Tuesday morning buffet

Here are a few tasty tidbits to nibble on:

  • Stewart Mandel argues that the canning of the Big East commissioner is proof that school presidents have too much say… over a guy they hire.  No, I’m not kidding.
  • I don’t care which side of the playoff debate you fall, this piece by Bill Connelly about college football’s historical tap dance with a playoff is a must read.
  • Welcome to the SEC, Missouri and TAMU fans.
  • Speaking of fans, I’m always a sucker for posts categorizing a school’s fan base.  Here’s one from Shakin the Southland.
  • For those of you who think Georgia may go into the 2012 season with the best depth at running back in the SEC, Paul Myerberg makes a case for Texas A&M’s depth.
  • If you want to know what the conference commissioners who are opposed to a conference champs-only playoff format are arguing, Tony Barnhart’s “memo” is there for you.
  • Jarvis Jones has made the Lott Trophy watch list.
  • One more way that SOD is special“At a meeting of the University of Tennessee Athletics Board on the morning of the Vols’ spring game, it was announced that season ticket sales were down for the third straight year…”


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5 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Bubs

    Let Morgan kick it out of the end zone every time and you will see some of these problems go away. Make sure Barber gets great hang time on each punt (even if he sacrifices a little bit of distance) and these problems will nearly disappear.


  2. Barbara Dooley (crazy loon)

    Stop picking on my boy! Everyone knows that none of this is his fault! Are you stupid or something?! When I was in coaching, bloggers didn’t do stuff like this!


  3. AP

    Don’t sleep on LSU’s RB depth … 4 guys return (all were Sophs or younger) that had over 300 yards. 2 of them averaged well over 5.5 ypc and a 3rd averaged 5.42. All 4 scored 7 TDs or more.


  4. Cojones

    You referenced Barnhart to show he has been reading your site and, although late, has a good piece about the fans . He complied with his own directive to “Keep it Simple”. Don’t like him precisely, but enjoyed his “simple” words. He’s well behind your depth in this matter.

    Didn’t think that Myerberg presented a case for a good in-depth backfield. He searched for complimentary stats and didn’t seem to find any except for the “star” system. Even then he didn’t make a case of why a 5-star transfer is going to tear up the field. Why did he transfer and his “practicing hard” routine pushing other players sounds like they are woefully unprepared for the SEC. We will see.