Mike Slive, putting the screws to the ACC

Tony Barnhart tells the story:

The SEC will announce at Noon ET an agreement with the Big 12 for their champions to meet in a to-be-determined bowl game if they are not a part of the anticipated four-team playoff beginning in 2014.

An industry source said the alliance between the two conferences will be similar to that of the Big Ten and Pac-12, whose champions meet annually in the Rose Bowl if they are not a part of the BCS championship game.

“The thinking is, the Big 12 and SEC, we’re in the strongest positions right now. Let’s create a big-time matchup,” a source told CBSSports.com. “I don’t know if other leagues will create matchups like this, but this is a way for the two leagues to develop [a partnership].”

In one sense, this isn’t much:  the bowl game itself is almost meaningless.  There hasn’t been a national title game without a participant now a member of either conference since 2001.

But as a message, it’s profound.  The ACC just found itself locked out of the public perception of being one of the major players.  Now when it comes to football conferences, there’s a big four and there’s everybody else.  (Unless you think there’s a lot more cachet to a ACC-Big East partnership than I do.)  If you don’t think this is going to add more fuel to the FSU fire, you’re nuts.  I’ll leave you to speculate on what Slive hopes to gain here.  Let’s just say that if I were John Swofford’s dog, I’d be keeping a low profile today.

The SEC just chose a side.  The ACC lost.


UPDATE:  By the way, if the next step the new partnership takes is to emulate the regular season scheduling matchup the Pac-12/Big Ten have agreed to, that will take some of the sting out of the SEC staying with an 8-game conference schedule.  Although I will laugh my ass off if the first pairings include South Carolina-Oklahoma and Iowa State-Georgia.



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24 responses to “Mike Slive, putting the screws to the ACC

  1. reipar

    Just thinking outloud, but if the SEC is thinking of later adding two more teams and either one or both may be in the ACC anything that weakens the ACC helps that process.


  2. AusDawg85

    Texas will reject the offer…they already believe they are the champion (regardless of on-field results which are beyond their control).



  3. Swofford’s always struck me as more of a cat guy.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Jerry World here we come!


    • Dante

      As someone who lives 10 miles north of the Death Star these days, I have to admit I’m excited about that possibility.


  5. cube

    Very interesting. Wonder if it will be the Sugar Bowl or the Cotton Bowl?


    • Heywood Jablome...

      This…Where does the Sugar Bowl fit in this equation?? Surely Slive isn’t marginalizing it or going away from the SEC’s affiliation with the Sugar Bowl…

      IMO, that would be a terrible move…


      • Joe

        I’d rather have them rotate between Atlanta and Dallas.

        Not quite the Rose, Sugar or Orange, but a good football game either way.


      • Wild guess: Sugar and Fiesta are the SEC’s and Big 12’s “Anchor” bowls for semifinals, and this new bowl is unrelated to and independent from the playoff.


  6. Heywood Jablome...

    From Seth Emerson…..

    Seth Emerson ‏@SethEmerson

    SEC commish Mike Slive raids Big 12, then forms an alliance with it, all in less than a year. I think we found the man to fix Washington. 😉


  7. Coastal Dawg

    Likely they will rotate between the Cotton and Sugar unless Jerry cuts a deal to always host the championship or playoff games.

    Don’t be too quick to disparage Iowa State, Senator. When was the last time Oklahoma beat an undefeated team and knocked them out of the BCS championship?


  8. Sparrow

    My wife is a Cyclone and nothing would make me happier than a home & away with them.


  9. scrambledawg

    My guess is if FSU leaves the ACC for the Big 12, then VPI and Clemson take a hard look at becoming #s 15 and 16 in the SEC. Just a hunch. I don’t want it, but if that’s where we’re going, I’d prefer those guys over most of the alternatives.


    • adam

      I’d prefer taking FSU and Clemson into the SECE and moving Mizzou to the West


    • Hilton Head Dawg

      I have read and/or head several times over that Va Tech and UVA are tied at the hip. You can not have one without the other. I would love to have both, but not over FSU and Clemson.


  10. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Some commentor on ESPN said this …

    “Not to be outdone, Big East & ACC announce their champs will play at your high school if you’ll have them”


  11. Paul Fries

    very funny to me. First Slive wants the BCS in order that his teams can get the championship. Now that a playoff might leave his team out he is going back to a tied in bowl game, hoping I am sure that if an SEC team he deems worthy of playing for a championship isn’t in the 4 team playoff they would still pull votes away. Back to the future.


    • Paul Walnuts

      You write at a 5th grade level and your understanding of college football is horrible.

      Do you serve fries or just eat them?


  12. IveyLeaguer

    This is just off the top, so please allow me the right to change … but Slive is brilliant. The SEC Champion will always be in the Top 4. Now, the SEC runner-up is in a big-time, prime-time Bowl Game that will match up every bit with the overrated Rose Bowl.


  13. Erk

    Based on past performance, my guess is the the new match up game will not be an existing bowl. Slive will want to se lect the game site, entertain sponsors and selectthe network so the SEC (& Big 12) can maximize $$$$ (which was the real point behind this proposal in the first place). For all the $$ Mr. Slive has brought to the conference, he continues to be the antichrist for anyone who is a true fan & season ticket purchasor of a conference affiliate.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. Slive is about one thing and one thing only–$$$. He would (and IMHO has already in some respects) destroy everything that is good about SEC football in the quest for the almighty buck.