“Accountable.” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Now he tells us.


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  1. Bad M

    Meaning that when they were a’counting quarterbacks, they got to 1 and stopped.

  2. heyberto

    Because Connor Shaw wasn’t ‘ready’?

  3. The other other Doug

    So basically they held Garcia accountable, but allowed him to play because they did not have anyone else. Boy, that is character building at its best. I hope I am wrong but I would guess that Garcia will look a lot like Ryan Leaf in a couple of years. The ‘cocks were the enabler.

    • tryptic67

      Garcia has no one to blame but himself. He got every opportunity to grow up, and them some. He had the skills to be a second-team All SEC or honorable mention his senior year, and be a late-round draftee or a free agent. Now he’s probably waiting for the CFL draft. I feel bad for Garcia, since he is his own worst enemy, not to mention a father of a young child. If your whole point is to knock Spurrier – fine. He’s a jerk and we were stuck with Stephen. But don’t pretend you give a fig for Garcia, or character-building. I’m not buying. I can count the number of arrests, suspensions and dismissals at the other SEC East schools as easily as the next guy.

      • rbcdawg

        And you shouldn’t pretend that you give a rip about Garcia either. You care about your coach getting away with the same shenanigans some other coaches do. You said so yourself.

        Would Garcia have matured differently if his coach had made him sit out some games along the way?

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Yeah. SOS did the guy no favors by handling the situation the way he did.

        • tryptic67

          I’ve thought about this comment a lot before responding. I’ve met Stephen. I’ve talked to him. I’ve prayed for him. I’ve laughed at him. Been happy for him. Sad for him. Scared for him. I’ve defended him and criticized him.

          So, when you say I don’t give a rip about him, you’re bearing false witness. I also never said “You care about your coach getting away with the same shenanigans some other coaches do.” That is another lie. The only reason you wanted Garcia dismissed was that you didn’t want to face him. You could care less about him, except as a club to beat up on Spurrier. Thus, I dismiss your comment.

          • Reptillicide

            Dude, tell somebody who gives a fuck. Spurrier doesn’t give a shit about accountability and never has .

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            You know, like it or not a football coach is akin to a parent–a father away from home. Sometimes tough love is the only answer. Badmouthing a kid in the press but still playing him is exactly the OPPOSITE way to teach a young person a life lesson that will help him overcome his demons and go on to becoming a better person. SOS is a putrid POS IMHO and I wouldn’t want him within a mile of my kids. Why any parent would let his/her son play for that SOB is beyond me.

          • Cojones

            Your penultimate sentence and the one before I agree with. We were fearful of facing Garcia and we use him as a club to beat up on Spurrier. But I also predicted last summer that he would somehow find his way back into Spurrier’s grace (the same sarcastic tone was used then) in time to face us. Steve deserves to be beaten smartly about the ears with Garcia’s name.

            On a sad note, I’m sorry for Garcia’s inability to see his life will be unatainable as an athlete if he continues his course. Nothing is sadder than to watch that play out. Thanks to you, I see him as a person with a loving father, wife and child. He’s lucky that you are playing short center on aspersion-catching.

      • The other other Doug

        Sounds like you would sacrifice your morals and values for the W. Man, would I hate to work for you. You would not be in business long.

  4. tryptic67

    That’s pretty much the nut of it. After Chris Smelley left the program and the Stephen Garcia show, plus a string of 7 win seasons, it looked as if Spurrier had finally and totally lost his touch – if you were a 4 or 5 star QB, why put up with Spurrier just to play in the middle of the pack? Plus, the Palmetto State hasn’t produced many top-flight QBs that weren’t “system” guys. As Gamecock fans, we have all been acutely aware of the problem. The commitment USC received last night from Raleigh NC’s Connor Mitch is the first 4 star QB to pledge the program in six years; if anything has frustrated Spurrier, it has to be that fact – and, frankly, he bears the brunt of the blame for the situation for his acidity and short-temper, not to mention his doing everything in his power to motivate Garcia to grow up.

