Who are Georgia’s rivals?

This is a topic I delved into in the blog’s early days.  It’s been more than five years now, and I think the subject is worth exploring again… lots of water under the bridge since then.

But let me start by going back to that post for a couple of things.  First, this is my list of the features that define a rivalry:

  • History. Two things factor in here. How often have the teams faced each other? And, over time, how competitive has the series been?
  • Scheduling. How often do the teams play each other at present?
  • The Stakes. In terms of winning championships, how often do the games between the teams assume importance?
  • Geography. This one is pretty obvious.
  • Miscellaneous Factors. Mergz lists South Carolina as a rival. That can only be for one reason – Steve Spurrier. (It helped that Spurrier beat Florida in his first crack, which is something USC had never accomplished previously.) I expect LSU-Alabama to attain a similar level of intensity because of Saban.

I think they still stand.  Based on those, here’s the (alphabetized) list of Georgia’s rivals I came up with back then:

  • Auburn, by virtue of almost every factor I’ve listed above;
  • Florida, again, for all of the above;
  • Georgia Tech also reflects all of the above (true, there are no conference stakes anymore, but being an end of season game, there are potential BCS stakes in most years);
  • South Carolina may not seem deserving from a historical perspective, as Georgia has dominated the series. But it’s been intense since I’ve been following it, starting in 1980 (Rogers vs. Walker!). And Spurrier’s presence certainly adds some spice. Also, Georgia hasn’t won the SEC East in any season that it didn’t beat USC.
  • Tennessee is a rivalry born out of divisional realignment. It wasn’t a historically significant series, as the teams didn’t play that often. Since 1992, though, in most years, Georgia, Florida and UT have to dance the dance with each other to decide which school makes it to the SECCG. Fulmer’s recruiting tactics (and success, unfortunately) and Donnan’s hiring away of Garner have contributed heat, as well.

So what’s changed in five years?  First, the “you can’t win the SEC East without beating South Carolina” rule is dead.  But, if anything, I’d say the series has intensified over the past two or three seasons because the ‘Cocks appear to have taken a step up to legitimate division contender status.  Tennessee, however, may have lost some of its flavor as a rival under SOD.  Partly that’s because the Vols haven’t been in contention for a division title in a while; partly it’s because Dooley doesn’t seem to raise our ire in the way that his two predecessors did.

But all in all, the list continues to work, I think.  The other three still qualify and no doubt will continue to do so until Buzz Bissinger gets his wish and college football gets banned.  As for new additions, the Dawgs don’t have another opponent outside of the SEC they play often enough to qualify and there really isn’t another team in the East ready to step up (although James Franklin would probably like to argue about that with me).

Seems like a good spot for a reader poll.

‘Splain yourself in the comments.


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98 responses to “Who are Georgia’s rivals?

  1. BulldogBen

    With the caveat that UF, Auburn, UT, and Tech being our chief rivals, I’d say UF and Tech.

    My explanation: when these questions typically come up around a bunch of beers at a tailgate I always qualify it as “who I want to beat the most”, and “who I least want to lose to”. Who I want to beat is usually a moving target. It’s usually someone who is winning championships and has owned us. ie-Florida in the last 20+ years. Who I least want to lose to is and always will be Georgia Tech. It’s so final. Last game of the year. No way to redeem yourself and they have the bragging rights all year. If we beat them it’s ho-hum some years but if we lose, it’s devastating (and they know it).

    • Rambone

      Small correction…it’s ho-hum almost every time we beat Tech.

      • Careful Brad

        Correction, it’s never ho-hum. I am downright giddy every time we beat them. When it becomes ho-hum is when you lose focus. A team with the talent we have will always win if we are focused. Lose focus and you get the third quarter of infamy.

  2. I Chose all of the Above because i didn’t see the sole combination of. Auburn, Florida, GT, and South Carolina. UT is always a good game but you are right there’s not as much to it as the others over the past 5 years.

    Alabama is the biggest recruiting rival we have and i’m sure it will be pretty intense the years we play them. But with the new scheduling from adding new teams. We won’t play them enough to raise it to the level of an Auburn or GT.

