Why we can’t have nice things

This is how we like to picture ourselves tailgating on North Campus:

This is how Michael Adams pictures us tailgating on North Campus:

You’ve got to admit that gentleman displays a pretty deft touch with the ol’ chainsaw.


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18 responses to “Why we can’t have nice things

  1. TennesseeDawg

    No, if Michael Adams pictured tailgating it wouldn’t have a Miller Lite can on the table.


  2. Cojones

    I don’t tailgate on N Campus, but several on here still do and state it still is nice, just more supervision to avoid the atrocious mess seen in photos. While most fans aren’t guilty of it, they must have at least witnessed some of the littering and as representatives of our University, stopped it or saw to it that it was stopped by UGA. The photos I saw were better than a thousand words and none of them good.

    I’m glad it was cleaned up and saddened that the President had to get involved. Some tailgaters on here agreed with the actions taken to keep the pigs from establishing an unwanted rep. I’m with them.


  3. UFTimmy

    How does one discover they can do such a thing with a chainsaw?


    • Practice, my friend. Practice.


      • shane#1

        Very careful practice I might add. That is a nice tailgate picture at the top, unfortunately my friends tend to resemble the guy with the chainsaw, Even to the point of not wearing that sissy Kevlar on his shins. Just another reason that “Stumpy” is such a popular nickname down here.


        • KornDawg

          Well in the absence of a bottle opener, a man’s gotta make do with what he has at hand. Personally, I’ve always used a lighter, but to each his own, I say.


    • Hobnail_Boot

      One 12-pack at a time.


  4. shane#1

    It is a beautiful day here in Lee County. Not a cloud in the sky and 86 degrees with enough breeze to scatter the gnats, That’s with the g, not techies, though they are pretty scattered down here anyway. It’s Bulldog country in God’s own country. I have the Reverend Al Green on the box, beer on ice, and my lady friend is off playing golf so I have the house and the CD changer all to myself! Dr. Adams, the B1G, suspended D backs, and the Dawgs record against ranked teams ain’t bringing this old Dawg down today. I am on the way to the patio and Reverend Al and I are going to chill out. Stuff it disaster dogs!


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Needs to be something here comparing to the opening act of Saving Private Ryan.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    If Dr. Adams would allow it if he could figure out a way to require tailgaters to purchase the chainsaw, the oil, and the gas mix along with a parking pass.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Dr. Adams would allow it if he could figure out a way to require tailgaters to purchase the chainsaw, the oil, and the gas mix along with a parking pass.

    (Wants an edit button for Christmas.)


  8. Mike

    One assumes you guys figured out out to pick up after yourselves?


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      I take offense at that Mike. For 45 of the last 50 Cocktail Parties, Georgia fans have been much bigger slobs than Florida fans (mullets notwithstanding) and I’m damn proud of it.


      • Mike

        That has been my experience too, Hogbody. I have often noted in Jacksonville, the UGA tailgate spots are generally left in much worse shape than the Florida ones. Now, to be fair, I usually leave long after the game is over, as do most of my brethren. However, most of the Georgia faithful have often been in a hasty mood to depart, so maybe that has an impact on how willing they are to clean-up. But then I guess the experience on the UGA North Campus pretty is pretty consistent with how well UGA fans leave their spots in Jacksonville.


    • Cojones

      Why, yes, Mike, we do. Didn’t you see Jarvis picking up the trash he put down on the field during the FU game?