Now we know why all those recruiting dudes were chasing that job.

Georgia is shelling out some serious bucks to its latest hire.

Georgia’s newly created position of Director of On-Campus Recruiting comes with a six figure salary.

Former high school coach and athletic director Daryl Jones will make an annual salary of $110,000, according to information obtained in an open records request.

If Jones’ presence helps reel in one of his former high school charges, my bet is that most in the Dawgnation will consider that money well spent.


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23 responses to “Now we know why all those recruiting dudes were chasing that job.

  1. ChicagoDawg

    “Georgia is shelling out some serious bucks to its latest hire” I assume that was sarcasm?

    • 110 grand for what essentially is a glorified office job? Remember what McClendon’s initial salary was when he joined the coaching staff?

      It’s sarcasm to the extent that Damon would never have agreed to that salary. Or the job, for that matter.😉

      • ChicagoDawg

        Fair points, sadly.

        Maybe I am just completely out of touch, but the Athletic Department seems to operate on the cheap in some of the strangest places. The primary profit center (Football), which only has staff (coaches and support) as its cost of labor is only going to pay a middle-class salary to a key contributor to the acquisition of its most critical asset — on-field talent (recruits).

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        On a totally unrelated matter, I just was watching a replay of the 2011 SECCG. I know we all have hashed this over too many times already but the punt return Mathieu ran back for a TD near the end of the first half (which wasn’t really a TD because he flipped the ball to the ref before crossing the goal line) has not one but TWO blocks in the back–no calls. The first, very near where Mathieu caught the ball at midfield, had a ref 5 yards away looking straight at the Georgia player who was clipped–NO CALL! I replayed it backwards, forwards, slo-mo, unltra slo-mo and still the same thing. Clear violations with a ref plainly in view looking at the play–NO CALL! Instead of a TD LSU would have had the ball at about their own 30. Yeah, tell me that game wasn’t fixed. This burns me up every time I see it. In the SEC the almighty dollar has taken over to the point that we can’t even have a legitimate Championship Game because if the wrong team wins the conference might lose all that BCSCG money.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          On the return by Mathieu early in the second half that set up a TD a few plays later where LSU took the lead Rambo (#18) was clearly blocked in the back just as he was about to tackle Mathieu near the UGA 35 meaning that instead of getting the ball close to the UGA endzone LSU should have had it around midfield. Bunch of crooks. No wonder they wear stripes.

        • BKbroila

          well, the officiating was a bit sketchy…no doubt….but UGA had 7 Major blunders that game….4 in the first half that really sealed their fate…officiating aside….1. Dropped TD by Malcolm Mitchell 2. Dropped TD by T. King 3. Missed FG by Walsh….OMG, what a terrible senior year…4. Deciding to punt the ball to Mathieu so late in the half up by 10 with 6 of the 11 defenders walkons and the rest freshmen…why risk it with all that momentum? The field is 50 yds wide…he couldn’t angle it OOB? 5. Punting to him again…what’s the definition of insanity again??? 6. Sanders Commings dropping a sure pick 6…30th dropped pick 6 of his career….7. Allowing Justin Anderson to suit up for the game…90% of the pressure on Murray came from him completely whiffing on blocks…Bowl Game as well…

          • Jim

            I am not kidding – i did not read this until this morning, but had a dream last night we crapped ourselves against LSU again in the SECCG this year. Can’t remember everything but remember being disgusted that LSU had hung over 50 on us. Then i wake up and read this…thanks. At least the senator posted a link to the 2nd half of the Florida game…

        • Macallanlover

          Don’t agree with the continual “game was fixed” thinking but the missed call in the middle of the field was obvious from my seat, and the ref was in position to make the call. I hate the block in the back rule when it applies to above the waist, but that doesn’t excuse the missed call. It is usually “over called” by officials in every conference so I don’t get that one either and it clearly changed the game. The LSU crowd and bench was dead until that play. It almost wiped out a complete domination by UGA.

          As detailed below, we were at fault in not capitalizing on a great opportunity to blow them away, but the punt return put them back in reach. That particular play, and Murray’s turnover at the beginning of the 2nd half is what stood between us and a monumental upset in the SECCG.

    • Derek

      That would probably be double (at least) what he was making at his last job.

    • Jim

      Since when did $100k become chump change? Especially in this economy. You are out of touch with salaries for 99% of America. And NO, I am not a liberal, socialist, 1% protester. Capitalism helped build this great nation. But businesses have budgets and do not maintain profits by exploding those budgets. Also, many salaries are partly based on cost of living in specific towns jobs are located.
      I would hope you would agree that $100k in most college towns goes a lot further than in a large metropolitan city.
      This is a very important job, as most are to any business, but it is not a high profile position. And I would be very gratified to have such a job.
      Do what you like and life becomes more enjoyable. $100k is gravy on top.
      Go Dawgs!

      • ChicagoDawg

        Didn’t suggest it was “chump change” and it was not meant to be an aloof comment about what anyone on here makes or aspires to make — so no personal insults were intended. My point was, the university makes tens of millions off of football and its only cost of labor is the coaching and support staff — no salary required for the roster (unlike NFL). I get the cost of scholarships is an expense and indirect payment for labor. Nonetheless, given that the most critical asset of the football team is on-field talent, which ultimately fuels the on-going profitability of Football and the other sports it subsidises, a $110k investment in a critical staff member dedicated to this function is a fairly trivial amount in the grand scheme. There have been reports on the amount of budget allocated to recruiting across the NCAA and UGA trails UT, AU, UA, UF & ARK in Men’s Sports recruiting. Hell, they even trail GT.

    • Jim

      Has anyone done a comparison study of salaries for similar positions at other D-1 schools?

  2. Todd

    I thought the same as Chic dawg. Georgia seems like old cheap money. A half ass indoor deal, cheap assistants(minus grantham). People seem ok with cheap and average. Alabama was crazy offering Saban 5 million a year right? Those drunken sailors have two crystal footballs because of him.

    Is money tight around Athens? No. The SEC tv deal will show you who are the buisness men. I hope McGarity has it

    • Spence

      Oh, I see you’re advocating for paying Bobo more. Good luck with that ’round these parts.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I think (hope anyway) he is advocating paying higher coaching salaries in order to attract better assistant coaches.

  3. HocusPocus

    I don’t like this hire, how will a GrandPa aged guy bring energy to recruiting? This is a bad, bad hire. Should have hired one of the young guns like the Scout, Rival or ESPN recruiting specialists. Does GrandPa have a twitter or facebook page/

  4. Cojones

    Great. Nkemdiche likes him so that’s one thing.

    As much as it pains me, I have to draw your attention to an SEC school that just yesterday won the all around college trophy for athletic excellence for the _ time in a row. Could be our recruiting coach is a McGarity hire for all athletics and is the first runup toward knocking our…, what the hell….FU off the throne of best collegiate athletics school in the country. There is probably more than football in the recruiting picture and having Nkemdiche loving him won’t hurt. Bet he’s going for more than one sport’s championship.

    If I conjectured correctly, he will earn every dollar and then some.

  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I said it before and I’ll say it again….I like this hire.

  6. section Z alum

    how i wish the win-at-all-cost loonies would summon their inner cynic to celebrate this.