    Looking forward if Mizzou puts together some decent teams and stays at the beginning of the schedule, i could see them becoming a SC 2.0 type rival. But that’s just conjecture and assuming way too. Right now they are just an intriguing early match-up for the next 4 years.

    • Also another question is what do you distinguish between a team that is a rival, and a team that you just love to hate. An easy example is Vanderbilt after all the James Franklin vs. Todd Grantham junk. You think that’s not going to fire up the game in Athens this coming year? I guarantee there’s going to be a little extra juice added it. Its not that they are a competitively equivalent team. But they have played us A LOT tougher recently and seem to be getting a little too big for their britches. Its certainly a game i want to see end 35-0. But that may be just me. What do you guys think? Am i giving the ‘dores too much attention?

      • Sanford222View

        I am circling the Vandy game as well. I went there for grad school and loath their fans and I also have some venom from Franklin’s antics last year. The main reason though is the home schedule is so bad this year that game is one of the top three games to see in Athens this season.

    • Reed Rothchild

      Not excited to play Missouri so early in the season. Would prefer to play the Big12ers after they play 3 or 4 SEC teams. They will definitely be the new suspension game…which only sucks because the players will never get it together on the behaviour front. SC became a rival because of how disappointing the losses always are–hopes for the season dashed early and all–could see that driving a Missouri rivalry.

  3. Dante

    We compete with Georgia Tech and Auburn enough for in-state recruits that a losing streak against either would be catastrophic for recruiting. Florida almost annually stands in our way of the East title. As I see it, those are our rivals regardless of “traditionalism.”

    • Rambone

      If those are going to be your reasons and you’re going to include Georgia Tech as a recruiting rival, then you definitely need to at least include Tennessee. See Tennessee’s recruiting of the state of Georgia during the Fulmer era for proof.

    • Sanford222View

      We actually don’t compete with Tech for recruits that much. But I still hate them all the same.

  4. bpw

    “Also, Georgia hasn’t won the SEC East in any season that it didn’t beat USC.”

    Except for last season…???

    • bpw

      Oh nevermind. That portion was what you wrote 5 years ago. My bad. *hangs head in shame*

  5. jadams

    Auburn and Florida. A rivalry is special and carries with it one of two things – hate or respect. The rivalry with Auburn is a no brainer – the teams have played so many games and the series is practically a tie. The game is important to both teams and there is a high degree of mutual respect between the programs and fans. The rivalry with Florida is filled with hate because they deserve it. The two fan bases could not be more dissimilar and the clash of personalities and attitudes is spectacular. The cycle of UGA dominating for so long, then Florida havig a lucky streak adds fuel to the fire.

    I don’t see anyone else as a rivalry. Many people will say Tech, but they are like a little sister trying to be a rival to her older (studly) brother. They don’t have a chance and don’t belong in the conversation. Tennessee and South Carolina are both too new. Maybe after some time they will grow into something special, but for now they are just SEC foes. Division competition is important, but it doesn’t elevate into a rivalry yet.

    • BulldogBen

      I’d be curious to know how old you are. Anybody that lived through those 3 straight losses from 98-00 would NEVER say that about Tech.

      Also, by that rationale, that means Florida looks at us the way you look at Tech. At least according to the records from the last 20 or so years.

      • Rambone

        I was in school at UGA during those 3 losses and I would say that about Tech.

        If you look at the overall picture, there’s no comparison between our rivalry with Florida and our “rivalry” with Tech. As some others have said, I would list Auburn ahead of Tech on the rivalry list. Tech is just not a top notch program. It sucks to lose to them but that doesn’t make it a great rivalry.

      • jadams

        I’m old enough to have lived through the terrible streak against Tech from 84-90 when we went 3-4. I am also old enough to have lived through the streak from 71-83 when we were 11-2. Which gives me the historical perspective to realize 98-00 was an anomaly that won’t happen again for another 35 years. 62-39-5 all time is not a rivalry – it is dominance.

        I am also old enough to have lived through 71-84 when we were 15-4 against Florida and old enough to realize that as bad as the record has been lately, we are still 47-40-2 all time in the series.

