Kiffin watch: I idolize you.

I never knew four sentences could create such intense disgust.

… Since he was in high school, Kiffin has idolized the Head Ball Coach. He loved Spurrier’s innovative mismatch pass offense. Loved the visor. Loved the John Blutarsky pencils-hanging-out-of-nose attitude.

Fortunately, in the very next sentence, Junior redeems himself with another subtle crack.

“Probably the best college coach there was,” Kiffin says.

Past tense, for the win!

Best of all, this is part of a piece about the “transformed” Lane Kiffin.  Sure he is.



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14 responses to “Kiffin watch: I idolize you.

  1. Cojones

    And Wojo placed your name right there before he finished. Nice. You, Kiffin and the ole Balls Coach. High cotton, indeed!


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Yeah. Ole Lane is a regular Dale Carnegie by now. What a man.


  3. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    “Coach,” said Kiffin, “I was just trying to be like you, say the things that you used to say all the time. They hated me saying it.”

    Spurrier thought about that for a moment.

    “Boy, I said those in the summertime and you say those in the season.”

    // Insert gag reflex


  4. Skeeter

    Ah, but the Lamecocks will exact their revenge on the Lamekittens when they both meet for the National Championship game!


    • Darrron Rovelll

      My immature side secretly wishes for a USC(w) vs USC (e) National Championship match up if only to see how far our society has come since their last match up in 1983. Play the game in the Rubber Bowl, let the pregame by sponsored by Girls Gone Wild, secure Vivid as the halftime sponsor and let them provide the entertainment. It will be an all-time Sign of the Apocolypse for SI – Cocks v Trojans baby!


  5. Z-Dawg

    20 years from now we can look forward to a pic of a shirtless Kiffy Baby drinking a Zima


  6. Doug

    Kiffin may be an all-world douchebag, but the fact that he’s 1.000 lifetime against Steve Spurrier will never not be funny to me.


  7. Irishdawg

    “Loved the visor”. Well, that figures. It’s an inexact science, but I’m fairly sure that 100% of college coaches that wear visors are douchebags. As if Kiffin needed any further indicators.


  8. Mike

    Spurrier and Kiffin are exactly the same…except Spurrier has won a lot of championships and Kiffin has won…well not much really.


  9. 81Dog

    well, Lane certainly has Spurrier’s douchebag arrogance down to a T. If he REALLY wanted to be like Steve, he’d let Jake Scott and Bill Stanfill come over to his house and take turns knocking him on his ass for about 3 hours. I not only heartily endorse this plan, I would be willing to pay good cash money to watch it executed. I bet Stanfill would limp all the way to Los Angeles on his own dime, and Jake would probably agree to do it just for the novelty of a 60 something year old guy going all medieval on somebody’s ass.

    Quick, somebody call Don King. This could be a pay per view BONANZA, and Lane could tell everyone how it was “all part of the plan,” assuming his jaw wasn’t wired shut at Cedars Sinai when they were all done. Win win, baby!


  10. AllmanDawg

    I can think of nothing better than beating both visor boys. Hope we can get the chance to bring it back hotdamm I sure would love that.