Eight is enough.

Per Jim Delany, no nine-game conference slate in the near future for the Big Ten.

Mike Slive would like to point out that the SEC collaborates, too.  With the Sun Belt Conference.


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  1. reipar

    Good question. FIU or Wash St??? Think I would rather play Wash St as easier game, but would have to pay them more to come here than FIU. The distance and everything.


  2. Joe

    The SEC East has nothing to be ashamed of IMO.

    UGA VGT Plus normally another BCS team
    UF V FSU
    UT often plays a strong OOC schedule (seeing that their natural rival Vandy is in conference)
    USCe Plays Clemson every year.


    • sniffer

      LSU showed last year that they will play anyone, anywhere. Wish we did that, but then we would just blame Bobo


  3. By Georgia We Did It

    Have you actaully looked at the BIG 10’s OOC schedule for 2012? I just looked it up and it’s pretty lame. Michigan and MSU have decent one’s (AL, ND & Boise, ND respectively) but the rest is littered with UAB, Temple, N. Iowa, Central Michigan, Marshall, Miami Ohio, etc.


  4. By Georgia We Did It
  5. Always Someone Else's Fault

    B1G and P12 perpetuate this OOC-scheduling myth at every turn.

    Did the B1G finally realize the stupidity of scheduling the MAC across the board on a single weekend, guaranteeing the losses and close calls all get maximum media exposure?

    For all the complaining about SEC scheduling, trust me, it could be way worse. Which isn’t saying it shouldn’t be better.


    • these guys are a joke...and they know it

      Exactly. The B1G has thrown everything they can at the reputation of the SEC and they’re just hoping something sticks. Can’t play in “cold” weather, weaker academics, weaker OOC scheduling, etc.

      It’s all bullshit.