“Don’t let guys forget what got them there and you build from there.”

This piece about Todd Grantham is pure red meat to those of us with a serious mancrush on the dude, but there’s one part in particular that makes me stand up and cheer.

Grantham and his players agree that while they’re disappointed in the boneheaded decisions made, they aren’t dwelling on the situation. Grantham used it as an opportunity to create better depth by inserting younger players…

This, my friends, is the anti-Martinez.  As somebody who watched in disbelief as Bryan Evans started ahead of Bacarri Rambo week after week for no other reason than having been in Athens longer and who watched a freshman linebacker named Rennie Curran kept out of the starting lineup for weeks despite having better football instincts than anyone else the coaches trotted out, it’s a pleasure to watch a coach at work who really does believe in trying to get the best eleven players on the field at any given moment.

If I’m jacked about Georgia’s chances this season, that’s why.  Well, that and the schedule…


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13 responses to ““Don’t let guys forget what got them there and you build from there.”

  1. The other Doug

    Do you kiss a picture of Grantham every morning immediately after waking up?


    • nwo "Sting"

      Do you copy the movie Rudy often?

      Frank: Ara again? You gonna get an autographed picture and kiss it every night before you go to bed?
      Rudy: What is your problem?
      Frank: Or maybe he’ll give you permission to wipe his ass.


  2. ag

    My favorite line…”is perfected … and then perfected again.”


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Senator, that last line was unnecessary. Stop poking the South Carolina fans. Their lives are bad enough as it is.

    Eh… on second thought… keep poking them..


  4. The other other Doug

    The comments at the end of the linked article are pure gold.


  5. DawgBiscuit

    Oh CTG…you always know exactly the right things to say.


  6. watcher16

    Pay the man


    • Cojones

      Where in hell ARE the contracts? By my figuring, they have the longest contracts in history or a lot of words contained within that have a lot of “t”s and “i’s.


  7. shane#1

    What about Reshad Jones who played strong safety so that Evans could play free safety? I think that was one reason a five star natural free safety never quite reached his potential.


  8. Bevo

    Our problem last season was not the defense. That will probably be true next season as well.


  9. Cojones

    Yeah,yeah,yeah. Got it, got it, got it. Now all we need is a QB and backup….yeah, got’em …..and good receivers….yeah, got’em….and good RBs….yeah, got’em….and good ends….yeah, got’em….and big blocking FBs who can run…yeah, got’em…. and O line depth….yeah, got’em. Now if we could help the STs problem by passing new rules on kickoff….yeah, got’em….and put our best athletes on the field for punts and kickoffs….yeah, got’em up the ass, we will be set this next year.

    Didn’t you start to say something about the schedule, Senator?


  10. MinnesotaDawg

    Me too, Senator. Me too.


  11. NRBQ

    “Get the best eleven players (who are not suspended) on the field at any given moment.”