“This Could Very Well Be The Stupidest Person On The Face Of The Earth.”

You know, cynics, a group in which I count myself as a member, are made, not born.  It’s not like you emerge from the womb thinking the worst of everyone.  It takes years of practice and experience to get there.  But, still, there’s a part of me who wants to believe most people deserve better than that.

Which brings me to Michigan AD Dave Brandon, who really would be better served by not opening his mouth so often.  I mentioned the other day how puzzled I am over the Big Ten’s decision to abandon its position of being in favor of having on-campus sites host the national semi-finals in the new college postseason arrangement.  As weird as that strikes me, Brandon had to go and try to explain things (h/t MGoBlog).  That only made it worse.

… Brandon understands the advantage a Big Ten team would gain from a playoff game on its campus but also realizes it’s not fair for schools across the country to play in the cold weather. Brandon also said he polled U-M players, who said they like to go to warm-weather bowl sites.

I give up.  These guys really are that dumb.  If I were the folks at ESPN, once I got them signed on the dotted line for the next postseason TV deal, I’d invite ’em all over for a friendly game of poker.  There’s no reason to leave them with any money in their wallets.



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20 responses to ““This Could Very Well Be The Stupidest Person On The Face Of The Earth.”

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Aren’t guys like Brandon hired by the folks who have some influence at the NCAA table?


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Jim Delany is gonna send some goons to straighten out this guy. GETTING SEC TEAMS TO PLAY IN COLD WEATHER IS THE WHOLE IDEA!


  3. JG Shellnutt

    The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who haven’t got it. -Goerge Bernard Shaw


  4. Cojones

    Bet Big Blue fans love that shit. One day calling SEC teams a bunch of wussies, the next day eating crow served by their team and AD.

    Think we ought to send them a jar of moonshine to wash it down in cold weather?


  5. Dante

    I never understood the burning desire to begin playing post-season games at home from a conference who historically monkey wrenches every post-season proposal because of their refusal to give up a bowl game that’s thousands (yes, with an “s”) of miles away.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Without that bowl game, they’re two steps from being the next ACC


    • cube

      Good point. And we’ve never heard anything about weather from them while they’ve been playing USC and UCLA in their backyard all these years. Wonder if that’s because they were actually able to win some of those games?

      Now they cry about not being able to play SEC teams at home in December and January. They’ve NEVER been able to play ANYONE at home in December and January.

      It’s so laughable.


  6. AlphaDawg

    Do any of you think they may just be saying this trying to gain leverage in the negotiations?


    • How do you gain leverage by giving up a position in advance?


      • AlphaDawg

        Chess anyone? If they feel strongly that only Conf Champs should make the 4 team PO while all others want the 4 best teams, then they simply use their perceived position regarding the Rose Bowl as a ploy. Their adamant about keeping the Rose Bowl connection, but they may be willing to come around if the PO was conf champs only as opposed to the 4 best teams. I can think lots of reasons to use this position as a feint.

        Are they that strategic in their thought process? Maybe. Maybe not.


        • These guys don’t strike me as chess players.

          But why give up a piece of leverage until you have to? And do it publicly?

          You’re giving them too much credit.


          • AlphaDawg

            I think I am too, i’m just trying to rationalize this position. Its mind numbing that they wouldn’t want an on campus game. Ohio and Mich have 100k plus stadiums at $80 a ticket thats $8 mil in ticket sales at a minimum. Dollar wise and logistically it just doesn’t make sense.


            • Cojones

              I think dumbshit Brandon really believes that cold weather is a disadvantage to teams from other climes.


  7. 81Dog

    He’ll never be the dumbest guy in sports as long as the 100,000 or so most diehard South Carolina fans are still crowing in Columbiadishu about the great history of their program and how THIS is going to be their year. It might be a 100,001 way tie for stupidest, though.


  8. Dawgfan

    Is it bad when I saw the title of the post I thought I was going to see a picture of Obama?


  9. shane#1

    I too am a cynic, but it helps to be paranoid also. If a B1G guy wants to do something to help other conference teams it is like the Russians helping out in Soviet Georgia. I bet this man has something up his sleeve meant to screw the SEC. Yankee Bastards!