In a couple of years, he’ll be tanned, rested and ready.

Bruce Feldman speculates on Bobby Petrino’s next landing spot.

For background: I appear weekly on Paul Finebaum’s radio show. On Thursday, he asked me where I could see Bobby Petrino coaching next. My answer was that Joker Phillips at Kentucky better win.

Phillips is 11-14 in two seasons at UK and 4-12 in league play. By Kentucky football standards, that’s not that bad. But Phillips can’t afford a backwards step in the next two seasons with Petrino out there. If UK goes 4-8 this year, even if it’s still only Phillips’ third year, the pressure will be high. Anything short of a bowl season will add a lot more heat.

I’ve heard a lot of folks say how three years is the new five years in college coaching these days, and I think there is something to that. My hunch is Petrino may be out for two years while some of the spectacle of his demise at Arkansas fades. So what may be a viable landing spot in two years? Well, Kentucky could fit that recipe: Petrino is a proven winner at the highest level of the SEC. Obviously, he comes with major baggage and that would scare off probably all Top 25 football programs, but the thought that he could make UK dangerous in football might be tempting.

I’ll tell you what’s even more tempting:  a chance to stick it to Louisville.  There’s a small measure of revenge to be taken in hiring the guy who took the rival program to its greatest heights.  It’ll be even more enjoyable for UK given the history with Rick Pitino.  So, yeah, I can see this happening.

The downside for the ‘Cats is that I don’t see Petrino sticking around for too long.



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15 responses to “In a couple of years, he’ll be tanned, rested and ready.

  1. Jrod1229

    Given UK’s already tenuous coaching situation in bball can they really bring that much heat on their sports teams?


  2. JasonC

    Well there’s always New Mexico. They don’t seem to have high character standards.


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    SOD will get to 7 wins on the shoulders of Slash, and two skilled WR’s and an average O line. The skill guys will be gone in 2013 and SOD will be very lucky to get close to that number of wins again. His buyout will be a lot more palatable at the end of that season. The new Alabama AD will have cut overhead and increased ticket sales….. maybe even engage a real lawyer to review some of those generous contract terms on a new hiring carousel. Vandy will be making UT fans nervous….. so yeah Evel Knievel at UT is not a stretch for the Hillbillies. They hired Lame didn’t they?



    What a pair! Calipari and Petrino. At least UK would be #1 in the country for sleazeball coaches.


  5. Cojones

    Petrino will be back as quickly as Mettenberger.


  6. Spike

    Rested and ready, maybe. Tanned? I don’t think so.


  7. collegeparkdawg

    Heard this but doubt it! Kentucky has same recruiting rules we have. They don’t oversign and Petrino does. He will need to win big to really come back and I don’t think he’d risk a place with no “roster management.”


  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    UT. And soon. Anybody who doesn’t think so is deluding himself. The no-teeth nation doesn’t care what Petrino did. Hell, most of those trailer-trash SOBs have been screwing women other than their wives for years.” What’s the big deal?” That will be their motto.


  9. Uglydawg

    I guess I’m putting more faith in human-kind than it deserves, but I think Petrino’s had it. I can’t see even Tennessee stooping that low. althought I wouldn’t bet a thin dime on it.
    So, I guess I plead guilty to being delusional. (see Mayor’s post above).
    This whole thread makes me wonder….what if Muchamp crashes and burns at Florida? I can’t see UF fans suddenly growing patient.
    We could be looking at several SEC teams needing replacement head coaches in the next couple of years.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      And Petrino is a proven winner. This will all blow over in a year and then he will be the numero uno guy talked about for every major vacancy–and the first call made by the AD of every major program making a change.