And baby makes three.

James Franklin signs on to Spurrier’s division record only proposal.

I’ll say it again – keep an eye on this, if more coaches back it.  It smells like a power play.


UPDATE:  At least one coach hasn’t changed his tune.


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  1. Ben

    Yeah, right. Like that’s ever going to be an issue for Vandy. Quit cozying up to Spurrier and Miles, Jim.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It could be an issue for Vandy. Suppose you have that odd year when Georgia beats Vandy but loses to Florida (in an upset in Jax) and USCe, wins the rest of its SEC East games and beats both its SEC West opponents for a 6-2 SEC record but a 4-2 SEC East record. Vandy gets drilled by 2 teams from from the West but beats UT (sooner or later it’s gonna happen), UK, USCe (in an upset), Mizzou and Florida (also an upset). That’s a 5-3 SEC record but a 5-1 SEC East record. To make matters worse, Vandy loses 2OOC games and has an overall record of 7-5. Vandy goes to the SECCG as the East representative despite having the worse overall SEC record. Not having to count all its losses is about the only scenario where Vandy could pull off winning the East. No wonder Franklin is all for it.

      • Haywood Jablome

        Since when is losing to Florida in JAX a real upset? Do to recent history, it’s going to take a few more W’s in a row before the average CFB fan views that as an upset.

  2. The other other Doug

    Not counting OOC games, a team with an overall conference record of 7-1 might not go to the SECCG, because a team with a conference record of 5-3 or even 4-4 does because they won the head to head matchup. Boy that really makes sense. Although the system now might not be perfect, it is certainly better than the crap spewing out of these three d-bags..

    • Haywood Jablome

      With only two games against the other division, there is no way a team with a 4-4 conference record would go over a team it beat that has a 7-1 conference record. At best it would be a 4-2 division record vs 5-1.

      • The other other Doug

        I keep forgetting about the added divisional game. So a team with a conference record of 7-1 might not go to the SECCG because a team with a 6-2 or even 5-3 conference record. Either way I still think it’s a crap idea.

  3. CharlotteDawg

    Can we just beat every single one of these guys and put the whole damn thing to rest? And for the love of God, how is it completely ignored that a loss to an opponent within your division is effectively twice as damaging as a loss to an opponent outside your division since the tie breaker is the head to head match up. How is the importance of intra- divisional play being watered down under the current format? Dear USC, we spotted you two games and you still choked away the lead, take your whining elsewhere please.

    • The other other Doug


    • LostDawg

      As painful as this is to say, USC was actually the East champ this year by virtue of their undefeated East record. The Dawgs were some hybrid Inter-Conference Divisional champ simply due to their record against the sisters of the poor from the West. This is not difficult to understand. Yes, it goes against the grain, but all the Dawgs have to do is run the table in the East. These days it seems that consists of 2 games (one they rarely win and another the rarely lose with the last 2 years not standing).

      • CharlotteDawg

        No we were, the East champs, we went 7-1 against our SEC opponents USC went 6-2. Saying the rules should be amended for a one year exception to benefit another team is absurd, it holds as much water as us complaining that our game against USC should count as a win because Hey they scored 28 of their 42 points off of our mistakes while we had to score all of ours going against their defense. The rules are the rules and the results are the results. USC has no claim whatsoever to the 2011 east crown

  4. LostDawg

    I said this in the post you linked regarding Miles, but the more this topic is discussed the more appealing it becomes. Yes, Spurrier brought this up for his (USC) interest alone. However, why should an unbalanced conference schedule keep someone from winning their division. I do not want to drop Auburn, but a loss from a team from the West should not determine the East champ. If you run the table on your side, you are the champ. Right?

    • Then why even play games against the other division?

    • The other other Doug

      If those were the rules then you would be the champ, but they are not the rules so you won’t be the champ. Anyways wouldn’t you want a higher ranked team playing in the SECCG? Chances are a team with a conference record of 7-1 will be ranked higher that a team with a 5-3 conference record. I am surprised that Satan hasn’t suggested that the two highest ranked SEC teams should play in the SECCG. Wait that wouldn’t have been to his advantage.

      • BMan

        Bingo. The reason this won’t fly is because getting the teams from each division with the best overall conference record would seem, better for the conference in the grand scheme of things (read: money). The more conference wins each division winner has, the higher the ranking, so that the winner of the SECCG ends up beating a higher ranked team than under Spurrier’s proposal in all likelihood). It’s the best insurance of getting the SEC team into the four team party in the event of multiple unbeaten teams or attempted funny business by the hate-and-envy crowd.

        On a side note, I vote for “hate and envy” to replace “leaders and legends.”

        • BMan

          Please forgive my punctuation and parenthetical mistakes, I’m buzzing like a player on Spring break.

    • PhillyDawg

      Then we would no longer be the SEC, but rather 2 separate conferences that meet for a southern championship game. Go to a 9 game conference schedule and call it a day.

    • DCBDawg

      No, you’re not. That’s why division-only records are not the primary determining factor in who wins the divisions in the NBA, NFL, or MLB. Every game counts. The kind of crap that’s getting bantered about now is soccer-speak. Why not dump Win-Loss records and go to total points scored against the teams in your division? Asinine.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Why count any of the games at all? Just let the commish say who the best 2 teams are and designate them to play in the SECCG. Slive would do some polling and whichever 2 teams would get the most eyes on the game would be in it. $$$$$$ baby!

  5. Jrod1229

    I’d love to just take every west game off.. be nice little by weeks.. oh we play bama this week? No biggy, doesn’t matter since we just wanna get to the SECCG..

    This might be the most idiotic proposal I’ve seen in some time.

  6. Richt was on F-bum: Why would he go on that show given what PAWWWWWWL has said about him the last few years?

    • Bob

      My thoughts as well. In fact, why would anybody want to go on the show of that inbred buffoon?

  7. Uglydawg

    Once you have clinched your division, you could simply put your starters on the bench and rest them. It would be like baseball after the clincher.
    Of course, the argument is made that teams play “all out” against non conference rivals, so they would still play hard regardless. Still, it’s stupid. Instead of playing Mississippi State for nothing just because they’re an SEC team, I’d rather play Clemson or even FSU or NC. I’m sure LSU would rather play Texas than Vandy….if the game is going to count for nothing.

    • PhillyDawg

      +1. Dont understand why this is even getting bantered around.

    • ACM

      Hey, if we get this and a conference only NC playoff, you can rest your starters for over half the season.

      • ACM

        Meant to say, if we get this and a conference champ only NC playoff, you can rest your starters for over half the season and still win the NC.

  8. Cosmic Dawg

    Hang on, this is a very interesting conversation, but I need to interrupt to ask something – who is James Franklin, again?

  9. Spike

    Why do we hang on every word Spurrier says? All they had to was beat Auburn, at home, and this would be a non issue. They blew it.

  10. Cojones

    How far are we going to dissect the games and their record of outcome? Spurrier’s suggestion is but a shoe in the door of SEC competition. Someone needs to hit him until he pulls back OR go along with him and let a new rule begin the year they have an easy schedule. Then the only thing on the table is to beat the snot out of him.

  11. stoopnagle

    Love Richt’s quote. It’s not often he talks shit to other coaches. Somebody must be feeling pretty good about his team.

  12. Anybody backing this proposal should have to wear an idiot sign around their neck.