Wednesday morning buffet

The chafing dishes have been refilled.

  • Everybody’s been focusing on Gary Pinkel’s “mammoth” comment, but I think the more interesting news from Seth’s post is that the Missouri coach is still hedging his bet on whether James Franklin will be ready when Georgia comes to town.
  • Chris Low thinks it would be better to base the composition of a playoff field on the BCS standings than on a selection committee, “… because it’s farfetched to think you could truly find enough qualified people, who didn’t have a dog in the fight, to serve on a selection committee.”  Did somebody have a meeting about dropping the Coaches Poll that I missed?
  • The future’s so bright at Auburn, Gene Chizik has to wear shades.  Or at least he will, once he figures out exactly how bright that is.
  • Not surprisingly, Mark Richt doesn’t think much of Steve Spurrier’s divisional champ proposal.
  • The rejiggered SEC is trying to figure out how it meshes with the bowls.
  • The BCS looks like it’s going to adopt a fan-friendly format.  NotOne commissioner, who is against semifinal games being played on campus, said: “The NCAA [men’s basketball] tournament doesn’t have campus games, do they?”
  • Even if you don’t care about the NFL (I don’t), you might be interested in this article about how its metamorphosis into a pass-happy league is affecting the value it puts on certain positions, because of the impact that may have on the college game.


UPDATE:  Regarding the likely rejection of playing the semi-finals at on-campus sites, Brian Cook offers some excellent snark here.


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17 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    “The NCAA [men’s basketball] tournament doesn’t have campus games, do they?”

    Do they sell out those games?


  2. Will Trane

    CMR needs to focus on a SEC title and a top 10 finish for a change. Why should he worry about any title set up when he has not been able to get much more
    AD McGarity needs to find another baseball coach and a new diamond for the team.
    How many times in the past few years have there been empty seats in Sanford Stadium. UGA is stuck in the past with facilities, mind set of the university president, AD, and Regents.


    • Will, nothing personal, but could we stop with the baseball stuff? GTP ain’t a baseball blog.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Senator, WT is a UGA alum talking about a problem concerning UGA athletics. I thought GTP was a UGA fan blog. We talk about basketball occasionally here, don’t we? We talk about politics and all sorts of other things here, too. Mac and I even discuss different types of scotch sometimes. Give the guy a break if he has a comment about the baseball program. If nobody else cares about it we just go on to the next post anyway. I, for one, appreciate his interest in the baseball team.


        • An occasional passing reference is one thing. Will’s pretty constant on the subject.

          By the way, I would characterize GTP as a UGA football fan blog. Out of 8000+ posts, the number of UGA sports posts here that aren’t about (or don’t at least indirectly relate to) football you could likely count on two hands and have fingers left over.


  3. Comin' Down The Track

    … the more interesting news… is that the Missouri coach is still hedging his bet on whether James Franklin will be ready when Georgia comes to town.
    My thoughts exactly. The “mammoth game, blah, blah, blah” was just coach speak. The thing about the QB was the chink in the armor curtain of the man behind the mask. (How’s that for a mixed metaphor)?


  4. Ed Kilgore

    Perhaps I’m stating the obvious, but I do believe that very few campus venues for basketball are remotely as large as the off-campus domes, while nearly all of the largest football stadiums are on-campus. This was brought home to all of us last year when UGA lost tens of thousands of seats by “upgrading” the Boise game to the Georgia Dome.


    • Scott W.

      Too bad the upgrade was about being on national tv and not about selling seats.


      • reipar

        I am confused here. The upgrade was to give up a home game with Lousiville for the neutral site game with Boise State. It was not like we had a home game with Boise State and then moved it to the Georgia Dome to get on national TV.

        I thought most everyone wanted to see us playing a better schedule even if it meant fewer home games. We cannot have it both ways.


        • Ed Kilgore

          I understand, but was simply using the comparative seating to make the point that college football venues are not at all similar to roundball venues, so the reliance on non-campus sites during March Madness is completely irrelevant. Georgia did what it had to do to get a marquee game.


  5. While Cook’s bit was good, the first comment made me LOL.

    This is about the bowl system lobbying.