  6. charlottedawg

    USC, UF, UT, AU, Tech depending on how you define rivalry. USC is new but they are now a legit force in the East. Auburn and UF need no explanation although we need to restore some parity in jax or it won’t be a rivalry if it’s not competitive. Tennesse sucks now but I have to include them if solely for the reason that our game with them determined the east winner 5 of 7 times between 01-07, and one of the two was the east champ 6 out of those 7. Tech’s the tricky one. It never gets old beating them but they’re more stupid little brother than rival to me. They’re mid tier in the worst big 6 conf in america and if it weren’t for their obsession with us and monster chip on their shoulder they’d be the equivalent of vandy. Of all the times we’ve had a shot at a bcs berth only 07 was a game we had to win to have a shot, namely because the other times a win in the dome would send us to the bcs. lastly, what’s tech won other than a vacated title in the bcs era?

    • Comin' Down The Track

      what’s tech won other than a vacated title in the bcs era?

      While I agree with your sentiment, cheaters never win.

      Vacated or not, they won nothing.

  7. Bard Parker

    Age and geography will color one’s opinion.
    Growing up in Athens, Tech was always the bigger rival,. Clemson was a strong second.
    Fans that started following UGA football after it arrived in Gainesville in the early 90’s will clain UF.
    Living in west Georgia, Auburn looms large. (Columbus is the place where someone, Doug Gillette perhaps, wrote that that the where you see “Auburn fans in their natural habitiat”)
    I think that if UGA can win some from USCe and/or SOS leaves then they will fall back.

  8. Bulldog Joe

    We have no rivals. Go Dawgs!

  9. Ginny

    I’ll say this. I want to beat the chickens this year more than any year I can remember. Although it pains me to give Spurrier that kind of credit.

    • Part of me wants that win in Columbia, too. But there’s a part of me that would like to see a rerun of last season, when the ‘Cocks lost against the West and the Dawgs didn’t. If Georgia won the East again like that, I think the SC fan base’s heads would collectively explode. That would be fun.

      • Cojones

        Don’t look now, Senator , but SportingNews just ranked the SEC coaches. You won’t believe who Richt is sandwiched between and who is worst in the Conference. Someone we all know well isn’t going to take this lying down.

      • Ginny

        Fun, except for the whole three wins in a row part. Beat the Cocks, win the East, and THAT will be fun.

  10. Joe Frazier

    I think Michigan State should get some consideration since we play them so often due to the wonderful bowl tie-ins.

  11. charlottedawg

    So senator, how long have you held off on putting this poll out here to troll us readers given it’s the dead season in cfb?😉

      • Cojones

        Seems like a lot of us are traditionalists.

        • Comin' Down The Track

          I would’ve voted that except I decided Tennessee should be in there. Gamepenises? Not so much. Although it runs counter to my holy war theorem (If one side of a war thinks you’re in a holy war, you’re in a holy war), I just don’t care about them or their terrible, boil-on-the-anus-of-the-sun town/stadium. Up until now, it’s just been a thing that has to be endured to get to the real football season. Sure, they count us as their second biggest rival, but that’s only because no one cares about them.

  12. Which opponents do I derive the most pleasure from beating? Florida, Auburn, and Georgia Tech. I don’t like losing to Tennessee or Sakerlina, but it doesn’t ruin my season either. I can feel like UGA had a great season even with a loss to either of those teams. A loss to any of the aforementioned three feels like the season was a bit disappointing, no matter how UGA does in the division/conference.

  13. Slaw Dawg

    Senator, I’d like to suggest you add a 6th criterion to your Rivals features, and that’s whether the series has generated some true “Munson Moments.” I find that my evaluation of the intensity of the rivalry sometimes goes back to whether it or at least certain games had enough passion to fire ol’ Larry up to fever pitch.

    For example, I’ve always thought GT, AU and UF are our Big Three of hated rivals. I’m sure that’s cause I matriculated in the late 70’s/early 80’s and grew up around Athens, but I think also because they all generated memorable Munson Moments. Traditionally, Clemson followed close behind, and not just cause (as Lewis aptly said) it’s “Auburn with a lake,” but because Larry’s voice was so often a-tremble and he gifted us with some great calls during those games. On the other hand, I always felt that the Sakerliny thing was a more genteel rivalry, even though they’ve become both more irritating and successful of late, and had the unforgivably bad taste to bring the Visored One to their campus–could it be because I struggle to recall a single Munson Moment from that series?

