Suddenly, it dawns on the ugly girl why she didn’t get asked to the dance.

Seven schools are having pressers today announcing conference realignment moves.  One of those schools isn’t New Mexico State.  So the light bulbs are finally going on over the heads of the NMSU president and athletic director.

… The changes in conference alignments that began several years ago and continue today are unprecedented in college sports. This is truly a new day when the sports, primarily football, are ruled by the potential for TV coverage. We all understand that. Now we are beginning to better comprehend just how far-reaching this new reality can be. Of course, New Mexico State University has no major media market to bring to the table. Without that market our “value” as a conference member appears to be less than other schools with less successful programs but that are located in areas with a greater population…

Well, duh.  There is something particularly sad about that “Now we are beginning to better comprehend just how far-reaching this new reality can be” observation.  The signs have been all around on that for… oh, say, forever.  They’re just now figuring that out?  Why do these two think there’s been all that antitrust screaming about the BCS?  Or did they both miss a meeting?

And as for “less successful programs”, NMSU football hasn’t finished with a winning record since 2002.  In the nine years since, it’s won a grand total of 28 games.  So much for value (nice touch with the scare quotes, by the way), Aggies fans.

I swear, you’d like to be sympathetic, but people this clueless don’t deserve to run a program on the D-1 level.



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8 responses to “Suddenly, it dawns on the ugly girl why she didn’t get asked to the dance.

  1. Z-Dawg

    “Hate to watch John Jenkins take out his frustration on Tavarres King for posting that picture of him sucking his thumb…but we’re not getting involved in this one.”


  2. MGW

    If you were New Mexico State’s AD, what would be your position on all this and how would you go about looking out for the best interest of your school?

    That isn’t a rhetorical question, just curious.


  3. Greg

    I realize football is driving this thing, but they are a fairly competent basketball program. They have made the NCAA tourney 16 times, most recently this past season. That puts them in the top 30-35 nationally in terms of appearances…same as Tek and one more than Florida. Not bad for a school in the middle of nowhere(3.5 hours south of Albuquerque – site of UGA’s only Final 4 appearance).


  4. Doug

    I do feel kind of bad for both NMSU and Idaho, but unless they can force people to be interested in watching them on TV, they shouldn’t be surprised no major conferences are keen on inviting them. I mean, it sucks for the fine people of Topeka, Kansas, that the Summer Olympics have never been held there, but that doesn’t mean they have a right to expect it.


  5. Cojones

    Look out. There’s a train coming.


  6. Skeeter

    New Mexico State, “We are the tastiest cupcake”


  7. Cojones

    Maybe if their band imitates Rice’s band and marched nude…..