Should I blame Bobo?

Mike Huguenin crunches some numbers to get a look at which college offenses are the most and least diversified.  To get there, he tallies the number of schools which had (and didn’t have) 3,000-yard passers, 1,000-yard rushers, etc.  It’s the good and the bad.

And you know what?  Out of roughly 120 D-1 schools, 75 made his list.  Georgia wasn’t one of those that did.  (Interestingly, much of the SEC doesn’t appear.)

Offensively, the Dawgs are like Goldilocks – not too hot, not too cold.  Except, some would say, for maybe that “just right” part.


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5 responses to “Should I blame Bobo?

  1. Ralph

    I guess we will have to blame it on the D in the SEC. D is way too strong.


  2. As before, you can have 1,000 yards passing and scoring in one game against the likes of New Mexico State but mediocre to nada against the likes of LSU, sounds good and fancy in stats but that is just it stats. You can blame your team’s defense, but if your offensive plan cannot adjust to the reality on an adjusted defense of the other team when you need to (even in some wins), then there is a problem.


  3. Hill Dawg

    Dang, its hard to come up with a reason for it being Coach Bobo’s fault when you use facts. Thats not fair!


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    If CMB was above average as an OC, demand for his services and his paycheck would reflect it – and this is after he’s been on the staff for over 11 seasons. Then there’s our DC – in 2 seasons CTG has established himself as one of the top coordinators in cfb, he would be snapped up in minutes if he felt like leaving UGA, and his paycheck reflects that reality.


  5. We better hope the D scores A LOT of TD’s next year. With our pathetic O-line, there’s gonna be A LOT of 3 and outs.