    And that brings me to UT. I have to say, I realllly don’t like UT and never have. Maybe it’s because of that long 90’s streak, or that I lived in Tennessee during most of it, or their fans’ often obnoxious behavior, or because the one UT fan I knew best back in college was such a prick. There’ve also been some memorable slugfests, including the ’68 tie, coming from behind in K’ville in ’73, Herschel’s debut in ’80, that ground eating slobberknocker in ’88, P-44 Haynes in ’01 & the beatdown we delivered in ’03 (let’s forget the ones administered to us in a couple of later years). But I also believe it’s because some of Larry’s most memorable calls are from 4 of those games–my mind’s eye has vivid Munson installed UT v UGA images, even for games I saw in person.

    It’s not a perfect test–after all, UK and Vandy games have also generated “Munson Moments” (albeit very few) and certainly so have Bama and LSU. But, as I say, I think as a feature of your rivalry rankings, it may have a place.

  14. Redfish

    Definitely Auburn, and most Dawgs will say Florida. Can a one sided rivalry still be called a rivalry? I lived in south Florida for many years after leaving Athens and hung around a bunch of UF alum/fans. As a group they were mostly indifferent to UGA, I mean they appreciated the Cocktail Party and all, but they mainly focused their angst towards Tallahassee. Perhaps a product of the age group I was in, but then again, this was in the middle of a 20 year rip of UF dominance. How can you call a team you constantly whip a rival? (I know my comments do not acknowledge total history of the series)

    South Carolina has the potential to become a rival as they move up in the pecking order. Too bad a lot of the SC fans I know are more hung up on the happenings in Clemson than the team we field in Athens.

    • There are plenty of USC fans who would disagree with that last statement.

    • Chuck

      Through the 2007 season, Georgia held a 46-37-2 advantage in the series.

    • Orl Dawg

      Lived in Orlando since 1993 and around Gators. They don’t hate UGA as much as we hate them; and that’s because UF has dominated us. The older Gator fans do hate the Dawgs and that’s because they rememeber when UGA dominated UF. My son is 20 and hasn’t seen the Dawgs win two years in a row….. No wonder his buddies think the Gators beat the Dawgs every year. This is the year the Dawgs get two in a row!!!

  15. Sanford222View

    UF and Tech are the top 2 in my book hands down. Auburn would be next and then I would put Tennessee and the Gamecocks a notch below the Aubs. I voted that all of these are our rivals though. South Carolina has risen a bit for me lately but before 4 or 5 years ago I wouldn’t have given them a second thought. The Vols have dropped on my book the last several years but they were right up there with Auburn for me prior to their fall from glory.

    Like others have said, Florida is who I want to beat the most and Tech is who I want to lose to least. I grew up when we owned both of these series in the late 70’s through the 80’s. Hell back then Clemson was a big rival and a huge game each year as we played so often.

    • JunkYard Dawg '00

      Your last statement is the reason I voted in Clemson. I’m sure I’m just being a traditionalist by doing so, but try losing to them again and we’d all remember very quickly how much of a rivalry they were! I will never forget the game in Athens in 1986. I was 9 years old and they beat us on a last second field goal, the year after Kevin Butler beat them in the same fashion and their fans were going bonkers, as Larry would describe it. They remained in the stands throwing drinks, food, and God knows what else at all of us as we were walking out of the stadium. I would be hard pressed to name a better rivalry than the one with Clemson throughout the 80’s.

  16. Edawg

    I think the top 2 are Florida and Auburn. Tech would probably be 3rd.

