Mark Bradley’s “… and, a pony” moment

Yeah, like this is gonna happen.


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26 responses to “Mark Bradley’s “… and, a pony” moment

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    There’s room to disagree whether it should happen, much less will happen.

  2. Bulldawg165

    I agree SB. I’d rather him reverse the order of the names for the football complex so it doesn’t sound like butt smear anymore. Seriously, how did nobody notice and correct that at the time?

    • Skeeter

      And Mehre Butts is better?

      • Joe

        A former Indiana mayor who won four terms in the 1930s and 1950s is proving less popular with modern-day city leaders, who say they probably won’t name a new government center for him because of the jokes his moniker could inspire.

        Harry Baals is the runaway favorite in online voting to name the new building in Fort Wayne, about 120 miles northeast of Indianapolis. But Deputy Mayor Beth Malloy said that probably won’t be enough to put the name of the city’s longest-tenured mayor on the center.

  3. Cojones

    Like all Adams has to do is bring it up and it will be a slam dunk. Not in this fan base. Can’t believe Bradley’s not in sarcastic mode. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.

  4. Bulldog Joe

    “Dooley left quietly on June 30, 2004, to be succeeded by Damon Evans, and the bizarre saga reached its end.”

    …only until a new bizarre saga was to begin.

  5. Al

    But does Mehre-Butts really sound much better?

  6. MGW

    Was this already under discussion, or is this an example of a writer attempting to stir up his own news?

    • Skeeter

      Pot stirring

    • Go Dawgs!

      And currently, the AJC front page has “Sanford-Dooley Stadium?” as the headline under a picture of Sanford Stadium, as if it’s something that’s actually being considered. That’s just the AJC trolling for page views. That piece of shit it just one step above a tabloid these days. I have no idea if the print edition is that way, too, but is a joke. As a Grady grad, I’m offended daily by their tactics with misleading headlines.

  7. hassan

    Yeah…no way Adams does this.

    However, I have heard the proposal for the stadium to be renamed many times and no doubt the idea will be in front of Adams’ successor. I am a bit of a traditionalist and do not feel that the contribution that Dr. Sanford made should be less honored due to the passage of time and lack of historical memory. And as much as I believe that Vince deserves more than a statue by the track field, Sanford Stadium should always remain Sanford Stadium. Perhaps a great compromise would be to name the actual field after Dooley – “Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium” has a nice ring to it.

  8. Need some new blood

    I’m burnt out on Dooley and Adams, throw in the Seilers while your at it. Thanks for the memories, now please exit the stage you megalomaniacs.

  9. Just Chuck

    I always hope for a little permanency in the world. I don’t like changing names or even adding on. If you want to honor someone, build something new or name something that doesn’t have a name. As hassan suggested above, adding on to the name of the stadium reduces the memory of Dr. Sanford.

  10. Rebar

    Bradley thinks Adams has class?

  11. Scott

    $2.7 million parachute for Adams. What a joke for a taxpayers to pay this sum to someone who chose a career as an academic at a public university. He has been making $700k per year. That was plenty.

    • 81Dog

      Hey, now. Given his skill set, Adams could have been making lots more in the private sector than his UGA pittance. sector. Have you seen what the average income is for a Russian oligarch? Or a South American strongman? We should all be thankful Mike decided to bring his unique brand of leadership to Athens instead of St. Petersburg, or Caracas. In fact, maybe that’s why he’s leaving. Hugo Chavas is ailing, Mike’s already a red hat with a black G. You do the math. Vaya con dios, El Presidente!