“He means well, but if he wouldn’t have had the last name Dooley, he wouldn’t have been hired.”

Whatever SOD thinks helps make Tennessee recruiting successful, it ain’t the support of loyal fans.


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4 responses to ““He means well, but if he wouldn’t have had the last name Dooley, he wouldn’t have been hired.”

  1. collegeparkdawg

    Interesting! This Tennessee booster thinks growing up in Athens makes you elitist. Love Athens but don’t think that’s accurate. Also I for one am happy SOD does not recruit Memphis well. I am very excited to see what Mr. Sheldon Dawson can do at UGA.


    • Governor Milledge

      Being from one of the poorest counties in the nation would definitely make you put on airs


  2. Siskey

    I am ok with Tennessee having Dooley but I think that the real issue is that they were left in a lurch by Kiffin and had to get whoever they could. I do no feel that if those events had taken place ten years before they would have had such a difficult time finding a suitable replacement or maybe even if those events had taken place 6 months prior. I do not like Tennessee and hope that we beat the hell out of them every year but it would help UGA moving forward if they were respectable enough to hand Florida a loss every now and then and beat Alabama consistent with the overall series record of the two. If not, and if Florida falls into the abyss that I think they are headed the East will be “Us” and maybe South Carolina ,and while I am a little dubious as to how the Cocks will look with an entire season of Shaw and a Lattimore who even if 100% will likely be looking to the NFL draft, if there are no other teams in the East capable of beating the West’s best teams ( Alabama and LSU ) then it hamstrings us as far as national rankings and respect goes. I can foresee UGA having a better record than last year but still missing out on a BCS bowl game if we lose to the West’s team in the championship due to the ESPN created disparity between the two divisions. Hopefully this will not happen and we’ll play LSU or Alabama and beat them.
    I am from Athens and am not an elitist except when it comes to UGA football, music, IPA’s and the quality of women from Georgia versus their counterparts in our neighboring states. If that counts as an elitist then I will wear it with pride.