  17. Georgia has more rivals than any other team. We are rivals with Florida, Auburn, the nerds, Tennessee, Carolina, and Clemson. All those schools have to dip into our state to recruit because their high school football programs suck besides Florida. Nothing feels better than beating the gators and nothing sucks more than losing to nerds. Florida is not a traditional southern state. It is a mix between New Jersey and Cuba. Their culture isn’t like to rest of the other schools in SEC. GT’s culture is not like ours either because all they care about is Star Wars and they constantly strike out with women. Carolina fans are trash, and Auburn is the second best school in one of the dumbest states in the nation. Enough of my rant, I think it goes Florida, GT, and then Auburn as our biggest rivals

    • JunkYard Dawg '00

      Like you, I have a little place of hate in my heart for all of ’em!🙂

  18. Will Trane

    Florida [had our number, same division, spurrier / meyer]; GT[some things never change…old fashioned hatred], Auburn [oldest schedule, but coaching ties]. Beating all three in the same season is great…and 2011 will be remembered for that. 2011 squad did that when it had been awhile when one had.
    Buzz Bissinger…as a subscriber to the WSJ I nearly gave it up…did not read the whole article…had to stop. An author with a name of Buzz…sorry, but no UGA journalist would have the nerve to publish that, or at least put a disclaimer at the front and end.

  19. From an outsider’s perspective, one thing that strikes about Georgia is that you have *so many* rivals. I know my perspective is skewed on this as a Gamecocks fan (because of a tumultuous conference affiliation history, we don’t have many longstanding series), but it seems like you guys have more rivals than other teams, other than maybe Auburn, which has quite a few.

    • From an outsider’s perspective, one thing that strikes about Georgia is that you have *so many* rivals.

      I was going to reply to you at GABA with a similar sentence. Carolina fans have to understand that from our POV, we have so many other schools that could be considered major rivals that it’s easy to have one lower in the pecking order.

      Ya’ll seem to take it so damned personally that the average Georgia fan doesn’t hold you up there with Auburn/Florida/Tech. The fact of the matter is when you have about five or six schools that could be considered “major” rivals depending on where you come from, perspective is inevitably going to be skewed by factors other merely than recent history.

      Unless you grew up in the CSRA, South Carolina has just been that team we always played that didn’t really matter much (like Vanderbilt or until 2003, Ole Miss). Only recently has there been any reason for Georgia fans to think otherwise and that’s just how it’s going to be until South Carolina sustains something more than a two year run of quasi-excellence. I laugh at tryptic’s new name for the series, but you can’t erase 100 years of mediocrity based on a couple of good years (by South Carolina standards) overnight.

      • You’re not going to get any argument from me that you should consider us a more important series than Auburn, Florida, or Ga. Tech. I can also buy Clemson for fans who remember when that series was important, although that entire exchange where Kyle King tried to tell me that the Clemson-UGA series was, decidedly, historically more competitive than the Clemson-Carolina series was a load of BS and a clear example of confusing an extremely subjective perspective with facts.

        That said, you’re being disingenuous with some of your cracks. Since 1980, Vanderbilt has beaten Georgia three times and tied once. South Carolina has beaten Georgia 10 times in that span. Most of the Georgia’s wins over Vanderbilt have been blowouts, while most of them over USC have been close games. No, that’s not a particularly impressive track record for Carolina, but it’s not as bad as you’re suggesting. You can’t honestly suggest to me that Georgia fans, even in the mid-90s, viewed the two series as equal.

        • Just as a disclaimer, that wasn’t intended to be a potshot at TKK, whose work I admire. Just a point that I would contest.

          • Cojones

            A man and a team both are judged by the strength of their enemies.

            • Good one. In all honesty, I think this is what boils down to at the end of the day. South Carolina says Georgia is a huge rival because it wants to view itself as Georgia’s peer, Georgia the same with Florida, etc.

  20. TomReagan

    I’d still include Clemson. Those games in the early 80s were probably the only time Georgia has been involved in the most important rivalry game in the country as far as impact on the national picture. Sort of like FSU and Miami in the following years. So it gets bonus points for that. Bonus points for how great some of those games were, as well and for the classic Munson call of Butler’s long kick.

    It meets the geography criteria. The distance between UGA and Clemson is within 10 miles or so of the distance between UGA and Tech.

    We compete with them in recruiting. They wear orange.

    Something else that no one else has been mentioned but that I think matters is that both universities have great Ag programs. UGA’s certainly not known for that as much as it once was, and Clemson probably isn’t either, but I it still matters to some of us and has contributed to the identity of each school.

