The Urban Meyer Departure Tour continues on

I’m getting the impression that the Florida media didn’t exactly throw a party for Corch when he left the Gators for good.  Gene Frenette joins the club by calling Meyer “disingenuous” and “… awfully fickle and a classic frontrunner”.  Funny, but I don’t remember seeing those descriptions being tossed around when Seat 37F was in play.

Wouldn’t you love to see the bravery on display if one of those guys got shit-canned in the Sunshine State and could only find a replacement job covering Ohio State?


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9 responses to “The Urban Meyer Departure Tour continues on

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Oh, and here’s a musical palette defiler:


  2. Cojones

    C’mon. These weak sister writers who don’t have a creative criticism in their spineless backsides don’t deserve a damn thing after being the greatest sycophants south of Columbus, Oh for the last 4 yrs. They had the same opportunities that we did to observe and read the ahole until his behavior was predictable to anyone wearing red and black, but oblivious to anyone tainted orange and blue. I don’t believe that their musings are capable of capturing anyone’s attention in the future with such longterm obsequious writings of Meyer.


  3. Adam

    I mean, while we’re talking about disingenuous POVs, your comparison is kind of disingenuous. Considering the writers, as parallels to Urban Meyer, could get jobs at 99% of the papers in the country with an open position because they’ve been awarded 2 Pullitzer’s (or some other NC equivalent). Urban Meyer could’ve had any open position he wanted this year.

    I get what you’re saying but that comparison isn’t the best way to illustrate your opinion. Plus – coming from a Georgia blog, I’m not sure why you’re supporting Urban other than to further your criticism of the Atlanta and Orlando media. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a Michigan fan so I’m not stranger to terrible local journalism but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to look at facts available and call Urban Meyer the adjectives tossed about in the articles. At some point, Urban left long enough ago to drop it and make peace. It took us until Hoke started recruiting well and winning games. Richt already wins games with integrity and recruits great talent.

    I think we get it – a lot of mainstream media journalists suck. I like reading your fresher opinions.


  4. Cosmic Dawg

    handle test.