Hines Ward is a true Georgia fan.

I mean, this sounds like it came straight out of a Dawg message board/blog comment thread:

“We have great talent here,” Ward said. “It irks me that our great talent goes to the University of  Florida and Alabama and stuff like that. We need to keep our top recruits here in the state of Georgia.Georgia’s always been close. We’re on the cusp of doing big things. It’s just one game or one play here and there. Who knows? The player that we lost out of the state of Georgia, that one player could probably make a difference and maybe we can win a national title.”


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16 responses to “Hines Ward is a true Georgia fan.

  1. Cojones

    Read all of Weiszer’s article to get the full drift of Hines’s remarks and the loyalty that sucks at him. If he can find a way to keep Foster and Nkemdiche in state he certainly can write and suggest. If anyone could control the minds and loyalties of these kids, I’m sure it has been tried. It would help for an iteration of great athletes we have recruited from Georgia to go along with the observation. Ward’s words can be parsed to look negative, however, if you read all of Marc’s article, you know that Ward is speaking from a great sense of loyalty and frustration that we all have and not being negative.

    Still, the ability of UGA to recruit out-of-state has been excellent concerning our attraction throughout the South and a few other locales.


  2. timphd

    Ward is one of my favorite Damn Good Dawgs of all time. I love his passion for all things Georgia and hope he someday soon is able to recruit for us. I can’t imagine he won’t be able to sway some kids with his intensity, smile, and Super Bowl MVP award. Imagine what down field blocking would look like under his tutelage!


  3. Normaltown Mike

    can we hire this man already?


  4. Slaw Dawg

    Financially, publicity-wise and life style-wise, the broadcasting option probably makes most sense, and I wouldn’t begrudge Hines Ward for a second if he went that route. I also believe him when he says he doesn’t want to take away anyone’s current job, because he has demonstrated that he is, to use an almost time lost phrase, a man of honor (which is a different thing from a man without faults or sins).

    But if any Dawg product of my time is a potential great coach, Ward is the guy. I thought that when he was a player and when he was with the Steelers, and I think it now. He’s got all the tools of the great coaches–smarts, appreciation of all facets of the game, game day ability to read the field, charisma, loyalty, work ethic, ability to inspire, dedication, discipline. Can you imagine what’d happen to guys who were slackers or knuckleheads or skipped class? And, yeah, he’d surely be a helluva recruiter.

    So forgive me if I day dream of Coach Ward, circa 2032, impatiently stalking the Sanford sidelines and looking to add to the SEC and national titles of Butts, Dooley and Richt!


    • Cojones

      At that time, I’d be going on 92 yrs, drooling from the mouth and hands shaking like aspen leaves in a breeze. Of course I’d be coming onto a babe what with the new sex stimulation drugs perfected by then and me exhibiting the side affects. Better than some side affects now ascribed to current phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors which include deafness and blindness as well as enhanced taste. So if screwing yourself blind with the tastiest female around makes you go deaf, who can argue the down side?

      Again, why would I be watching Hines Ward?


  5. JaxDawg

    Who says we have to pay Hines Ward anything to coach? A nominal amount with the appropriate benefit package? The landscape is littered with former star players that failed as coaches, however if Hines were placed in the right position as a WR coach and recruiter, his impact could be huge


    • JaxDawg

      That said, I do wish he’d stop ending sentences with prepositions.


    • Cojones

      Maybe, but I think his “Warrior of Grace” title would be sufficient justification for presence at Bulldog Clubs, all having inducted him as honorary member with full rights. His tackling and blocking were rumored “dirty”. Only proof was a littany of well-placed blocks that were given with the relish that hard play evokes. Hard and tough? The man’s guilty of both.

      He would be just as effective recruiting for the D with that rep.

      As soon as you put anyone on payroll, they fill a position. UGA has none open now or in the forseeable future. “Limited by NCAA Rules” applies to all coaching and apprentice positions. They all count.


  6. Comin' Down The Track

    I love Hines Ward as much as any man can legally love another man in the State of Georgia, and I’m comfortable with that fact.


  7. Ron

    What about Bubba?


  8. GruntDawg

    He could be our next Recruiting Coodinator. It’s still an open position isn’t it? It’s not like he needs the money, then promote him after one of the other coaches leaves.