    Finally, it really pisses off Cackalacky fans if you tell them that Clemson’s a bigger rival for us than them. Nothing more grating to a fanbase than to be the only side of a matchup that considers it a rivalry game.

    • Chuck

      I lived in South Carolina, was raised there, as a DAWG fan, and that was a very nasty rivalry. I believe that is why they stopped playing each other is because it was taking away from our other rivalries. Those teams and fans hatted each other. I remember we took a good friend of mine to a Clemson, Georgia game and my dad told him that there was no way that he was going with us wearing his Clemson orange to Athens. You will get us killed! He changed his shirt! That was the time of the railroad gang they would give people hell!

  21. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This ain’t much of an answer but…it’s any SEC team we play on a regular basis. If it’s an SEC game, that team is a rival.Tech is simply because of the in-state thing. I agree with the statement above by P.Lowe that “Georgia has more rivals than any other team.” Part of that is geography, playing opponents from states with which we have borders, and part is having to beat teams to win championships. If we get into a groove and start going to the SECCG regularly (let’s hope) and have to play Bama or LSU regularly in order the win the SEC do you think for one second that THEY won’t become among our biggest rivals?

  22. HVL Dawg

    Florida. That’s the only game that every year has a physical affect on me.

    I don’t want to lose to anybody, but man do I hate Florida- in every sport.

    I know you are just talking football here, but I think the rivalries are different for each sport. I’ll bet the basketball players consider the GT game bigger than the UF game. I’ll bet the jump dawgs consider the Alabama match bigger that anything else. I’ll bet Andy Landers considers the Tennessee game the biggest .

  23. shane#1

    To hell with all of them.

  24. Macallanlover

    Totally subjective so there is no right, or wrong. My list doesn’t reflect the last 3 years’ change between TN and SC because it isn’t enough to override history. My order of “chief rivals” is:
    1. Florida
    2. Auburn
    3. Tennessee
    4. SC

    A secondary list would include LSU, Bama, GT, and Clemson. Your definitions of what constitutes a rivalry is good, and I feel both of my order reflects that criteria.

  25. Scott W.

    I hate Auburn more than any other team, can’t stand losing to Florida and only think about Tech once a year.

  26. Cosmic Dawg

    Quick thought:

    To be real rivals in my book, both parties need to be directly competing for Thing X (SEC East, state bragging rights, SEC championship, etc) most years. That’s why Clemson doesn’t quite do it for me.

  27. Deep Down, You Know It.

    The only rivals UGA has in it’s half-a$$ed commitment to winning are the Chicago Cubs and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    The fans will always come and the profits will keep rolling in, so why spend any more than you have to?

  28. AusDawg85

    FL, AU no brainers.

    Not sure USCe rates if not for SOS. Quick…name their coach prior to Holtz? Name any player from the ’80’s or ’90’s not named Rogers?

    Tenn…meh. Tough contest, good games. Orange. Must win. East rival. But still, I’d rather play Clempson for either USC or Tenn.

    And of course Tech. They are why God invented Hate.

  29. Slaw Dawg

    Very surprised to see the number of folks on here who don’t high-list Tech. How on Earth can that possibly be?

    Folks (I was about to say “Youngsters”), lemme tell you something. It may be (and is) soul-satisfying to beat those lousy, cheatin’, Cro-Magnons on the Plains. It may be (and is) a delight, a year long joy ride to throttle the damn Gators in J’ville or anywhere else. And it may be that beating Tech is often just another day at the office for our Dawgs. But there is NOTHING in this sports world worse than losing to Tech and putting up with those whiny-ass, whankin’ wannabees and their misspelled, misspoken chortling for months on end. I’ll say this for the Barners and Gators (and Cocks and Vols)–generally speaking, they know how to win, maybe not with dignity, but at least not with pathetic, keening, months long attempted mockery of their opponent. In fact, Techsters don’t know how to take a win or a loss. They are insufferable as winners, crybaby excuse makers as losers.

