I think you’ll know whom to blame for this.

Paul Myerberg’s got a post up that’s probably not of much interest to you, since it’s about Troy, but I thought he made a good point there about how the rest of the Sun Belt has caught up to Troy in one particular way, which in turn has led to the end of Troy’s dominance in the conference.

Troy led the Sun Belt in total plays run from scrimmage in each year from 2007-10. The Trojans averaged 980.3 plays per season, running at least 972 plays each year with a high of 997 plays in 2010.

–The Trojans’ offense was on the field for 867 plays last fall, which tied Florida International for fifth-most in the Sun Belt. Arkansas State led the way with 1,016 plays, followed by Louisiana-Monroe with 939 plays, Middle Tennessee with 938 plays and Louisiana-Lafayette with 893 plays.

Okay, you can quit yawning now.  Here’s the thing:  that Arkansas State figure was good for ninth-best in the country last year… tied with Georgia.  For the Dawgs, that’s up from 92nd in 2010 and 100th in 2009.

We’re looking at a big change in philosophy that probably hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.  No doubt it contributed to a few bumps in the road last season, notably in the Boise State game, but assuming that Richt and Bobo remain committed to it, it will be interesting to see if a second year at it generates smoother results.  And to see if there’s enough depth on the offensive line to keep up with it.


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7 responses to “I think you’ll know whom to blame for this.

  1. Spreerex

    I’m kind of curious in those sunbelt cases to figure out how much essentially boils down to running a “fast paced, quick snap offense” and how much can be described as “just not sucking on offense, so no constant 3 & outs against OOC teams”.

    In UGA’s case, I also think the defense getting more stops helped a lot as well.


  2. Cojones

    I blame Grantham and the D. Was that the answer you were looking for, Senator?


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    So we got this offensive approach from the Sun Belt. Now I feel better knowing that. Question is, are we the first or the last (or both) major conference team to copy the Sun Belt approach?


  4. Todd

    Screw all season stats. They just mess with facts. Bottom line, how did Georgia stack up against the big boys? Honestly, Georgia was probably the 4th or 5th best team in the SEC last year.
    For all the numbers or stats, tell me you weren’t worried in the bowl game when you saw Georgia with the ball and 3 minutes or so left. Before the first Dick Samuel up the middle call, I looked at my wife and said, “you know what is going to happen , right?”
    To me, it boils down to having more faith in Grantham creating a great defense more than Friend having a devastating O-line. Until Friend proves he can make chicken salad out of chicken shit….well, I don’t see Georgia bringing any crystal footballs back to Athens.


  5. AusDawg85

    Light bulb moment! Failed 1st & Bomb, 2nd CT Dive up the middle was just a way to generate more offensive plays! That’s why CMB loved to work it to 3rd down so much.

    Damn…if only I were in the arena I could’ve caught on to this sooner.


  6. shane#1

    Who’s to blame? Oh I don’t know, Bobo? Don’t get on my case guys, just a guess.