Envy and jealousy: “You would have to go to Antarctica to find a positive comment about the guy.”

The Wiz links to as nifty a takedown of Craig James as you’re gonna read.  Indulge yourselves:

… James seemingly has everything else. He’s got the looks, the buzzwords and the ESPN-honed ability to speak at length without saying much. Being a former football star in a football state would normally help, too.

It was all there Friday night in Dallas in a debate among Republicans competing for Texas’ open U.S. Senate seat. James was vague, offering little insight, but when did that ever stop anyone in politics?

James said he was just a citizen who would be guided by the Constitution and his faith. “I want to go do the work of ‘We the People,’” he said, which sounds nice enough.

So does his Facebook page. There, under activities, he lists “ranching, real estate, restoring traditional values.”

For those who don’t know: Before restoring, strip and sand with steel wool.

If he sounds insipid, that’s because insipid can be effective in an election. James is not unlike other celebrities who skip steps to run for high office. They lean on name recognition.

But that’s the catch — James’ name gets recognized the way the guilty do in a police lineup…

Ah, that’s good.  I really dig that “the ESPN-honed ability to speak at length without saying much” part.  Nice killing two birds with one shot stuff there.



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11 responses to “Envy and jealousy: “You would have to go to Antarctica to find a positive comment about the guy.”

  1. TennesseeDawg

    James looks, acts, and speaks like a politician which is exactly how you don’t want to come off when trying to become a politician. Of course, James would be perfect for the cesspool that is the 2 party monopoly we have allowed to destroy this country.


  2. Scott W.

    A vapid politician will never survive in Dallas. 😉


  3. The Tick

    “the ESPN-honed ability to speak at length without saying much”

    You mean like the way he pronounces the word “ex-pecially?”


  4. Cojones

    His name gets recognition “the way the guilty do in a police lineup”. That’s great because his name has the SMU baggage that he thinks people are too stupid to remember. Sorta like Mitt taking credit for bailing out Detroit. Neither of them have a platform yet.


  5. HottCheese

    My favorite line about James is, “…he’s largely unknown, and he’s unpopular among those who know him.” Poor guy never stood a chance.


  6. reipar

    Plus didn’t he kill some hookers?


  7. AusDawg85

    There are 5 viable candidates for the Republican primary. Current Lt. Gov is clear leader in the clubhouse, but ex-Dallas mayor and a Tea-party candidate will likely force a potential 2 or 3-way run-off. And since the GOP Presidential primary is a moot point, turn-out is expected to be pretty low. If James were to just focus on getting the vote out, he might have a chance to make an inevitable run-off. But since he’s never even mentioned in-State, I seriously doubt he goes past May 29th.

    Here’s hoping he gets a permanent gig on the Longhorn network…they deserve him!


  8. Cojones

    Of course your highlining of the best quote captures it for all of us. And hopefully for Sen. Leach.