My new favorite NCAA secondary violation

Truly amazing.

Assistant coach Mike Vrabel was gigged for dipping chew on the sidelines during games last year.

That’s a ding on Urban Meyer and I’m still offended.


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14 responses to “My new favorite NCAA secondary violation

  1. Saint Johns Dawg

    Nick Saban doesn’t have time for this spit, either. Ba-dum-bump.

  2. Z-Dawg

    How did this not happen at Tennessee or Clemson first?

  3. Mike

    Meyer was the OSU coach during OSU games last year?

    • No, but it’s his school now.

      • Mike

        So why is something that happened pre-Meyer a ding on Meyer?

        • Brandon

          Because its his school now douche

          • Mike

            This concept of individual responsibility, I am not sure there are many people posting in this thread that seem to understand it very well.

        • Cojones

          They were reported the day Tressel left, so they didn’t make their way through NCAA Compliance until now. Hope that sincerely answers your question, Mike.

          • Mike

            The violation occurred prior to Meyer taking over. It does not matter when it was reported. I hope that illuminates the matter for you, Cojones, but I somehow doubt you will understand it.

            • Scott W.

              Here’s to hoping you are less able to take a joke in the future.

            • Cojones

              Mike, I didn’t like Brandon using the “douche” word so liberally and gave you a sincere reply. Sorry Brandon.

  4. shane#1

    If a chaw gets you busted our old high school coach would be kicked out of the league. He had a chaw in his cheek that looked like a softball.