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The spread spreads, ctd.

Somehow, I don’t think Mike Leach is all that impressed with the back to the pro formation approach being taken at places like Florida and Auburn.

WH: You helped transform the Big 12 into the most wide-open conference in the country. But college football seems to be trending the other way now. Has the spread offense reached its peak?

ML: No, I think it’s gaining steam. So many teams are starting to utilize the spread to run the ball. Whether you run it or throw it, it’s all about attacking the whole field. I think it’s gaining momentum because you see new stuff popping up every year.

Between Auburn, Florida and Washington State, which school do you figure scores the most points this season?



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Call me a cock-eyed optimist, if you want…

… but if there’s one thing that gives me hope this season could be special, it’s this.

This 2012 squad will be the best defense Georgia has put on the field since 2003.  Richt has proven he can take a team with missing parts on offense pretty far if the defense is good enough.  And, yeah, the early season suspensions are worrisome.  But it’s not like that didn’t happen in ’03.  Somehow Georgia survived.


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Cocktail Party redux?

If this ever came to fruition, how much “another Gator home game” whining do you think there’d be if Georgia and Florida faced off in a playoff game there?


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Profiles in chutzpah

This was probably inevitable:  Art Schlichter swindles widow out of almost $700K, attorney blames concussions he suffered playing college ball for Schlichter’s behavior.


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Burning down the house

All I’ve got to say is that if Michigan State can figure out a way to do this, then Georgia sure as hell can get Hines Ward on the coaching staff.


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