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Our long director of on-campus recruiting nightmare is over.

Georgia hires a former high school coach to do the grunt work.

The interesting part of the job search was the apparent change in direction it took.

… The job has been open since last season. At first, Georgia seemed on the verge of hiring someone from the recruiting media: Analysts such as Jamie Newberg (Scout.com), Chad Simmons (Scout.com), Kipp Adams (ESPN.com) and Jake Rowe (Rivals.com) were among those who applied to UGA, according to records provided by the school.

But athletics director Greg McGarity changed the direction of the search, with head coach Mark Richt’s agreement, and a month later Jones was hired.

Anyway, welcome aboard, Daryl Jones.  I’m glad to see the position filled.


UPDATE:  Note this in passing as a comparison.

Maybe I shouldn’t be as interested in the change of direction as I should be in why it took Georgia so long to go in any direction.


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Hey, what happened to “It’s so easy”?

Silly me.  I thought embracing the move from the BCS to a four-team playoff was going to usher in an unprecedented era of world peace.  Instead, in one corner, we’ve got the Big Ten clutching on to the Rose Bowl like grim death, while in the other, Texas AD DeLoss Dodds is ready to chuck all the bowls in the trash can.

And now we’ve got the Michigan AD telling us it’s no big thang, mane.

“Where we are right now, we have a system that’s been pretty good determining the No. 1- and No. 2-ranked teams. … Our ability to know who is No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6 is far less accurate, and so what we’re doing now is coming up with a way to play an extra football game. That’s great. People are excited about another football game. The only thing they’d like more than one football game is two more football games.”

Curse you, fans, you and your damned excitement!  Can’t you let the people in charge screw things up on their own?

It’s enough to have better men than me shaking their heads in frustration.  Like Bruce Feldman:

The good news? It sounds like we’re very close to finally getting an actual college football playoff. The not-so-good news? The selection process that is bound to be involved to determine the final four teams involved is going to be messy.

Really messy.

Hopefully, though, we’ll get some level of progress on this front too. After all, when you really examine the old BCS formula that thing was a farce. Start with the Coaches Poll that figured into it significantly. College coaches don’t have the time to get involved in watching other teams they aren’t playing. The not-so-well-kept secret is their football ops guy or their sports information director fill out their ballots, just as former Alabama coach Gene Stallings admitted Wednesday morning he had his do when he was “involved” in the Coaches Poll. On top of all that, their livelihood is so dependent on the outcome of the poll. It’s ridiculous to have them involved in this.

True ‘dat.  But I tell you what – Feldman goes on to mention something almost as a throwaway line that I don’t think is a half-bad idea.

Years ago I made the case that the Vegas oddsmakers would probably be the best fit in determining the rankings. Not that I ever thought it would actually happen, but within the context of it, there is relevant point: In theory, the oddsmakers get you the strongest or best teams, but do they actually get you the “most deserving” teams? Those terms don’t always go hand-in-hand.

Maybe yes, maybe no.  But I do know a couple of things.  One, if Vegas does the picking, it’s going to be cold-blooded.  There’s no money to be made in being biased or having conflicts of interest.  And, two, the odds are set in anticipation of how people bet; to some extent, those lines reflect our own enthusiasm and respect for the teams in play.  So on some level, isn’t that giving the fans what they want?

I’m curious what you guys think of that.


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Ladies and gentlemen, meet the quintessential Georgia Tech commitment.

I really don’t know how you how you top this quote from the shining star of the Jackets’ class of 2013 (they’ve got three commitments now, in case you’ve lost count):

“Florida State was ranked in the top 10 in computers, while Georgia Tech was in the top three. So I chose the school with the best academics. I don’t really care about the football part. I just want the best degree I can get, as far as the field I want to study. That’s Georgia Tech.”  [Emphasis added.]

Well said, Mr. Devine.

It’s probably safe to assume this kid’s not going to be a force in lobbying other recruits to join him on the Flats.  Unless there’s a kicker from Mumbai Paul Johnson’s high on.

As I’ve said before, Georgia Tech has to be the only major football program out there that negatively recruits itself.  It’s a gift, I guess.


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I think you’ll know whom to blame for this.

Paul Myerberg’s got a post up that’s probably not of much interest to you, since it’s about Troy, but I thought he made a good point there about how the rest of the Sun Belt has caught up to Troy in one particular way, which in turn has led to the end of Troy’s dominance in the conference.

Troy led the Sun Belt in total plays run from scrimmage in each year from 2007-10. The Trojans averaged 980.3 plays per season, running at least 972 plays each year with a high of 997 plays in 2010.

–The Trojans’ offense was on the field for 867 plays last fall, which tied Florida International for fifth-most in the Sun Belt. Arkansas State led the way with 1,016 plays, followed by Louisiana-Monroe with 939 plays, Middle Tennessee with 938 plays and Louisiana-Lafayette with 893 plays.

Okay, you can quit yawning now.  Here’s the thing:  that Arkansas State figure was good for ninth-best in the country last year… tied with Georgia.  For the Dawgs, that’s up from 92nd in 2010 and 100th in 2009.

We’re looking at a big change in philosophy that probably hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.  No doubt it contributed to a few bumps in the road last season, notably in the Boise State game, but assuming that Richt and Bobo remain committed to it, it will be interesting to see if a second year at it generates smoother results.  And to see if there’s enough depth on the offensive line to keep up with it.


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Last team not to lose a player wins.

Now it’s Missouri dismissing a defensive back in a disciplinary move.  God only knows what the over/under for Georgia’s SEC opener is shaping up to be.


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It’s a good thing he wasn’t asked about the hookers.

Craig James gets caught in a lie about hiring a PR firm to combat Mike Leach and then defends himself by telling another lie about the timing of the hiring.

There’s really no way ESPN could bring James back after all of this, is there?


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