Well, if Les Miles thinks it’s a good idea…

He’s on board with Spurrier’s division record only proposal.

“I want the schedule to be fair and I want it to give everybody the same opportunity,” Miles said today in Birmingham at a luncheon for the Changed Lives Christian Center. “I’m for the Western Division deciding the Western Division champion and the Eastern Division deciding the Eastern Division champion.”

He doesn’t like playing Florida.

I swear, the coaches don’t want to play nine conference games and they don’t want to play tough cross- divisional games.  How ’bout we let them play twelve games against Sun Belt and MAC teams and then vote on which teams they think are best suited for the SECCG?


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15 responses to “Well, if Les Miles thinks it’s a good idea…

  1. Heathbar09

    Naw, that wouldn’t work. The coaches would just starting complaing about who got matched up against the lower or higher tier MAC/Sun Belt teams.

    Screw it. Let’s not even play the games. Buzz Bissinger style. The top 2 teams that have the highest recruiting rankings averaged from all the main sites will square off in the SECCG.


  2. Big-G

    16 teams, 4 divisions. Play the teams in your division, plus another division, plus one ‘rival’ not already on the schedule. Everyone in the SEC East would play ALL teams in the SEC East and SEC South. The only difference would be the rivalry game.


  3. Burt

    I could have Les Miles at my home for dinner and feed him a cat turd.
    Before he departed would tell me it would be an honor to have dinner at my home anytime.


  4. hodgie

    Well, they get to vote on who plays in the NCG…


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If they (Spurrier and Miles) are too chickensh!t to play tough teams from the opposite division there is a simple solution–get your cowardly asses out of the SEC.


  6. Reptillicide

    Les Miles needs to shut the fuck up.


  7. MGW

    What do we expect when fans now have the mindset that one down year now puts a coach’s job in jeopardy? Of course these guys are doing whatever it takes to keep the playing field as level or in their favor as possible. I don’t like it, but don’t act surprised.

    Fans scream “we want to see big games against out of conference teams and we want to play the rival from the other division and we don’t want to see shitty home games against D-2 schools when we pay so much for season ticket packages……. but if you lose that game and it costs you a shot at a championship because the other guy played ECU instead or had an easier draw from the other division, you’re fired.”

    Everybody now thinks their coach is a piece of shit if a player comes through his program and leaves without a ring, so why should we expect anything other than this sort of attitude from the coaches?

    The attitude has become win now or go home, anything less than a championship for a top tier team or a BCS bowl win for everyone else is scoffed at. We can thank these coaches for doing everything they can to give us exactly what fans are asking for.

    Such is the latest incarnation of college football.


  8. Mike

    Senator, your comments ring true. That said, they would ring even truer if your team was not the amazing beneficiary of fortunate scheduling.