    So Ellis is correct. There just wasn’t anyone else. And while Spurrier has taken a beating for coddling Garcia, except for his freshman year incidents (keying car, caught underage drinking) most of his “crimes and misdemeanors” were team-rule-violations – not multiple arrests. The way some carry on about Spurrier’s “lack of discipline”, you’d think Garcia was jack the ripper..

    Frankly, we’ve been blessed to have Shaw fill in so well in place of Garcia. When Spurrier didn’t pull Garcia from the infamous Auburn-South Carolina game (and, yes – we’re very familiar with what that loss cost us, btw, and how the Dawgs utterly decimated AU in comparison) the assumption was that Shaw simply wasn’t ready to lead the passing attack. Fortunately, the coach’s son from Flowery Branch GA has come on very strong and has the makings to be a dangerous game-manager type QB along the lines of a Greg McElroy-type guy (maybe without the arm and of course McElroy is Rhodes-scholar level IQ, but Shaw is plenty smart and can run with the ball better than McElroy). .

    • tryptic67

      by “doing everything in his power to motivate Garcia to grow up” i meant the public shaming that happened in the summer of 2010, which had to scare off some guys. That was after we’d brought in GA Mangus in 09 to be the buffer between Spurrier and Garcia.

    • Boz

      Didn’t CS get put in during the Auburn game in 2010? Why didn’t that happen in 2011

  5. Go Dawgs!

    Ellis, the University of Kentucky beat Tennessee this year by using a wide receiver at quarterback. You most certainly DID have somebody else. You had about 80 kids who were capable of standing behind center for your team, and a few who could even squat down low enough to be under center.

    The fact is, you didn’t have anyone who you thought could perform at a high enough level to compete for championships. That’s called “putting winning ahead of holding players to account.” That means you most certainly didn’t hold Stephen Garcia accountable, and that’s why he spiraled so far out of control. Coach Spurrier put winning ahead of player discipline, which is something he wouldn’t have done in the Florida days… of course, back then he had more and better players.

    Meanwhile, Mark Richt, just one year removed from an offseason of speculation about the security of his job, is taking a football team to Missouri without most of his defensive backfield. Coach Spurrier has pointed out on more than one occasion that your own Gamecocks benefit every year from the “suspension game” where we tie one hand behind our backs in the name of player discipline.

    So kiss my ass, Ellis Johnson. You know you and your staff didn’t bother to hold players accountable. The only reason South Carolina suspended anyone over the years is because they had a competent backup. Garcia was just lucky to not find himself in that situation until midway through his final year.

    • Cojones

      Straight up post. Thanks, Go Dawgs!

    • rbcdawg

      Don’t tell this to tryptic. He thinks Mark Richt would have done the same thing with Garcia that Spurrier did. What a clown.

      • tryptic67

        The next time we score a touchdown we’ll have our whole team run into the endzone and celebrate. Wait – we’ve never done that. That is clown behavior.

        • Governor Milledge

          Get back to me when your program can consistently string together a few TDs.

          1 ACC conference title and a ‘division’ title to yalls name… ’nuff said

    • AlphaDawg

      It wasn’t just to ‘compete for Championships’ it was just to compete. Remember he was suspended 5 times and never missed a game, up till being booted from the team.

    • tryptic67

      Your guys get suspended because they break the law. Garcia broke no laws in 2011. Big difference that you self-congratulatory Georgia guys always seem to forget.

      “The only reason South Carolina suspended anyone over the years is because they had a competent backup.” That is a lie.

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    “is taking a football team to Missouri without most of his defensive backfield”

    So….does this mean at least some of us have realized we ought to be worried, or very worried about Mizzou?

    I doth hope.

