Mack Brown’s recruiting secret

So, Texas has a program that ought to get your typical eighteen-year old high school recruits flocking to Austin.

Oops.  Maybe this is the kind of stuff Georgia Tech fans are talking about when they bitch about their school’s limited curriculum.

(h/t The Agitator)


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12 responses to “Mack Brown’s recruiting secret

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This is not misspelled. Lyndon Johnson was a dick so a school named after him would properly be named a school of “pubic” affairs.


  2. Beavis

    In Lady Bird’s “auditorium”, no less.

    Uh, huh huh hmm hmm huh.


  3. Madeleine Duncan Brown

    The University of Texas. Putting the BJ in LBJ.


  4. AusDawg85

    Bill Clinton created the curriculum.


  5. Steve in SETX

    I thought the Bush School was at Texas A&M.


  6. JAX

    Anytime you associate President Johnson’s name with anything you can be assured it will be disasterous.


  7. Mike

    I guess it beats getting public hairs stuck in your teeth!


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