take away Dan Marion’s 420 TD’s and all he did was throw picks and couldn’t even win the Super Bowl.

      What part of not just breaking but shattering the UGA single season TD record shows terrible. He for sure has room for improvement but come one.


    • Nate

      So true. I mean, take away all of Jack Dempsey’s knockouts and he was a terrible boxer…


  5. Scott W.

    Touchdown passes mean nothin’ PAwwwwwwl. Imma hang up an listen.


  6. 202dawg

    After reading that drivel, you have to ask yourself two things; a) is Carvell smart enough to hack Bill’s account and b) do they think we’re ALL idiots??


  7. JasonC

    Off topic:
    Looks like your good buy Hatch has bigger problems than solving the BCS mess.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Assuming the AJC comments actually come from Georgia fans?

    Lucid idiocy, indeed.


  9. Craig

    I must admit I have lost a lot of hair due to Mr.Murray. I also admit to calling him our “Garcia” for some of the boneheaded plays he’s made (see Florida 2010 ) BUT….he’s still only a Soph…well JR next year and he made most of those mistakes trying to make plays. Personally I believe that if the OL is at least average you will see him value the ball this year and become an All SEC QB. For me, it’s hard to judge a QB till his Jr year. JMHO Go Dawgs!


  10. JudgeDawg

    I knew a Tech guy who, in 1980, actually said to me, word for word, “Take away Herschel Walker’s long TD runs and he is an average back.”
    That must be the same guy quoted as Anonymous on April 21st at 6:21.


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  12. Slaw Dawg

    I got to see and know a wide variety of Dawg fans between actually attending UGA, being from Athens and working in local restaurants. Lemme tell you, we definitely do NOT want to be judged by certain elements of our fan base. There was a time when I thought if I heard “HOW BOUT DEM DAYUM DAWGS, GAWDAMMIT” from one more post game partying drunken loudmouth, I would personally remove his ability to continue with such utterances with the sharpest butcher knife in our kitchen.

    It’s not that, in our totality, we’re more ignorant or obnoxious than other fanbases (though they may think differently), and we can always take comfort when compared to the average Barner or Rocky Topper, but perusing the “Intertubes” (especially the AJC variety) is certain to cure any delusions about the superior collective intelligence of our brethren (or even sisthren) or my one time working assumption that it was just the likker talking.


  13. 81Dog

    I think it’s explainable by the following rule: One percent of our fan base makes ninety-nine percent of the stupid comments on the internet. (the one percent may hold a disproportionate number of seats in Sanford Stadium, though). It’s one thing to admit occasional frustration with Aaron Murray’s occasional catastrophic turnover, but anyone who thinks that kid isnt talented, or working to improve, or getting better as he goes along, just isnt paying attention. No knock on LeMay or anyone else on our depth chart, but AM has established himself as The Guy at UGA. As for the QC comparisons, say what? The only thing AM has in common with Quincy Carter is that they’re both protein based life forms. If I’m AM, I am thinking that is a good thing.


  14. Irishdawg

    “I knew a Tech guy who”

    Nothing further needs to be said. Tech fans, particularly the message board ones, are the most football illiterate fans on the planet. They make assertations based on a total lack of knowledge of UGA’s history, or they make statements of the inbred logic that Judge retells here. They are trolls and morons, and should be treated as such.