  7. 81Dog

    is it just me, or is anyone else waiting for this year’s Gamecock Swoon to arrive so frezied Chicken defenders will just go back into hiding? Anyone whose best defense of Spurrier’s laughable “discipline process” (sic) with Garcia is “other schools did it, too!!!!!” has taken homerism to a new level. Putting up players for nothing at a luxury hotel, suspending your starting QB for about 6 spring practices in a row, but never a game until you’re sure you have someone decent to replace him, blah blah blah? Yeah, Spurrier’s running a tight ship over there. South Carolina: Tied for Vandy with the same number of SEC football championships, zero.

    Personally, I would just as soon the SEC let Suwanee back in the conference as the Chickidees. Columbia is the Mogadishu of the SEC.

  8. charlottedawg

    Spurrier did the right thing in regards to Garcia. Banners are hung for titles not player conduct. Unfortunately for South Carolina they have neither. In regards to tryptic the more u post the more I’m reminded of a sentiment from Seth Emerson who used to cover USC @ The State: that UGA fans are much quicker to hold players and coaches accountable for results, USC fans are much more prone to conspiracies such as SEC shenanigans, SCHEDULE, and other BS to justify their program’s lack of success.

    • tryptic67

      whatever. Self-congratulation is the hallmark of almost every Georgia fan I’ve ever met. And the excuses have flowed like wine after every UGA loss to South Carolina. Of which there have been more than any other SEC east program barring UK and Vandy. But go ahead and tell yourself that you’re superior. We’re used to it.

      • DawgWalker07

        “And the excuses have flowed like wine after every UGA loss to South Carolina. Of which there have been more than any other SEC east program barring UK and Vandy.”

        What time frame and universe are you operating in? I can’t tell what you’re saying at all. Are you seriously suggesting that SC has beaten UGA more than any other SEC East program save UK and Vanderbilt? Are you suggesting that within a miniscule time frame that ignores previous decades of games? Or are we talking about the Steve Spurrier era at SC and including his record vs Georgia from Florida in that?

        And outside of the past two years denying anything other than UGA superiority is folly. You do realize that SC has a 26% win percentage against UGA all time. If you wonder where the feeling of superiority comes from that’s your answer. The Gamecocks have traditionally had an extremely weak football squad. Now after two seasons of Spurrier finally turning your program into a respectable one you go and act like the past hasn’t happened. Well, Florida-Lite, football existed before 2010, and your b!tching is why people still don’t take you seriously.

        • tryptic67

          There wasn’t an SEC East until 1992 Florida and Tennessee have beaten us more times in that same period than Georgia. Is that untrue? No. Since it’s not, what about it is so difficult to understand unless you’re intentionally trying to misrepresent what I said? That’s been par for the course, unfortunately …

          • DawgWalker07

            No I’m not trying to misrepresent what you said. I truly didn’t understand it.

            But now that I do it’s still a pretty weak argument. For one you never qualified them as SEC East loses, just loses to SEC East Programs. Secondly, I don’t think there’s a Georgia fan in the building who would argue that Georgia has had the type of success in the past 20 years that UT or UF have had, so that stat isn’t really surprising. However that still doesn’t address the fact that even since 1992 SC is only beating UGA at a 36.8% clip. So I wouldn’t try to act like you’re doing tough stuff by throwing that stat out.

  9. Sigh….Looking at the devolution of the commentary here to “enjoy your 3rd beatdown this year HURRR” five months ahead of the game actually being played makes me realize how much the damned offseason sucks if this is all we have to talk about.

  10. AlphaDawg

    “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.” My 11 yr old daughter’s favorite movie.

  11. Mike

    Spurrier has sunk a long way since his Florida days. He famously suspended Doug Johnson right before the Auburn game…at Auburn when Johnson violated curfew the week before. Spurrier had to start Noah Brindise, i.e. “Fat Dog.” . I think true freshman Jesse Palmer also played some.

    Auburn was ranked in the top 5 at the time. Of course, Florida still won.

  12. Reptillicide

    God damn, do south carolina fans literally have nothing to do? I swear to god they are the most annoying bunch of thin skinned pussies in the entire conference.

    • 81Dog

      I get the feeling you’re trying to tell us something here. Quit beating around the bush, man,,,,just spit it out!