“We will not try to compete with the NFL at all.”

The USFL is reincarnating as a spring development league.  Per its CEO,

“We will play in markets where there are no NFL teams or major league baseball teams. It’s a league for guys who are on the bubble for making NFL teams, and we will have complete open access for the NFL. We want to build a model that is sustainable.”

It’s looking to locate its franchises in markets that are college football oriented.  And while it’s not going to pay NFL-level salaries to its players (the league will own all the player contracts), it is going to pay all the players.

Hmm… development league… college football oriented… paid players…

Just a thought here, but maybe somebody at the new league ought to think outside the box a little and consider waiving the NFL three-years-out-of-high-school eligibility rule.  Not only would that give kids who don’t want to go to college an outlet to pursue their pre-NFL careers – break up dat ol’ NCAA plantation! – and give the new league a big marketing splash, but it would also be in keeping with the spirit of the original USFL.

And it wouldn’t cost the NFL a damned penny more than it’s paying now towards the development of 18- to 20-year old kids.

Makes too much sense, right?  Ah, a man can dream sometimes.



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5 responses to ““We will not try to compete with the NFL at all.”

  1. Jams

    What you just described is exactly what I always imagined would destroy college football. Or at least what college football would eventually morph into.


  2. JasonC

    In a way that is kinda like the World League circa early 90s before it really moved overseas. Spring league in places without pro football (San Antonio, Orlando, Sacramento) with borderline guys who might get promoted to the NFL (Scott Mitchell). I think the big issue became low attendance = not enough $$$ so they moved overseas to try and capitalize on the uniqueness factor in Europe.

    The problem is, if you aren’t going to NFL or MLB towns and you want to be in college towns, you will still need a stadium and since spring ball is going on, that could be tough unless you put all the teams in Texas and let them use the gigantic HS stadiums. Well, you could always end up with some bizzarro situation like a team in Columbus at the old Memorial Stadium. Of course, there will be buzz about a team coming to B’ham, where their always on the cusp of pro football (I mean, where you are allowed to pay the players, not the current system.)


    • Cam Newton

      I thought they did pay players in the State of Alabama. Oh wait, I’m not supposed to talk about that.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    I will never, ever, under ANY circumstances be supportive of anything called the USFL. Ever. If the reason is not obvious…well it damn sure should be.
    And, Donald Trump can kiss my ass, too.