    I reckon it takes at least 5 years to get the bitter taste of a Tech loss out of your mouth. Seeing as how our record against them is only 62-37-5, beating them 10 out of the last 11 games is only a small down payment on the whip lashing, brutalizing beat downs they richly deserve to get this thing set right, especially considering that miserable 1998-2000 run. If you don’t feel the rightness of this deep in your bones, my friends, then, so far as this Ol Dawg is concerned, you need to have a serious one on one with the great Dawg in the Sky (who speaks variously with the voice of Lewis, Larry, Erk or Wally) and ask for either forgiveness or wisdom, perhaps both.

  30. Bubs

    I always say even if we go 4-8 every year but beat UF, GT, AU, and TN then I would be happy. I voted for that quartet right there.

  31. Tryptic67

    I have proclaimed the Georgia-South Carolina game – first played in 1894 – to be henceforth known as the Deep South’s Oldest Non-Rivalry.

  32. Cojones

    That’s because we are old farts, Slaw Dawg. You can easily do a geriatric study using the poll choices that reflect experiences with Dawg Teams. In our day, Bobby Dodd and the AJC Sports Page were separated at birth and anything good about the prowess of the Bulldogs printed on any given weekend was purely coincidental. Dodd (think Spurrier on stearoids) was openly deified by the AJC and anything the Jackets did was in the extra-large Sunday papers, complete with photos lined up and photographing the long, etched pattern of a GT QB’s pass across the outfolded center pages of their Sports section, from throw to catch.

    Then Tech got too good for the brutish Bamas and the offish Dawgs and advocated dropping a few undeserving SEC members in favor of Independant Notre Dame and ilk. They threatened to withdraw in order to shine the natl. spotlight on them above all, the Notre Dame of the South. They did withdraw, but we continued the Jr Frosh and the eligible Team games each Thanksgiving. We enjoyed beating their almighty butts, from Freshmen to Seniors. We enjoy to this day, kicking their butts from around their shoulders, watching them run before us like women and hearing them lamenting each year’s game as if we won by accident.

    The Old Fart Dawgs will never forget. All you Young Pups should participate with our vengeful glee. You then would begin to appreciate what “Good Old-Fashioned Hate” was first written about before it was published for all the other rivalries in college football. This(the UGA/GT rivalry) was the premier edition that was serialized.

  33. rbcdawg

    It never ceases to amaze me how some of our fans (mostly the older crowd) get their panties in such a wad whenever anyone says anything about Tech not being as big a rival as Florida or Auburn. It’s almost as if they know it’s true but continue to fight it because they liked the way things were when they were younger.

    • Cojones

      Our angst comes from Young Pups, because they haven’t experienced it, denigrating it to fall below other teams they have experienced. In 20 yrs, when the new Young Pups laugh at you and say, “Florida Who?” you may get a glimmer of understanding.

      • Cojones

        By the way, youngsters have made FU the most hated because they have experienced great loss to FU. In our day, when we were beating and squashing them like sugar cane, we would have asked the same question, “Florida Who?”.

        If you can’t review your history or don’t want to join the old Dawgs, then I have doubts whether you are an alum.

    • Slaw Dawg

      Son, just because you parade around in nylon lingerie doin’ the Moonwalk is no reason to assume us older guys have any panties to wad. “Depends” maybe, but not panties.

  34. GetRealDawg

    When you’re surrounded by the States of Fl., SC., Tenn., Ala., and your in the heart of college football country, your going to have a lot of big rivalries. SC borders us and NC which shows you why we’re so high up in the order of rivals for them. Other than Clemson, they got us. The ranking order will fluctuate over time but GT, Fla. and Auburn will always be in the top 3 in my opinion.

  35. Ed Kilgore

    Gamecock Man put his finger on the issue right off the bat. No team is limited to some set number of “rivals.” For reasons of history, geography, and conference structure, we happen to have a lot of them. And that’s a good thing.

    Personally, I consider a team a “rival” if I routinely get agitated before the game. Tech is a given, not just for “old farts,” but for anyone living in a place where they are exposed to the proud arrogance (I mean this in the technical, not judgmental sense) of engineers. Florida’s a given for a million reasons, up to and including the fact that the two universities have increasingly left the rest of the SEC (other than Vandy, of course) in the dust academically (sorry, it may not be that important, but it’s true). Having spent most of my childhood near the Alabama line, I’m not objective about Auburn, thinking of their fans much as Europeans think about Serbians: an intensely troublesome breed obsessed with their grievances and convinced vengeance and envy justify any atrocity.

