What happens in Athens stays in Athens.

Considering what SOD had to say in defense of signing Deion Bonner

“He kept a great attitude and a great outlook, and I saw someone who made a bad mistake and appears willing to learn from it and to let it make him a better person. So we were willing to take a chance on Deion. Part of character is not saying ‘I only want perfect people.’ We’re all flawed and we all make mistakes. The question is: Do you have the character to learn from it and get it right?”

… I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about this situation.



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8 responses to “What happens in Athens stays in Athens.

  1. MinnesotaDawg

    Like most of our conference’s coaches, I imagine that he’ll spout out the same boiler-plate language about second-chances, helping flawed young men, and family, i.e., Corch-speak. Of course, what he’ll really be saying is “Shit happens. You guys want us to win, right?”


  2. Factchecker

    I see a transfer to Auburn coming. They pay good money to laptop thieves. Last one made them a lot more than the amount of his salary.


  3. Macallanlover

    SOD showed with the “cop stomp” he will not set high standards for behavior. Once you have accepted benefits for laying on your back you will always be a whore. Doesn’t mean he cannot grow up and become a man, but you can never be surprised when he overlooks serious offenses after that opening act. Very disappointed with him, don’t really care how Barbara tries to excuse it. Sadly, some UT fans looked forward to a better disciplinary standard in Knoxville after Foolmer and Junior.


    • Cojones

      I love the way your memory works because it latches onto these character items and doesn’t forget. You are correct. He can’t undo the crop he has grown with bad seeds. Looking at each of his festering cases as if Richt was the coach leaves me wondering if any of these boys would ever see a UGA uniform. Richt believes in rehab as well, but larceny ain’t one of them. Didn’t we lose 3 players over this same type of incident (breaking in and stealing)?

      I’m surprised with SOD’s methods and mores. They seem rattletrap.


  4. fishook dawg

    I’m sure SOD will suspend this tight end indefinely or in other words until fall practice starts and then reinstate him just like he did with Da’Prick Rogers. No missed games for sure. I’m sure that is one of the main reasons Bonner went there was he saw that when he gets in trouble again, he won’t miss any games. SOD knows this is his last chance, and winning games is the number one item, forget disipline.


  5. AthensHomerDawg

    Stealing from a student then using the stolen laptop on the school network where it’s can be detected is not real bright.


  6. Cojones

    Congratulations! SOD got rid of the thieving bastard. Guess he wasn’t one of those worthy of a second chance. That only happens if you stole from UGA.