Battle of the back ups

Missouri’s second string quarterback, who played at the number one slot in the spring because of James Franklin’s shoulder surgery gets arrested.  If Franklin’s not healthy by the time the season rolls around and this kid has to sit, what’s left behind them isn’t too pretty.

Missouri has only one other scholarship quarterback on its roster, junior Ashton Glaser, who was third on the depth chart before Franklin’s injury. Incoming freshman Maty Mauk of Kenton, Ohio, is expected to join the team this summer.

The real issue here is prep time.  Even if Franklin is cleared to play, he’ll only have a month of fall practice to get ready.  And Pinkel has to decide how to allocate time to the backups, given Franklin’s shoulder.  In short, the passing game playing field for Georgia’s conference opener has the potential to be leveled more than we might have anticipated.


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29 responses to “Battle of the back ups

  1. Chuck

    And Jones pounding you ever down is not going to help either!

  2. Z-Dawg

    Obviously you guys have never heard of DGB who can play all 11 positions at once. Missouri will have the greatest team of all time and enter the NFL Playoffs as a top seed after they (DGB) win the MNC. The SEC will then rename itself the Missouri conference.

  3. charlottedawg

    Do we even know if the guy is for sure going to miss playing time? also I’d be very surprised to see no additional offseason attrition for Georgia just going on past experience. Point being there’s a lot yet to be determined between now and buffalo.

    • Do we even know if the guy is for sure going to miss playing time?

      No, we don’t. But his coaches don’t know if the guy for sure is going to play, either.

      • sniffer

        Even if they suspect he will be available, why would they tip their hand?

        • They’ve already acknowledged the no. 1 tailback is likely out, so why not?

          Besides, it really doesn’t matter until fall practice starts. Either Franklin will be out there or he won’t.

      • watcher16

        This could be an indicator:

        “According to university policy, athletes charged with a felony cannot return to the field until the case is resolved.

        “Former Missouri cornerback Tristen Holt was arrested after a similar incident in Columbia last September and was immediately dismissed from the team. At the time, teammates indicated the arrest was not Holt’s first brush with trouble. Holt pleaded not guilty and is scheduled for a court appearance tomorrow.”

        So a similar from incident from last Septebmer isn’t yet resolved and university policy says they can’t return to the field until something is resolved. If the felony charges stand it’s very doubtful to get a final ruling in 3 months.

  4. charlottedawg

    Just to clarify: i meant assuming james franklin was unavaliable for our game how do we know for sure his backup would be suspended. Wasn’t talking about JF.

  5. wake me when it's September

    Glaser was also arrested in March and is awaiting suspension.

    • True, but I doubt he’s suspended over unpaid traffic tickets.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I donno. 1 game maybe?

      • Cojones

        So, if arrested due to a domestic disturbance that brought the cops, the DD can be dropped because he has unpaid traffic tickets that he was arrested for? I don’t get that at all. And the coach can’t overlook the extenuating circumstances either.

        Let’s get this straight; the QB has an injury that may not allow him to play or , if he plays, under poor practice and preparation conditions. Would think that may lessen a little before the UGA game. And the two backups are being proscecuted for felonious matters and the new QB recruit won’t hit campus until Fall? We can unsuspend two LBs to your nondisciplined backups , if that’s the case.

        Looks ike we will see how far Pinkel’s moral compass will go when trying to compete with Richt’s moral compass. OK.

  6. HVL Dawg

    I remember walking into Sanford Stadium one year taunting Tennessee fans because their #1 quarterback was injured and they had to start a true freshman – some asshole named Heath Shuler.

    Well, UT won and now that asshole is my congressman in NC 11(for a few more months).

    • Silver Creek Doug

      You must live in Hendersonville (Hooterville). I went to Brevard for 3 semesters and I’m not certain there’s a prettier spot on the planet than the western NC mountains.

      • HVL Dawg

        We’ve got it made here in WNC and HVL. Lot’s of UGA people here – smart people don’t move to Atlanta.

        There’s a community near here named Silver Creek – only closer to Columbus, NC. Is that your Silver Creek? Somebody there makes beautiful wooden kayaking paddles (Silver Creek Paddles).

      • aristoggle

        The highlight of every summer is our week at Davidson River. Love Brevard! If you have to leave Athens, it’s a great place to go.

        Here, I’ll let Patton tell it –

        • NRBQ

          My bidness has taken me to Asheville many times (Brunk Antique Auction). It’s a fabulous area, if you can avoid the patchouli fog.

          • Lrgk9

            I will be retiring to Cullowhee.
            13.9 acres with another 15 undeveloped on either side and 4,600 feet with a cascading stream 25 feet out my side door.

            Serenity Indeed…

            • Gravidy

              As someone who just spent four nights camping and trout fishing in Warwoman Wildlife Management Area just east of Clayton, GA… you can officially count me among the jealous.

    • Slaw Dawg

      I remember it well myself. Actually, I think it was Shuler’s second start. Anyway, we were leading late in the 4th, Vols’ ball on our side of the field. We had them 4th down and forever– something like 17 yards as I recall. Whole stadium standing. Over the cacophony, I took a look at our Defense, saw guys high-fiving each other like it was all over, then lining up in a relaxed soft zone “prevent,” and I turned to my wife and said “Jesus H Christ, they’re about to score on us.” Wish I had been wrong, but, of course, I wasn’t!

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        That loss kept UGA from going to the SEC Championship game that year as East winner. Florida had two SEC losses-UGA would have had only one.

      • MinnesotaDawg

        One of “those games” that I will never be able to forget. Think we had like 6 turnovers in the game and ended up losing by 3. That ’92 team with Hearst, Hastings, and Zeier–should have been a championship year.

  7. Krautdawg

    If there is a suspension, there’s the additional beneficial side effect that Pinkel may limit JF to pocket passing. If Mizzou can’t afford to lose him, they also can’t afford to run him often. And after watching JF’s highlights against A&M and Texas Tech, I’d be glad to see him confined to the pocket.

    • Cojones

      If he is a good runner (and he is) running may be the only way for them to compete. He is good enough to avoid a take-out injury tackle. His worst choice would be to stay in the pocket and wait for Jarvis’s hit. When your only choice is quick ones over the middle, that can soon be intercepted.