It was nice while it lasted.

When I talk about college football steadily evolving from a fan-oriented game to a TV broadcast-oriented game, this is the kind of stuff to which I refer.

Money rules, tailgates drool, so to speak.


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10 responses to “It was nice while it lasted.

  1. Jim

    Agree – the $ is ruining my favorite sport.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    A Wake Forest blog? Far out!


  3. reddawn

    Capitalism…it’s definitely not perfect.


  4. 81Dog

    Wake Forest has a fan that is fired up about football? Isnt that cute!!!!!!

    I dont know which thing is more surprising: that a Wake fan is passionate about the oblong ball, or that FSU thinks it would have an easier ride in the Big 12 than in the Almost Competitive Conference.


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  6. Cojones

    Why can’t you still tailgate no matter what is happening to TV, etc.? Games have been shown on TV for years (under contract with schools after UGA/OK suit) and it hasn’t noticeably changed the tailgating. I think some people are not enjoying it as much because old friends and fellow tailgaters fall off (?) and rowdies are intimidating good families. How can increased TV revenue cause one not to enjoy tailgating and make the social part of football untenable?

    Color me stupid because I sincerely don’t get it.


    • rbcdawg

      If you’re staying at home to watch the game on TV, you’re not tailgating. Do you really not get that?

      “rowdies are intimidating good families”…that made me laugh. Hope you weren’t serious.


      • Cojones

        Yeah, going by comments I’ve read on here by family guys. Games many of us have attended were on TV, yet butts were still in the seats. I don’t tailgate, but I vicariously chime in with those that do because some of my friends tailgate. More games on TV, less tailgating? Still don’t get the change in culture.

        By your logic, all games on TV would have no butts in the seat. That hasn’t been true.


        • shane#1

          When I go to games in Athens I like to tailgate in the bar of the Holiday Inn on Broad. The beer never runs out and it’s an easy walk to the stadium. I have a Niece that goes on our outing to Jacksonville every year but never goes to the game She hangs out with some fellow Alums at the Landing and watches the game in a bar. She is a little bitty thing and has a hard time seeing the game from the stands. She said,”when everybody stands up all I can see are armpits.”