Sources? Who needs sources?

I could couldn’t care less if Georgia hired Daryl Jones to gain an edge in the recruitment of Robert Nkemdiche – although given the school’s traditionally firm grasp on a dollar, does any sane observer of the program really think McGarity would shell out 110 grand in the hopes of landing one kid, even a great one like Nkemdiche? – but, even with that, man, this Yahoo! piece (h/t The Lady Sportswriter) is something else.

Check out the header and then see if you can find a single quote from or reference to a third party in support of it.Β  Just awful.


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41 responses to “Sources? Who needs sources?

  1. Gravidy

    Soooo, a recruiting analyst writes a hit piece on a recruiting website questioning whether UGA may be up to shenanigans by not hiring one of the several recruiting analysts who applied for the job.

    Move along…nothing to see here…well, except the sort of crap we’ve all come to expect from recruiting services.

  2. Juan

    Could’NT care less

    Sorry – huge pet peeve of mine.

    • Now that I think about it, I could care less.πŸ˜‰

      Point taken, sir.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Couldn’t. [\thatguy]

      • SCDawg

        Correcting the grammar of the guy who corrected the grammar of the other guy clearly qualifies you for “that guy” status. But it’s still funny to me.

        • Sanford222View


        • 81Dog

          it’s even funnier considering he missspelled “could’nt” (sic). But I’m kind of grammar police-ish myself, so what the hell.

          please, everyone: avoid using the non-word “irregardless,” or it could get ugly on Grammar Row.

          • Cojones

            Irregardless, some nits on here just do it out of habit and won’t remember. I’ve been outright impressed by most people on here not pulling the grammar police trigger. Thought everyone was just showing grace toward me and others. Perhaps they were just silently condescending.

            • 81Dog

              I come by it honestly. Four years in the UGA School of Journalism, where they actually grade you on every little thing you write incorrectly, plus law school, where the end product may be incomprehensible, but it has to be grammatically correct, plus many years as a lawyer, where flyspecking briefs, contracts and other documents is just part of the game, all add up to a frequent inability to let those kind of things pass.

              You think Erk Russell could watch a high school football game and not comment if the linebackers were taking the wrong angles on a blitz? Some of us mean well, we just cant stop ourselves. Some people, however, are just card carrying members of the Grammar Doucheoise. I hope I’m not THAT guy.

  3. Marty

    Since when is knowing the truth important in making an accusation? Circumstantial evidence is all you need, of course.

  4. Juan

    Wow. My overemphasis trumped my grammar. Now who’s the idiot? <-this guy

  5. Cojones

    Who in hell cried foul? I usually just skim, but went back to read carefully. Did Smith apply for the job? I brought up the Nkemdiche link when they mentioned Grayson, but that didn’t denigrate the remaining qualifications. The biggest qual was his coaching of the Under Armour game since he meets the best from all the schools. That means he has an in at those schools because the nonseniors watch that game and are invited to watch in the stands. If it isn’t name recognition, it could be eyeball recognition by all the freshmen to seniors in HS, not just in Ga.

    Thought Sportslady defended it well. Did I miss something?

  6. JasonC

    Did UGA hire Jones to lure RN? Yes, and also Reuben Foster, M. Adams and every other big name recruit in the state.

    From what I have read, Jones is pretty well connected in many places in UGA and throughout the recruiting scene.

    • King Jericho

      Right. Recruiting is his job, isn’t it?

      He was hired for an edge on all recruits! Call the papers!

  7. Puffdawg

    I think it’s worth repeating the Lady: by the author’s own admission, “To be fair, Daryl Jones, the man who landed the recruiter position, is a fully qualified candidate. ”

    So a guy was hired for a job he was fully qualified? And…?

  8. Cojones

    You know, Daryl Jones may be a name we can serve up everytime Chip tolls the loss of another Ga player out of state. “Chip, you might want to check with Daryl as to the recruit’s relative importance to us before you type.” “Chip, have you checked with Darl about the guys athletic attributes? He may have another flavor that you can suck the life out.” “Nuh uh Chip, that’s not what Daryl said.”

  9. Darrron Rovelll

    Of course, the column makes no mention of the fact that the nation’s top recruit is living with his HS coach rather than his parents (see video.) Pretty certain that the coach is steering him to Alabama.

    Also notice that former Bama commit Justin Taylor was doing the same thing (albeit with former USC player Stanley Pritchett). Looks like part of Bama’s recruiting M.O. is to get the kid away from his parents in order to let the football people handle it.

    Parents something else Saban has little time for dealing with.

  10. mwo

    Mickey Conn is his coach at Grayson, and he played at Alabama. How many student athletes has he sent to Bama? That smells as bad or worse than the hire of Daryl Jones.

  11. PNWDawg

    Weed makes you think crazy things.

    • shane#1

      How very true! Two guys were busted last week after lighting up in the Dougherty Co Jail parking lot in Albany. Little did they know the man parked next to them was a DEA agent. Since stupid is as stupid does they also copped a felony charge for less than an ounce by being inside the Guard Line at the jail. Well, at least they were able to walk right in. Walk in trade at the jail?

  12. Georgia hiring somebody tangentially connected to this kid raises questions but his working at Bama in the first place doesn’t?

  13. Erk From The Grave

    Anyone ever think maybe he was hired for his experience working with the Under Armour camps which is a huge benefit in recruiting!

    • Cojones

      I expressed that at 11:18. It goes forward because families and other younger players were there also.

  14. Always Someone Else's Fault

    It would be one thing if it was Oregon hiring a guy from Texas. It’s Georgia hiring a guy form Georgia – which happens to be the one recruiting ground that (A) Georgia should win and (B) Richt takes a ton of heat if he loses. Carrot and stick for motivation.

    I don’t even mind if he was hired with Nk in mind. A recruiting win like that has ripple effects. He’s qualified. He has connections. In other words, he fits the job description.

    • Cojones

      Adams, McGarity and the Bd stepping on their dicks with the Richt contract makes his job almost impossible. Besides, what do you think Nkemdiche gets thrust in front of him by the live-in Bama recruiter? An article saying Richt’s University thinks he is a mediocre coach.

  15. If Bama made the exact same hire everyone would be talking about how brilliant a move it is and how you have to be a cut throat like Saban to win.