‘Roid rage is a bitch, man.

First off, let me say that players who share last names with body organs can generate some fabulous headers.

Second, smoking weed doesn’t make one a thug.  Going off like this does, though:

… According to an incident report from campus police, Kidney entered the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house and ripped a “T” from a wall of the house. After being told to leave the house, Kidney shoved a fraternity member into a wall. When another student intervened, Kidney “began swinging on both men,” according to the report’s narrative, opening a cut above the eye of one student and a cut on the nose of the other. Both students declined to press charges against Kidney, but he could face sanctions for violating the student conduct code.

According to Sugiura, Kidney is competing for a starting job on Tech’s offensive line.  Why do I have a feeling he’s got a cheap shot video clip that’ll be making the rounds in his future?


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21 responses to “‘Roid rage is a bitch, man.

  1. JudgeDawg

    Most memorable body part headline I have ever seen was from the Athens newspaper when Lewis Grizzard worked there. UGA linebacker Happy Dicks was injured and not available for the game against South Carolina. The Bulldogs won anyway. The Sunday headline to the story: “Dogs Beat Cocks With Dicks Out.”

  2. Eric Holder

    After ripping down the ‘T’ and turfing the two frat boys was he heard saying..’now that’s justice for Trayvon?’ Wait, he’s white right? Cono

  3. Chris

    Better Kidney ripped off a T instead of destroyed their anime collection.

  4. AthensHomerDawg

    “Attitude reflects leadership” Kidney is the same kid that CPJ drug off the field by the face mask for flinching and causing an off sides penalty. I think Johnson could compete with Boom any day when it comes to expletives!

  5. Me

    Paul Johnson has lost control of the program!!!

  6. Skeeter

    Coach told him to punch ’em in the mouth.

  7. charlottedawg

    Not that this will stop Techies from calling us cheaters, thugs, hicks, etc. etc despite the mountain of evidence that they are exactly what they accuse us of being. If it weren’t for double standards Tech would have no standards at all. seriously, I couldn’t make up a fanbase as bitter, disillusioned, and futile as our little brothers in Atlanta.

  8. Dog in Fla

    Zook would say there’s no better place for a Kidney punch than on frat row.

  9. Ron

    An UGA player and pot gets a weeks worth or more of coverage in the AJC, but a Tech player and assault, and criminal damage to property gets almost zilch. Way to work the bias AJC.
    No suspension, no games missed, only extra running. Way to discipline GT and Coach Johnson.

    No wonder I hate the efffing Yeller Jokettes

    • collegeparkdawg

      Thinking the same thing and why are the comments always off on the “GT messes” up article. Its a CONSPIRACY I tell you.

      • shane#1

        I have been telling Y’all that they are out to get us, and nobody listened! Feeding an All American safety loaded brownies behind his back! What about that huh? Late night stops by Alabama cops. Accident? Not hardly! I am not one of those nuts with a tin foil hat, well not now anyway. I have a for real brain eating ray repellant helmet, and it’s stainless steel with cooling vents and everything. Some folks call it a colander, but I call it a helmet.

    • Dog in Nam

      All due respect to your opinion Ron, but Coach Johnson is doing it the way most coaches and systems would and do. It is we who have gotten all out of whack in the wrong direction. dr. adams conveniently wants to take the ‘High ground” at his opportunity….that ends the criticism in one phrase….but it doesn’t change the fact that an administrative over reaction to the trashing of North campus led to an unrealisticly diffiucult drug policy that is curiously gaged to equal the one tougher policy in place, at UK,instead of addressing the issue years ago that would have removed the necessity to use the bathroom in the bushes and elsewhere….why in God’s name did we not open ground floor secured access to bathrooms at most of the major buildings on campus as some other Universities do….all those bathrooms going to waste on gamedays…for what…to save on a little security cost…just another sad example of the lack of leadership required to make us what we need to be…we are generating the funds at an ulta high level, yet not spending on par with our competition…and I mean spending in a smart way…such addressing the huge shortage of bathroom facilities when they were litterally right under our noses…..and as another example….not spending properly on strength and conditioning……so to blow smoke and redirect blame for the atrocity that became North Campus because we wouldn’t open the buildings on game days for an orderly secured and maintained usage of the facilities…and before someone cries”we already had someone piss in the stairwells at a game back when, etc’…” those were isolated incidents caused by the fact that we did not have the ground floors only opened, secured and maintained….going way back….we have had a lack of vision and leadership on this issue and it has led us to this pitiful drug pollicy we have absolutely handcuffed ourselves with….yet bloggers, Ron and many others, want to dis other programs for their lack of stupidity…thats right, they lack the stupidity that we have by hadicapping ourselves with this higher road crap…..i wonder if those who set the policy ever inhaled??? No matter if they did or not…our discipline policies are so assinine as to cost us ball games….when there is plenty of room to back away from our strictness and stupid automatics and still have good management apply discipline in the proper ways…I mean we pay the head coach millions….he is smart enough to set and administer the policy and it is none of our damn business what the “unspecified team rules” are…..so instead of keeping quiet and letting things die down and then quietly changing the policy to reasonable standards….that would be too smart for our guys,,,,so we create more smoke with this ‘higher Ground” bomb and BS….oh yeah, and we could have quietly managed our campus buildings on game days to provide decent, clean facilities….but no, let’s beat our chest with this holier than thou bullshit…..wasn’t going off on you, Ron, just wanted to make a point

      • Dog in Nam

        oh, and when I say that changing the drug policy and or spending on a par with our competition would be too smart for our guys, I am referring to the administration that reset that ridiculous policy…I am in no way referring to or demeaning Coach Richt and his organization or Greg McGarity and his organization…I think we are blessed to have such great leadership as we have with both Greg and Mark…..what I am saying, in fact, is to give them the slack they need to redevelop the policy as it affects the student athlete population….then if the University at that point is smart enough to follow Greg’s lead, they can make the policy apply to non athlete students as well….The administration had their chance and blew it, then instead of quietly realizing what an enormously out of balance disadvantage this policy burdens our sports teams with and proceeding to correct the mistake when the dust settles, and it will settle, they instead elect to come out with this cover your ass statement that envisions some self described higher ground. Indeed, it is this same pompous attitude that has shackled us with the heavy iron we now find ourselves bound in!!!…..will someone with the authority, are you hearing me Mr. Don (hello from Vietnam, by the way, come see me if you get the chance!), will that person with the influence please just quietly resolve this burdensome issue…..I will be quiet about it now. Please fix it, for God and UGA’s sake.

  10. Cojones

    Zeta Beta au is a French fraternity that furnishes water to the team. They have no business with a “T”. Kidney was right to relocate it.