If you had any doubts about John Theus…

forget ’em.

… Freshman John Theus from Jacksonville, Fla., could do what Cordy Glenn, Ben Jones, Trinton Sturdivant and Clint Boling did in their first seasons on campus: start.

“We’re not afraid to start a true freshman lineman,” Richt said. “I would say John Theus in high school was probably farther advanced than any of those guys. Ben Jones was pretty salty coming out of the box. He’ll have a chance to win a starting position. More than likely it will be at tackle. We’ll wait and see what he does.”

Go ahead and pencil him in at left tackle.  And keep your fingers crossed a little for Aaron Murray’s blind side.


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15 responses to “If you had any doubts about John Theus…

  1. JudgeDawg

    Good thing we get South Carolina in October rather than the 2nd game of the year. It has got good pass rushing DEs and I would rather he have a few games under his belt before he has to face Clowney.


  2. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Think he starts at RT & backs up LT


  3. charlottedawg

    Wasn’t trinton pretty good as a left tackle even though he was a freshman?


  4. Nate Dawg

    Hey man, if he’s got the goods – stick’em in. Especially these days, who knows how many years you’ll get out of him anyway.


  5. CMR mentioned this in Charlotte last night. He said Theus would get a hard look in August.


  6. goalinestalker

    Watched the kid in high school better footwork and frame than Brent Benedict. Two of his former coaches told me he the best OL to ever come out of Bolles.


  7. IveyLeaguer

    If Theus is that good already, good enough and smart enough to start, then that does one very important thing, perhaps THE most important thing. It provides us with quality backups at BOTH Tackle and Guard.
    And that would be huge.


  8. bkbroila

    Talent, Talent and more talent….but is there enough? Never enough on the O-line, it seems…UGA is stacked to the gills with talent at O-line…David Andrews, Dallas Lee, Chris Burnette, Austin and Hunter Long, Kolton Houston, Gates, Dantzler, Beard all have the Size and ability to start today…Xavier Ward and Debell need to pack on some pounds in the off-season, but nobody doubted their talent out of HS…highly sought after players…The best of the bunch has yet to Arrive…Pyke has the size and strengh to contribute immediately and Theus is as close to NFL ready as any player on the team…I wonder how much $$$ that family has spent on top of the line training for this young man? He will be a 1st rounder if he can stay healthy….


    • DawgByte

      Me thinks you’re overestimating the situation. The jury is out to lunch on David Andrews… he is way undersized IMO! Next, both Guards are occupied by guys that would be pulling splinters out of their rears at Bama. Austin and Hunter Long… barely serviceable. Kolton Houston and Kenarius Gates are SEC starter worthy. We better hope that Theus is the real deal, because this line is the weakest link on the team.


      • bkbroila

        You are right about Andrews, but he will be a force at 290….and IMHO, he learned from the best in the league and I thought Ben Jones was a bit of a goober out of HS…Andrews is a pure center and will be fine…As far as Gates and Houston, you are right….Dallas Lee was playing damn fine ball until he broke his leg….You are being hard on Burnette and Austin Long….Hell, last year was the only year any of those kids had any PT…they are all still young…everyone will have a couple years to play together…they’ll be fine as well as the crop of sophomores who received some snaps last year….Don’t count them all out just yet…