    Tennessee and South Carolina are odd cases. I feel I should admire both fan bases, the former for having helped build a storied program with so few raw materials at hand (there’s a reason John Gunther called Knoxville the ugliest city in America), and the latter for fanatically supporting a famously unsuccessful program until those occasional prayers to Satan paid off and Spurrier arrived in a burst of red flames and brimstone. I guess it’s just a matter of divisional rivalry and recruiting now.

    But I care about all these rivalries, and so do most of you. Let’s enjoy our status as the fan base with something everyone else wants to poach on, emulate, or defile.

  36. dawg521

    As a relatively “new” Dawg fan (always had it in my blood, but didn’t truly follow them until I started at UGA in ’04), I don’t have much room to talk about Clemson since I’ve never seen us play them (although I know the history). My personal thoughts are in order: Auburn, UF, Tech, and then UT and USCe are tied.

    Auburn because it’s the South’s oldest rivalry and rightly so, it’s probably become THE favorite game of mine on the schedule (plus you can’t beat a crisp early-November afternoon/night in Athens).

    UF because, despite our bad luck since the game was re-invented in 1990, it’s a border rivalry that generates so much fanfare in Jacksonville and, like Tech, you just can’t not hate those mullet and jort-wearing fools. Because they are a division/conference game, they rank higher than Tech.

    Tech because it’s like kissing your sister if you lose to your in-state (lesser) brethren. If/when Georgia Southern comes up to the FBS level, I wouldn’t mind seeing them become a regular on our OOC rotation. We play them once every 4 years now, I wouldn’t mind seeing it every two just to keep the cupcake games in-state because at least they have a decent fan base that makes for a good gameday atmosphere.

    UT and USCe are relatively even with the ebb and flow of how each respective game affects the teams’ seasons dictating the yearly hierarchy. Everyone loves to hate USC in a pesky, swat-the-fly away manner but they are becoming a little stronger; and of course Darth Visor brings some great energy to the table. UT to me is more of a gentlemen’s rivalry. Their game was fairly important to us in the last decade but it’s sort of fallen off the radar under the SOD regime. Depending on how long SOD is kept around, James Franklin and his band of dirty Vandy misfits are slowly moving up the pecking order.

  37. Our biggest rival is Spurrier. I hate him

  38. jdawg8

    The only REAL rivalry we have is with Auburn. We beat Tech way too often…We lose to Florida way too often…and South Carolina and Tennessee just aren’t for varying reasons. Mostly just not enough time yet but could be two of our bigger ones down the road.

  39. Bush

    I see it like this. Take our schedules over the last decade. When you circle the most important games, USC, Florida, and Auburn are circled as the most important during the last few years. Beating USC will set you up to win the east, and beating Florida will normally sure it up. If we lose to Florida, the Auburn game takes the place as the most important to win the east.

  40. AusDawg85

    Change the criteria…if the Dawgs were to win only 1 game in a season, who is it going to be against? I vote Tech. 2 games = GT and FL 3 games = GT, FL, AU

  41. Mike

    Speaking as a Florida fan, Georgia was and remains top of our list. Tennessee used to be #2, but for the reason the good Senator mentions, it no longer makes my blood boil like it used to. The fact that Florida has won 7 in a row has contributed to the demise of that game being a rivalry game too. FSU has probably supplanted UT at the #2 spot at Florida. USCe is now #3, what with losing two in a row to Spurrier and three of the last seven. UT is not better than #4. I went to the UT game @ Knoxville two years ago and tailgated with some UT colleagues. After Florida won, we were all very much into post game drinking. Most Gator fans were all nonchalant about the victory. A UT friend commented to me; “Man, you guys act like you just beat Vandy or something. It’s no big deal.”

    I had to admit he was right.

  42. Shawn14

    “Also, Georgia hasn’t won the SEC East in any season that it didn’t beat USC.”

    …Is 2011 really that far into history to be forgotten?