Marvin Lewis digs Mark Richt.

You may have noticed a steady stream of players going from the University of Georgia to the Cincinnati Bengals.  Marvin Lewis explains why.

“We have a great relationship there with the coaching staff, obviously. I can call Coach Richt at any point,” Lewis said. “I think he’s very honest and frank with us about things. This is a guy (Charles) that wanted to know if he could come here today. He was ready to get on the plane and come (laughs). Those are the kinds of guys we have on our football team from there (Georgia) — very no-nonsense, all about football and winning. And they’re good people. They’re coached well, they’ve learned, they know how to prepare. It’s been a great place for us and a really comfortable place for our coaches and scouts to visit. We have a great relationship with them.”

That “I can call Coach Richt at any point” line ought to be pretty effective on the recruiting trail.  So should the fact that in this last NFL draft Georgia had as many players’ names called as just about any program in the country (seven overall, which was second to Alabama’s eight).


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  1. Bart

    The # of draft picks may be similar but look where they were picked. All ours were late round choices outside of Cordy while Alabama’s were mainly 1 and 2 round options

    • IveyLeaguer

      Exactly. We can’t really brag about how we develop players. Alabama can. There was time, during Richt I (2001-2005) where we were doing it very well. I believe we’re doing it again on Defense. Offense, I’m afraid, is another matter.

      I’m hopeful that this OL will be the group that gets us back on track. And out TE group as well. Even the RB’s. I like our offensive personnel. It’s just a question of whether Richt is willing to DEMAND MORE, from his coaches, and especially his players. Perfection should be the goal. Even if it’s unreachable, you have to shoot for it.

      That is what is lacking, IMO.

      We don’t need to cut players, lie to or deceive recruits in any way, or do anything outside of our values in order to get it done. No need to compromise our integrity in any way, or our family atmosphere. No need for Richt to change who he is. Everybody loves who he is.

      Richt simply needs to raise the bar of expectation back to where it once was when he first arrived. He has changed just about everything else in the football program the past two years, and it’s all been good. That’s the only thing still missing (that has anything to do with players).

      But I’m glad to see Lewis’ comment. We needed that, after having been beat up on the draft primetime telecast and by the NFL for several years now. Just a year ago, some NFL team (can’t remember which) was saying that players from Georgia were all the same … pretty much worthless (average to below average).

      So it’s good to hear that from Lewis.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        I tend to agree with you in general, but in the context of the draft:
        2 of the 7 were from the defense,
        4 of the 7 were offense,
        + Walsh (who is technically offense)

        • IveyLeaguer

          Cosmic, thanks for your comment. I realize I’m treading a fine line … but IMO our offensive guys should have been somewhat better developed than they were. A hard thing to prove, but I’m hoping we step it up across the board in Nutrition & S&C and then simply coach a lot harder than we have been.

          I really believe Ben Jones could’ve been a first round pick, and might’ve been at another top school. IMHO, that’s on us. Nothing wrong with Ben. Had he come in now, with the N-S&C we just acquired, and with Friend as his coach, I think he might’ve made it.

          I also think a more demanding HC and OC would go a long way to getting us where we want to be, and should be.

        • Will A.

          And our best players that were eligable for the draft decided to come back to school for another year. JJ would have been a top 10 guy this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if JJ, Cornelius, and Big John are taken in the first round next year.

      • Reptillicide

        Well, facts show that you are wrong. 40 former UGA players are actively contributing in the NFL while only 30 Alabama players are. Shoot, even our late round picks contribute more than Alabama’s have. Dannell Ellerbe is starting at linebacker for the Ravens. Have you seen Terrance Cody do anything lately?

        • IveyLeaguer

          No, I am not wrong. Clearly, you missed the context of my remarks. We haven’t been developing our players, the PAST FIVE YEARS as we WERE the PREVIOUS FIVE, though I believe we are now doing so on Defense.

          Please reread what I wrote and grab the context. It is not about a 10 year average, for that obscures current realities of what’s been going on the past 4 years or so. Our program spent most of that time in the toilet, in case you haven’t noticed, and it shows on the field and in the overall development of our players.

  2. Go Dawgs!

    Oh, I dunno. I think that there’s a recruiting pitch in there somewhere, but, “come to Georgia and one day you can be a Bengal” might need some refining before we start trying it out on recruits.

  3. Dawgbro42

    It is perhaps worth noting that Tech had as many players taken in the draft as Georgia State.

    Sure, a lot of our guys were taken on Day 3, but things will likely be different next year, where we could have a couple first round picks on defense alone. These things go in cycles, and UGA could very well be the Bama of the first round next year.

    The talent inflow into the program is there, and while marginal improvement in recruiting is possible, let’s also consider where we could be (Tech). And assuming that most of the jimmies and joes are on campus, focusing on scheme is probably the best idea.

  4. TimRankine

    Aren’t the Bengals the worst-behaved team in the NFL or even pro sports overall?

  5. This was a very weak class for us too compared to what next year will be. Many of our under classmen that would have been taken higher than the seniors stayed around. Despite that we still had 7 players drafted and a couple others that will find a place as undrafted free agents. Yes Bama’s guys went higher but next year it should be the opposite.

  6. collegeparkdawg

    Moreover in overall numbers past ten years bama is far below us. And whoever said UGA players have performed average in the NFL has no real clue. Current standouts like Stafford, Green and Atkins are not average. Not to mention our past standouts like Hines Ward. WTH?

  7. Joey Baloney

    Richt needs to recruit guys who are 8 feet tall and run 3.0 for the 40. That way they can outrun the police and jump over fences.