It’s money that they love, part one.

Ivan Maisel thinks one tell that change is coming to the BCS is that the usual dogs aren’t barking about the current discussion, but it’s the why they’ve stopped that’s more pertinent.

… The desire of a prime-time window for as many BCS bowls as possible has pushed the championship game past the first weekend of NFL playoffs. While it’s difficult to quantify the effect, Thompson and others are firm in their belief that once the NFL takes the stage, the buildup of a four-month season toward a championship event is irreparably interrupted.

Those prime-time windows also have fallen in midweek, which makes it difficult for fans to attend without blowing up their work schedules. Attendance has fallen — neither the Sugar Bowl nor the Orange Bowl has topped 70,000 in the last two years. Both had done so every year since 2002. The secondary ticket market — StubHub, Craigslist, etc. — has left schools stuck with the tickets they are obligated to purchase.

I must have missed the “settling it on the field” concern.

They took the TV checks and let things fall where they may.  Now that things haven’t worked out as well as they like, it’s time to make changes.  The question is, what happens when those changes don’t take them to a better place?


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4 responses to “It’s money that they love, part one.

  1. Cousin Eddie

    If they don’t get what they wanted or thought they wanted, they will go back to what worked last and say it is for the fans that they changed back.


    • Joe

      I disagree a bit, if they went back to what last worked before that would show integrity and logic. Instead, they will do what politicians do, and try something even more outlandish assuming that there is no law of unintended consequences to pay.


  2. Raleigh St. Clair

    I still don’t understand the “let’s stay with something that sucks because the change may also suck” logic.

    The college football postseason is awful. That is manifesting itself in, among other areas, viewer disinterest. Of course there is going to be a change. It would be moronic not to change.