Tony Gilbert to the Plains

It’s been rumored for a while that he would be leaving, but at least he’s wound up reuniting with his former position coach.

That completes a pretty radical transformation of Georgia’s S&C staff.

… All of the assistants working under second-year coordinator Joe Tereshinski have left in the offseason: Keith Gray to the Philadelphia Eagles, Thomas Brown (another former Georgia player) to a coaching job at UT-Chattanooga, and Rex Bradberry for a job with the U.S. Special Forces.

John Kasay Jr., who had served in a part-time role on the staff, has also left.

Tereshinski has said that he didn’t force anybody out, that everybody left for a better job. But with the positions open, he hired experts who give the staff an entire new look:

– John Thomas, ,who ran Joe Paterno’s strength program at Penn State for two decades, was hired as associate director.

– Sherman Armstrong was hired as a speed coach.


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4 responses to “Tony Gilbert to the Plains

  1. Looks like we just found an opening for Hines Ward.


  2. Comin' Down The Track

    Glad he gets to further his career. Sorry he has to go through that stinkhole to do it. DGD!


  3. Lrgk9

    Van Gorger and Gilbert are close. Van Gorder brought him on at Jacksonville and at Atlanta. Gilbert is a DGD !


  4. Meg

    Now the two generals can bring in their own infantry. Sounds about right with an overhaul in general.